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dont worry worst case $300 is the bottom


dont worry worst case $200 is the bottom

That parabolic collapse will be glorious. Holy fucking shit, $350 ETH will be so nice to see.

>dont worry worst case $200 is the bottom
Please no.

I would literally take out a fucking payday loan if it went to $200 for like $20,000.

I-I'm buying the dip!

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I was planning on letting my current holdings just ride. Win / Lose - whatever.

But now I'm thinking buy ETH at this price.

I did not expect it to break below that 580 mark. Now... I don't know, it could drop to pre-2017 bull run level, which is around 200. RSI is currently 23 on the daily (daily candles) and 19 on the twelve hour. ETH chart has never had an RSI that low on the daily chart before. December 2016 was 28, February 2018 low was about 30.

If it's going to recover at all, this is probably the time to jump in or average down if you're already in. So the question then: will ETH survive? Will any of the current coinbase coins survive? That's your gamble. Personally i'm not going to put any more cash in but I will ride this out with existing investment, thankfully it isn't a large amount anyway.

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Crypto Sniper called ETH dropping to 400s.

>I did not expect it to break below that 580 mark.
Me neither

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dont worry worst case $100 is the bottom

What if crypto doesn't recover
What if this is the end of a failed experiment

We've already had media attention and normie craze. There's no new paradigm to reach. I think it's just going to fizzle out

Dont worry the bottom is around $18 just load up then.

All that ICO money being dumped?

>We are at the climax of technological innovation. Blockchain will no longer evolve. C’est ne pas in pipe.
When death calls, be the coroner and scoop the remains.

Worst case is zero. Current generation of crypto dies. Blockchain goes dormant for a couple/few years then a second generation begins with entirely new currencies.

how to trade ETHUSD

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Don't say shit like this, 90% of my portfolio is sitting in ETH

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Damn son

Normie craze...

BITCH PLEASE... Just because you hang around a bunch of fucking nerd losers doesn't mean there was a normie crazy.

Literally none of my friends own crypto and I bet none of them know there is more than one crypto (Bitcoin).

The normies aren't anywhere close to being in crypto you faggot. Major corporations and banks are just now starting to dip their toes into the tech. There are still time for fucking retards like my friends to catch on and be early adopters.

I don't care about real life

10$ is like "return to normal" good buy price

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>The normies aren't anywhere close to being in crypto you faggot.
To the extent that normal people have investments at all, they were. Most people live paycheck to paycheck, they don't have money to spend on something that might make them richer in 10 years, and they sure as hell won't gamble that on a meme commodity

To the extent that it is possible, crypto saw its normie craze. They came, saw, and left, and they won't come back, especially now after they've seen BTC fall from $20k to $6k.

I don't see it turning around until:
1) There's a new kid on the block, and
2) He has significantly different prospects, ie being actually in widespread use as an actual currency, cheap/fast transaction, etc

The speculative mania could die, but the development will not. The people developing on Ethereum are not going to give up on it just because a bunch of man babies didn't get rich quick like they thought.

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Yes I agree with that.

The thing that would help crypto a lot right now is some kind of direct integration by a major online retail outlet or bank. That'd get positive interest back.

This is happening to everything not just ETH tard.