Were near the bottom now

Everybody in cryptoland is either depressed, angry or disappointed. Nobody is saying HODL anymore, for the first time in over a year. People are now saying crypto is gools gold.

If this isnt the bottom, I dont know what is.
Time to buy

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I'm a former Digimarine and even I feel like this is the bottom.

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LOL. Fucking wrong retard, Bitcoin was 6k like a month ago meaning that 6k isn't out of the realm of possibilities. It's not going to like 100 dollars or something but 4k doesn't seem so absurd at this point, nobody is buying this shit anymore lmao.

you are still in denial

we are going to 4k

>the face of a cult member

What you're doing is bargaining, so we still have some way to go.

You'll know we've hit the bottom when you don't see threads like this because everyone left or is too stunned to even say anything

but seriously, anyone selling right now is retarded


Veeky Forums is getting less than 5% of its traffic during December.

HODL you retard. Noone said it would be easy.

This is a war and the money printing elite DO NOT want to lose control.

We are officially in Despair mode.

Which means it's time to HODL harder than ever and buy the fucking dip.

i don't understand this, if everybody is depressed and leaving the market why would it go up?

who the fuck is gool? does he have my money REEEEEEEEEEEE


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Down half on my initial investment. Never selling. Hands of titanium right here.

This. If everyone's giving up and sees no value in it any more, why would they be buying?

It won't. Not right away. It will trade sideways for at least a few months and when it goes up, it will be slow.

I'm about ready to pull the plug, super depressed not even lol'ing at memes anymore, I am down from 180k to now 50k and I owe 30k in taxes in 30 days fuck everything

The second you sell it recovers

if you rearrange my ID it says do it aggot

Yeah same here bro. Genuinely thinking about cutting my losses at this point. It was a fun experiment I guess and the lost money bought me an education.

Of course, I've been wrong before...

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If finally pulls the plug, we can give F's to complete the phrase calling him a faggot.


Just sell while you still have your initial investment.

Cant wait to see coins skyrocket right after good goyins pays tax. Theory confirmed if i does, fkn jews run the world boys.

I just checked google trends and it's kind of interesting.

Searches like 'bitcoin' 'ethereum', 'satoshi', the big hype pump queries- they all peaked around December-January, and their arch looks a lot like the charts.

Searches for more technical things, of interest to developers, not speculators: "solidity", "hyperledger", "smart contract" are all peaking right now.

Feeling bretty pullish about this, I have to say

Yeah, the speculative mania is over, but this stuff isn't going away. I don't know if we'll ever reach some of the old ATHs though.


No flippaning = 5k ETH, 30k BTC by 2020

Yes flippaning = 12k ETH, 10k BTC BTC by 2020

Sell and regret life

HODL and rule the world.

If you faggots have been in the game since 2016 this really shouldn't be that bad.

True, I bet a lot of coins don't ever hit those highs again, but I'm betting long term that a handful with the strongest development will have a consolidation of support and will power on just fine.

This is probably a good thing to go into sleeper mode. Next time the public takes notice, their lives will be run on the blockchain

if you had been in this since 2016 it's nowhere near fucking bad because you would have bought ETH, which means youre still up what, fucking 50x?

You know what I am liking though? The lack of pajeet shills. As irritating as the endless BitMEXican shorting threads and FUD circlejerking is, at least the plebbit invasion has eased off, and the endless shitcoin shilling has dwindled.

Oh yeah, see that little double bottom on the 15? We're close - I'm buying now.

If it hits this again and stays there, BTC will die. Mining is no longer profitable at the current difficulty and, as miners drop off, the readjustment period will take longer according to the same percentage as mining power that leaves.
Basically, BTC would be fucked.
This is a good thing. Either ETH or BCH (the coup to take Bitcoin back) will become king.

Go check the job ads for Solidity devs, and general blockchain devs. Major shit happening.

I hope we actually stabilize here for a while - this'd be a decent point to consolidate.

This is the greatest culling in crypto history

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this is good thread
what I was looking for on biz today

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So much positivity here.
>Tfw btc drops to 4k tom


going to 4k btc
400$ eth

if we go lower I kms

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Don't pay the taxes lel I swear the moment you do them it will go up. If you held only BTC all year you don't even owe taxes anyway

we are not yet at bottom until there is a mass suicide

AAAAAAAAAAAAAND somebody just shorted the bottom. Kek.

start loading that shotgun user, i’ve got bad news for you...

The lowest possible bottom realistically is 1.5k if it sinks lower than 1.5k then there is no bottom and crypto will die as a trading/investment platform.

we're not close to the bottom

We were even lower a month ago, and that was because of huge fud. Now we dropping more slowly and naturally

It doesn't nevessarily have to be either of those though.
IF BTC dies then the coin that replaces it will be whichever coin has the best profit on mining (which as you yourself just said, is a factor of difficulty to mine versus value of the coins mined).

So ETH might die along side BTC due to being similarly difficult to mine in terms of a profit/work ratio. Same for BCH. It might be some smaller, very easy to mine coin that people barely know about for all we know that just takes over due to being really cheap to mine for it's value.

Bitcoin was a lower a month ago but not alts

Oh fuck, now Veeky Forums is gonna crash for a whole day again when this faggot uploads his suicide to Veeky Forums.

>buy high sell low

We're returning to the normal value of $0 for all coins.
From there we an start over and rebuild for massive gainz in 10 years.

I honestly thought I would never say this, but you're actually right due to the whole bubble chart etc...

But if BTC drops to 1.5k, 90% of the alts will inevitably go to zero and the market will die.

Maybe we were all fooled by meme money, but I still hope to be wrong

The memes were worth it tho.

>the biggest smart contract platform will die because the price dropped a little

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If it goes below 7500, we're seeing 6k again

Maybe it's dropping now because people are selling to pay taxes with fiat and after it'll go up.

The platform wont you mongoloid. It's value as an investment property will.

You do understand that cyptocurrency can still exist without being traded like stocks right?

Yes they were my dude

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>Maybe we were all fooled by meme money, but I still hope to be wrong
I am still extremely bullish on the idea of cryptocurrency but can't say the same for any coins out there. We need a purge so for me this is a good thing. I am here for the long long run.

99% we're going under $7k, but there's no reason they would let it drop below 6k, so get comfy and load up recovery wojak folder.

>thinks BTC will go up just by believing in it like this is a fairy tale

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>You do understand that cyptocurrency can still exist without being traded like stocks right?
No, it literally can't.

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I can agree with this. The second that the crypto market started getting flooded with shitloads of shitcoins was a big red flag for me. Diluted the market way, way too much as every single faggot with even minor programming knowledge tried to leap headfirst onto the gravy chain of crypto.

Tons of these coins are going to go under, basically becoming worthless, then the market will probably slowly recover with a tigher focus on a smaller number of coins and platforms.

Blockchain, the technology that basically is cryptocurrency literally can. It can continue to be used like any other program or protocol for it's various uses.

It does not need to be traded to do this or even have value. It just needs to serve a function. Like any other program or system.

This. The next time we reach ATH market cap, there won't be shitcoins like TRON diluting it.
>what is financial incentive necessary for decentralization
Fucking kill yourself, mouthbreather.

>Blockchain, the technology that basically is cryptocurrency literally can.
Blockchain is literally just a ledger. It is not revolutionary user.

Michlan can GTFO of Veeky Forums

but what about as a lending platform

Why don't you reply now, you fucking retard? Did you already go back to your reddit circlejerk cave? Fucking cancer scum.

just out of curiosity, what are you holding and what are some coins you would invest for long term if you had enough money to open a position in everyone? I'm just curious because i feel like you're someone who did his homeworks. (I understand if you don't wanna share your infos)

Digi meme stopped being funny before 2Q 2017.

Because the market is the best trader. It anticipates general bias and right now twitter is in desperation. Unless you don't think the fundamentals hold true, in which case you should SEDL everything.

Do I really need to post this chart? We can't be in a constant state of euphoria. Despair us a good thing long term

Lol new fish. BTC was around $1000 this time just last year. The bull run is over. If you didn't sell the peak Just hold and try to forget about it. This is the proving grounds, only the long strong hands will make it through this winter. This applies to BTC and ETH shit coins will get burried under more shit coins

When will we hit below 7?
I am not sure if I can sleep in this limbo.
I just want to squeeze a few %. but it will probably take another 2 days, right?

bch, eth, xlm, xmr, nano. none of these are going away and will all be top 5/top 10

A true biznessman.

I love it....It's fucking beautiful.....

file for a extension dumbo

People were depressed and disappointed in 2014. That's no indicator for a bottom. It took over a year in hell to get out of the downtrend back then.

You are in for a treat. Get out now, it will only get worse, WAY worse.