INVEST IN URANIUM!!!! STOP BUYING BITCOINS!!! THERE'S A SURGE OF NUCLEAR PLANTS BEING BUILT IN ASIA(CHINA)!!!! mark my words. A bubble is about to begin. Uranium mining, and processing companies will boom!! Just look at ASX:PDN for proof during the previous bubble.

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where u find this out

Thanks for this user, this is really useful and thought provoking.

And as usual these types of posts get ignored by this board.

ur right about the plants but wrong about the implications

new generation of nuclear tech runs on thorium, not uranium--much cleaner

I would buy uranium if it was an ERC20 token

4 year geology degree, 2 year masters in mining economics, and years of experience in the field. I follow all sorts of companies. Made a killing on TSX:KAT based on my predictions of cobalt prices.

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None of China's under construction plants use thorium, it's all uranium

wrong. Reused plutonium.


im kinda interested in geology stuff for the future, after all literally the whole earth has minerals.
every time theres a new building there are resources underneath it.
whats being in the field like?

i just made it up


It's an interesting job with a lot of possible directions. You can either get a stable low paid job or an unstable high paid job. I saved up and got my masters degree while the commodities market was down hugely in 2014/2015.

Personally I love it, I started off as a camp cook when I was first year on some remote geological exploration site in Alaska. Ended up sticking with the company and got more and more into exploration as I advanced with my degree. Afterwards I got hugely into mining, especially with gold and worked for them for some time. The main benefit with working with gold is that when the overall economy is shit, gold is doing great.

Overall though, look into a mining engineering program, or civil engineering, or even geological engineering. You can often get the same jobs with it as a geologist, and also much better ones that can be more stable. It's a good field if you like the outdoors and so on. I'm trying to move more into the business side of things though.

It’s funny because you actually could use the plutonium in fast breeder reactors, but they would much rather have it for warheads.

kek. thanks for the laugh biz. you kill me. some brony down in his moms basement just posting rando. elements. never change.

Back on track, I got a tip someplave to back up exactly wqhat youre saying with the chinese uranium. How much faith would you put in PDN?

Any other info I can get my hands on or a stock thats traded USD/CAD?

Thanks for the tip. Ive been looking for a longer term investment i can throw a cheeky grand in and this sounds plausible.

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bump spoonfeed me, what stock where buy?

OP do you have any insights on the potential to make money in molybdenum?

how the fuck is nobody seeing the potential here
get your ass back here and tell me what to buy where

Fuck he left

PDN still operates a lot of mines out in Namibia and there's a lot of potential in that region that has yet to be exploited. Rio Tinto also operates a uranium mine in the area, but with bigger companies like Rio Tinto or Glencore, they don't see as much fluctuation in growth. There isn't much in terms of uranium reserves within China, even if there were, it would be difficult to invest in them anyway. PDN probably won't see such huge growth again, but it could definitely increase. Long term though, there's a ton of potential in Canadian uranium mining so I would look into TSX:CCO over it. Cameco is doing a lot of exploration with much success in northern Saskatchewan and Alberta.

TSX has a ton of small mining companies listed as Canada is basically the centre of the mining industry as the laws are very advantageous. There are also a ton of mining companies on their ventures exchange as well. The ASX tends to be very mining focused too.

TSX:CCO, also listed on the NYSE:CCJ. NASDAQ: WWR is another stock to watch for sure.

Also, one stock I've invested in to more as a side project if anything is TSX:NUS. They're one of the first companies to get involved in underwater mining. They're going to commence operations very soon, their ship is almost complete as is their underwater mining equipment. I bought it back in January and it has done great so far, I expect it to do much better in the future. The costs might be higher than on-land operations, but they're yielding almost twice as much copper per ton than land based mines. Copper prices are going to climb since the bust is over now as well and we're starting to see a boom in all commodity prices again.

No. It's very difficult because it's generally a side product of many companies that are involved in mining copper or other minerals and they extract it simultaneously. Your best bet would probably be NYSE: FCX who own a ton of mines which extract molybdenum in the US.

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They're way ahead of you

4 year geology degree, 2 year masters in mining economics, and years of experience in the field.

You don’t need to do all that shit to know uranium is a winner.

I have zero degrees or experience in the field, I just did a Quick google search on nuclear power and plants being build and realised its only growing and growing, as unlike solar it’s not a meme.

Again this isn’t hard to figure out, electric cars are the future so cobalt and nickle are going to just keep going up and up while platinum loses value. I figured out by literally searching "materials needed for electric cars"

You don’t have to be a genius, you just have to look at would new technologies sound like a great idea, then see what they need to grow. Cobalt and nickel are needed for electric car batteries, therefore in demand = increase in value

wont this be the start of WW3? :( op pls explain i dont wanna be part of WW3

/mlpbiz/ would have great memes

There's always mining companies opening up here and there. Either way, increased purchases of Russian uranium buy China will increase global prices for it. It's not just China expanding nuclear capacity, it's Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc. 66 nuclear reactors are presently under construction, in addition to that there are 69 being planned. This is out of a total of 447 reactors in the world. A 30% increase in reactors will require much much more fuel, especially since many of these reactors are much larger than older ones.

Are you a Maple syrup boi like myself?
Canada does absolutely have a mass of uranium up here.

Yes, I'm Canadian but I currently live in Nevada. Originally from British Columbia.

too late

>Chinese Nuke plants
>built with Chinese quality
>ran with Chinese ethics
We are FUCKED when these pieces of shit start falling apart and the plant operators exit scam. FUCKED!

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Chinese economic crash

Thanks OP. Do you have a blog or something?
Or if not, can you recommend some good sources for people who would like to follow these kinds of things?