What is the most undervalued coin right now?

And why is it Ethereum? Seriously, whyyyy? Do people just not do basic research anymore?

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>run by communists that plan on reseting everyone's holdings.

465 range is what i am setting my buys at tonight, its oversold like a mother



Have you seen the rise Ethereum had to get to where it is? It's lower than it was, but it's probably far from overvalued. Ethereum is there to stay, but like it or not, a lot of its crazy growth was due to ICOs, and with the bubble popping, these will cool down a lot. Add to that the fact that before the end of the year, several competitors will also offer ICOs and be more scalable, and the year might be rough for Eth. It's working on fixing some issues, but this takes time and we don't know yet when any of that will be done. I'm likely going to buy some Eth soon if it continues to drop, but I think we're still at a high price. A lot of coins are back to what they were at in November. Eth is still close to double that.

the corecucks believe some really crazy shit

Please please please wait at least a few more days...my insurance settlement check hasn't cleared yet...fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

An Ethereum community manager proposed this on Twitter, but Vitalik's answer was much more nuanced.

That thread is wrong, the inflation rate is 7.5% not 15%, it would be 15% with the old block reward

>Have you seen the rise Ethereum had to get to where it is?
Yes, I've seen it. Bought in a while ago but kicking myself for not being into it when I first discovered it at below $1.50. I would still consider anything under $900 to be undervalued right now.

you mean a scam platform thats run by communists and a pedo? how is that undervalued? most overvalued piece of shit to ever exist, short this poo poo

How is it undervalued? It's literally the beginning of functional blockchain commerce, aka the reason all your shitcoins even exist.

you are a literal mongoloid

For someone out of the loop and who's never bought before, I've been reading up about blockchain and eth whitepaper. I'm thinking of getting in if it drops below $500. Wise?

>Anything lower than my DCA is undervalued.
>Anything higher is overvalued

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Yeah, more wise than dumping your money into any shitcoin shilled on this board

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LOL, this clunky, dumb shit about to fall back into the 400s.

I'm so glad that the crypto spell is breaking.

>Market cap is $
>Still does not serve any real life purpose in the world

Please explain how its undervalued?


>Run by a pedo communist that wants to introduce censorship to keep wrong opinions like alt right out
>also wants to introduce payment busts
This is not worth more than 100 dollars a pop and I sure hope it's going there.

anything over 50$ is overvalued for eth

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You idiots should buy syscoin. Webmarket release on the 31th of this month.

Real life disruptive usecase easily accessible by all the normies. Just a webbased marketplace like amazon but without middlemen. Will be so easy even your favourite granny pornstar can use it.

Ethereum Market Cap: $50,502,965,787
VeChain Market Cap: $1,722,298,995

Ethereum used for scammy ICOs and crypto kitties. VeChain used by DNV GL and other multi-billion-dollar clients. Ethereum's on a public net, VeChain's still private until June with an erc-20 IOU token before that swap.

Ethereum has publicly launched and isn't used by anyone, it hasn't changed the world. VeChain's still private and is being used in the real world. People are obviously choosing to spend their money on a launched project that does nothing, instead of a soon-to-be-launched project that's being used by multi-dollar-businesses and upon launch will be handling more transactions than Ethereum right out of the gate. Whether they're right or wrong to put their money there, I don't know, but it means I'd never ever say that Ethereum is the most undervalued coin in crypto.

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funny when you realize that VeChain is one of those scammy ICOs that use Eth platform.

No, VeChain's been in business since 2015 delivering blockchain services to clients ala IBM Hyperledger. The token was launched in 2017 but is separate from their core business. The token itself does nothing until mainnet in June, but don't confuse it with their business. You couldn't call VeChain a scammy ICO back in 2016 when they didn't even have a token, but they were certainly still used by more businesses than Ethereum the same way Hyperledger is.

Yes syscoin is positioned well for a 10x upon release. Then usage will start.

>cold hard code delivering improvements and solutions every month
>chink scam with no whitepaper based entirely on eth network
gee i wonder why one is 50 and other is 1.7

Me too. Can you explain why code deserves 50 billion dollars and while a fork of that code that's used by clients is worth one?

From VeChain's Q&A
>Whitepapers are for proposing new ideas based on research. It is for that reason we did not release one at ICO. VeChain has had a solution to the correlated problems prior to ICO, we just needed to convert the solutions into a public blockchain. You can expect new ideas within our white paper as well as some of the things that the public believes should be in a white paper, even if out of place compared to a business development plan.

This market is by autists for autists so there's an obsession with code and technical marketing documents without results, while a company like VeChain spent their time doing weird shit like courting multi-billion-dollar clients and actually operating like a real business.

It's been overvalued for a long time now, the crash is just beginning.

It shouldn't be this high again until it's actually had an impact or is used by businesses or the public, not just traders and speculators. Still as a long way down to go for now.

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Its the only coin that somewhat does something actually. No real world use (no coin will be used for that) though.
Just internet things no one understands


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Bob Summerville. Go look it up I don't care anymore. But it's true. Wonder why none of you even knew this. Doesn't surprise me though.

That pic is excellent