Want to be rich ? be a MALE gold digger

Want to be rich ? be a MALE gold digger

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Where do I mingle with desperate old women user desu

not possible unless as attractive as that guy or higher.

The thought has passed my mind.

im more handsome and fit.
where do i start?

Holy fuck that chick is beautiful. Name? Usually think biz has shit taste in roasties

The source is on the picture you fucking mongoloid.

If you're not lying, and you're still asking that question, you're not going to make it.

actually what i'm planning to do. Going to go after the Chinese international students. I hope i'm not too muscular for them.

Not possible. Or at least very difficult. Requires enduring immense amounts of cognitive dissonance, or somehow maintaining childlike naivety through adolense and into adulthood. The odds of nature producing a male gold digger are one in a trillion. Women are made for gold digging, there is no comparison.

if you don't know then you have the looks but also have too much autism
unfortunate, but not as unfortunate as most on here

>too muscular
Don't worry, you're not

I'm 230 pounds at 6 feet. With crazy abs vascularity lol.

Haha lol, man you should come for a ride in my lambo sometime

oh baby my carrier is taking off

If you're 230 pounds at 6 feet, these are not veins on your abs, they're stretch marks on your fat belly.

that's an old pic as well. my back now looks mutated.

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kek stereotypes about wealthy Chinese families are true.

Unironically this but with Korean plastics.

I've only ever dated rich girls. Some were blatant, others i had no idea until they told me. It isnt something i seek... it just happens. Now married, when my father in law kicks we'll get $2m (wife has 3 sisters, each gets same). But he's a cool dude so I hope he sticks around

Tfw not rich enough to afford you

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I had Chinese international students back in highschool. Some kid revved his mustang engine at one while he was walking so he called up his daddy and pulled up in a rolls royce phantom the next day