Hope you guys put a sell order in earlier, just got an extra 7% on my stack. Not much but slowly building it up

Hope you guys put a sell order in earlier, just got an extra 7% on my stack. Not much but slowly building it up.

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muh 250 million mcap

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wow good thing you could increase your stack by 57 tokens you poor lunchmoney fag. nobody gives a shit.

I sold out before it dropped. Still not sure if this coin is legit

There are 215K JNT left on Bibox. They did the most recent drain of their deposit wallets into their main putting it at around 215K JNT.

Exchanges are running out of JNT because it is all going to wallets and not coming back.

unironically this

Bright future just looking at the statistics
>6896 addresses

our fellow memecoin Link has
>20602 addresses

and Link isn't even that popular

~600, I'm a poorfag so it's not much compared to what most people throw around but every little bit helps.
Hope you at least got a profit from it

I'm really waiting on that post with the details. What I suspect is that the pilot will last six months and that will be the timeframe for the 250M.

The reason I suspect this is because the Korean article said that SEED would provide liquidity for six months and then the central bank was expected to provide it.

what do you mean by that? I don't really know how number of addresses relates to anything beyond popularity

Excited for any news that involves Korea, big market over there and hopefully they get in talks with some banks eventually. I'm not too anxious about the price being low, rather I prefer it so I can keep building my stack. Ethereum is taking an absolute shit right now down 80% in 24hrs, this has been holding strong as fuck in comparison to most things.

If you look at volume, price, and # of addresses...

it's blatantly obvious that we're still in a stealth phase. This is a good time to buy. Unless you don't want to buy. Then you're a jiblet. :^)

not %, $ I meant. ~15%

im the guy trying to buy 22k jnt @ 54.2k ether on bibox. plz someone sell to me

Bump that up to 56k and it'll go through in 2 seconds.

market buy it you cheap fuck it's not that much of a difference

It feel like a safe bet in a bear market. I really want to know what other Central banks they are piloting with Talal has seen that they had incredible interest from banks and had their pick of who to work with. Hopefully it pans out.

Holding 25K and fucking /comfy/. Will probably add another 6-7K this month. Hopefully it hits 100 bucks in a year then I can sell off anything above 30K and hold the rest for the long haul.

man i hope these prices last until monday for my wire to go through

maybe he did, candle to 59k a bit ago

I've bought already, kinda want to buy more but I don't want to jump in before eth and btc bottom out

I mean the price has been fairly steady in sats since mid/late February. What are the odds it shoots up in the next 48 hours?

i want every possible shekel

not me

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Might be in luck. Wish I had more free money to throw in but I was a brainlet and tried to buy as soon as possible, fucked up and bought at ~60cents and once at ~80cents. Not planning to sell anytime soon but sucks that I could've had potentially 3x.

hmm, there are 300k just in sell orders in the depth chart, and just for eth

unless they merge BTC and eth somehow?

Below ico price eom in fiat

Unknown but >etherscan.io/token/0xa5fd1a791c4dfcaacc963d4f73c6ae5824149ea7?a=0xf73c3c65bde10bf26c2e1763104e609a41702efe

Is their JNT supply and it was recently refilled with the most recent deposits.

We've been on a little uptrend the for last 3 hours so you might be waiting a bit. Kek'd though, I put in a 5k buy 1 sat above yours that went through earlier.

requesting pic of merchant made entirely of noses

I expected the price to go a lot higher based on speculation alone which is why I bought in relatively early

Don't have that one but here's a stealth merch.

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Yeah, it's okay though I guess these things are impossible to predict the slow bleed was pretty brutal.

To be fair the market is bleeding around it. For something that launched at around the lowest point in this whole mess to still be above ICO during all this is impressive.

While I doubt it will stay above ICO forever it is still impressive it lasted this long before succumbing.

congrats user

>Talal announces it was all a scam and it crashes to zero just to spite that user

The top 100 holders now own double the amount they owned 3 weeks ago (from 22% of the total supply to 45%) really makes you think.

It is probably more than that. By that I mean the people in the Top 100 probably have more wallets. It is almost certainly more concentrated than it would seem.

so jealous desu

To be honest I don’t know if that’s good... they are either insiders that know something the rest of us don’t, or speculators hoarding and centralizing the supply. Still, I’ll keep buying, need to get that 10k slack

ty ty

Could be either. SEED is tokenizing so they are probably buying up as much of the supply as they can before they actually pump it so they can dump on the speculators.

You think a group like that will do a pump and dump type thing? I would've guessed it'd be more a hold deal.

I mean it's possible they will hold for future value so they can tokenize cheaply. In which case they probably have a large portion of the supply. Probably a solid 20%.

Largest wallet currently is holding 16mil which is around 8%. Does etherscan show 100% of jnt that's in available? Obviously some is locked in team wallets and everything but I mean 100% of the supply.

yes it does

is it still JUSTING season?

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Holding well compared to most things right now, basically the same as when the pump as the seed announcement happened.

Yes it does, but a single entity can have multiple addresses in order to avoid being obviously centralized. idk, I’ve been buying since .80 and sending it to my cold wallet.

Ah that's true, is there any advantage to this or is it just to hide from prying eyes.

alright. think my accumulation is done. hopefully ill make it with 110k. hopefully...

I don’t know, maybe for privacy reasons?

you'll make it buddy, I'm only at 4k but I'd be happy with 10% of what you have

if you don't make it with that we're all pretty much fucked

You’re going to be so filthy rich is not even funny.

i'd love to just make like 2M off my 30K stack

I myself do it just because I don't want one wallet being compromised meaning they all are. Also staying out of the Top 30 makes you a lot less obvious if it does take off.

Holding 450k. That's a new level of JUST right now

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Nice that's in like top 40 wallets, I assume you're already quite well off then in the first place. Are you planning on buying a small town or something?

this jibroni could be a billionaire if he holds

Dude you will be a multimillionaire

Makes sense! Maybe I should do that. My slack is not big, but it will decrease the risk of me losing everything in case I lose access to my address.

>keeping your JNT on that bibox scam

Fucker, made me look.

I'm kind of worried it is. There is more JNT for sale than they have in their wallet and they did a sweep recently to get the deposits within the last day. Maybe they have some secret JNT in a side wallet.

Hopefully it keeps bleeding until the 23rd.

I want to up my stack and bibox is usually running a lot of bots that makes the price fluctuate so I have an easier time swinging. Don't have much free cash on hand so it's really the only option I have. Will throw it into jwallet when that is all ready.

Haha, time for DRAMA.


>tfw I made the mistake of reading reddit/telegram posts about this
people are too emotionally invested in this, I understand that people really want to make it but getting angry about fud or dumb questions is kinda silly

The telegram for this is total cancer. I check every few days to see if Talal has posted something and then close it.

This Enrik Hudak faggot is annyoing as fuck, holy shit. Telegram truly is a distilled reddit cancer.

At least we have a medium post to look forward to explaining a lot of stuff and the details of the partnership very soon.

>pic related
Nice, just sold 100k
Hopefully they'll clear up the FUD about the SEED deal.

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I doubt they will clear up FUD as they will inevitably say the tokenization is going to happen over several months. Which means the price is just going to move up slowly unless they hit near zero volume without having enough JNT to cover it.

Truth be told I'm more interested to find out if they are doing anything with Binance. The idea of Binance using the various flavors of jCash for their coin pairing and also as an on ramp to fiat tickles my taint. But that is conspiracy theory.

this makes no sense.Nothing in the market has a final product, pretty much all still building up to it.If they adds banks, binance, more deals, some tokenization, plus speculation, no reason for a slow rise.Most shit that moons is just barely a whitepaper when it does.

They are running several quiet pilots in a bear market in which most people don't understand what it does. We are not in a bull market. Shit does not moon 10X in a week on hype right now. Be happy with a slow uptrend over the next few weeks to months when tokenization starts. Don't expect a sudden 5X moon or you will be sorely disappointed.

so what? it's a bear market, plus nobody believes in the team/product. maybe the crowd is right, if you think they're wrong, buy more while it's cheap.
the team is not up for cheap marketing tricks till they have something to show for it.

>going to move up slowly
And that's fine, it's a long-term hold with the potential of making us all filthy rich. For now it's more or less about reassurance of that >$280 million market cap.
Apart from listing, which, I reckon, is more or less a sure thing, I am quite hopeful there would be some binance partnership in regards to tokenized pairs. I imagine binance themselves would rather pair jCash than the shady Tether. The KYC requirements are a question mark, but I believe the workaround would be for binance to allow the access to jCash pairs only to compliant users. It just makes too much sense.

thinking about selling my shitcoins for jibbies
getting real tired of losing sats of all things

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I know. I listened to the talk he did at the conference and he was basically shilling Binance Chain before they announced it. Binance seems like they are forward thinking and looking for solutions.

Join the TG group.
>We are doing impressive in sats.
Never seen such a shitfiesta

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>no we aren't wtf
>What charts are YOU looking at lol. Please stop the mindless FUD.
Having a cancer like this invested into your project is sometimes worse than the worst FUD out there.

The best part is Talal is on constantly and he sees this shit. I'm amazed he still bothers to look much less actually respond to some people.

/ourguy/ probably posting here right now


Talal is too pure for this board

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I can't imagine the level of cognitive dissonance Talal experience. Investors in your potentially multi billion venture are turbo autistic 4chin frogposters.
It's possible CZ wants to get away from Tether. Its a shady shitcoin. He no longer cares about money, Binance is his opus magnum and he wants it to prosper. I can see some sort of jCash integration for KYC users, that will basically add fiat pairing to Binance boosting its popularity.

I’ve finished accumulating. Just a case of sitting and waiting now. I feel like this is a more stable bet in this market because the market cap is so low compared to other projects.

Poor guy. At least it is looking to be an interesting year for Jibrel.

Already in contact with the owner.

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Got any inside news? No specifics obviously but how excited are you for the future?

so should i buy this or should i buy link?

why would buying this make me money?

good time to buy now? I'm torn between this and link

in a bear market why not go with the coin thats guaranteed a x4 in price over the next year, not including speculation

how is it "guaranteed" ?

It isn't and that's why it is bleeding. Soon below ICO, but the price is "impressive".

Nothing in life is guaranteed user. If you need everything spoon-fed you probably shouldn't invest in JNT.

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Anime chan bought heavily into this and you should too

It is not guaranteed. Just some plebbitor who concluded it will gain based on unconfirmed theories. The whitepaper is utter trash and does not go into detail.

muh biz is full of retards, including fudders, shillers and especially YOU. True patricians like myself understand how Jibrel functions and what the 250m mean. It's funny to me that you seem to feel superior to others when you are just a different shade of the same thing. It's like wet dirt feeling superior to dry dirt. Literally get off this board and evaluate your sorry life.