Just a reminder

just a reminder..

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lmao no

for real go kill yourself, you retard

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According to the meme chart, despair would be 3k or below. We're fucked, arent we

Nah, we're about midway through capitulation.


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dumbass, we are past fear, that was February
return to normal was in January

If that is $7,500, then bulltrap is 0 and despair means we're -100k. Like seriously. That spot was 17k.

short it

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we're still at the first sell off

We are in capitulation dumdum, bear market will end by May

idiots we are just nearing fear. despair is around 1k-2k (absolute bottom). then the top from that point onwards will be 5k. sorry boys, you arent getting your moon any time soon. probably better to get a job LOL

>Le evil russian hackers and neets are institutional investors
What if i told you we are really in the first bear trap

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shh, no dreams now
only tears

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I'd call you a retard. The institutions you're thinking of are either disinterested in crypto or want it dead.

OP is actually right. It's a fractal crash. In 10 years bitcoin will be back to trading at .00001 cents

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Totally to scale. We're at 18K.

>The institutions you're thinking of are either disinterested in crypto or want it dead
Oh so that's why they're buying whole exchanges in the middle of the current shitshow, gotcha buddy

Shorting btc on 100x leverage goml faggots

>$210 marketcap
>$10 daily volume
Damn, I literally won't have enough money to buy a rope

Yes retard. They bought them to enable shorting, the quickest way to kill crypto.

Isn't like they could do that already without buying the exchange platforms, lmao where do you even retards pop from?

Not them moron, the people holding crypto.

Irrelevant, zoom out enough and we are still in stealth phase.

If you are referring to the DJI, then yes.

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Even the stinky linkies are too depressed to sperg out, that tells me we are solidly in capitulation