I can't believe I have to post this

Man up, faggots

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so are you saying the value of my shitcoins are going to go up or down

op is right, everyone needs to calm down and go play outside for a few months

we are going to make it

Oh boy, I really can't wait for the new paradigm! Lamboland here we come!

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Dependent on what coins, but for the good stuff, up in the long-term
This is true
The people with patience will have earned their money in the long-term
It might take years, but we'll get there

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Do you really think media attention hasn't happened yet? Were definitely somewhere inbetween fear and despair based on sentiment in the communities as well as the public

Hint, we are only in the bull trap.

So btc is going vack to 1USD in 25 years, in 10years it goes to 6million USD?

Are you some kind of mentally retarded person, son?
Should we call someone to get you the help you need?

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This guy is closer to the truth.
So many people dont understand that this is a repeating cycle.
Though im not sure that we actually reached capitulation yet.

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i like this!

from 400000 to 900, yeah right

Bitcoin skipped the institutional investors and hopped right to public mania. You're a late adopter if you're still in crypto. There is money to be made but it's over the course of years if not decades.

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stop posting the log graphs you fucking morons

I sure as hell did.



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Institutions are just prepping the bull now that they got in low.

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