Who wins?

Who wins?

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I don't know

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Tune in tonight to find out...

Sminem wins after a long brutal battle. He slaughters the bogs,but are they truly dead?


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They all live or they all die they are the holy trinity and can not be separated. They are destined to fight each other until the end of times

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Darryl will win. He stepped in the abyss for us, and he will protect us.

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It's actually Gary Coleman.

Now if i got good PC parts. :^)

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They will fight for aeons. But in the end, an entity bigger than all three put together will come in the form of a chubby, bearded man wearing a plaid tunic. This being, this god, will be the one to LINK them all.

Check'em, child, and you will see the light.


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it is not who wins, but who is not late to temple
>pic related

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sminem wins

where's the crypto genius?

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*Rips off mask*..

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>domo arigato mr nakamoto
>the sminem is halting our attempt to bring it back to 1k
>dump your stack. Punish the child.

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The magikarp wins. He always wins.

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> what are you doing to pass this terrible bear market?

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>tfw sminem is letting us know bitcoin is tulip mania 2.0

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He's teasibg us. Oh gawd whyyy.

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>when you hit random on the oblivion character creator


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