If you're thinking of taking your losses

and getting out of the game...

Just remember! Goldman Sach is now in THE game! Just think, if they drive BTC into the ground to 0 they gain only ~8K per BTC. But if they let BTC go up to 100K and let volatility take over to have BTC oscillate between 1K and 100K, think of all the commission they'll make.

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Why would they not drive it to 0 first and then up to 100k? Why miss the opportunity to maximise profit?

Smartest thing I've seen on this board in months.

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Kind of hard to drive it down unless they would let their media friends post fake news again and then dump their BTCs if they have any. Risk might be that it would just kill BTC reputation for months or years and lose the momentum that's left.

>kys degenerate

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this is pretty much first asian female i've seen that has defined waist and hips
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>phips and cambodians

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most women in general dont have hourglass figures

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>literally covered in metal
ew piercings

worst thread on biz.

Unironically this. Too bad thread is being ruined by autists arguing about piercings.

Wall Street is coming to crypto big time. youtube.com/watch?v=GGberGnxiJk

Watch the whole thing

i need to get back to asia. being in burgerland is fucking depressing

It's just because she's sitting

if goldman sachs owns an asset, any asset, they can make infinite money by just changing the price from zero to infinite and back!

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Good vid user

The bellybutton piercing ruins it. Why do women keep doing stupid shit like this? Only surpassed by jamming metal through their noses of all places.

the double pierced belly button is code for models that double as escorts.

FYI, he predicts BTC @ $25k EOY. It's an interesting prediction but the point is that institutions aren't even in this asset class yet.


GS dumped on you at 20k you retards.
It's over.

This has been happening for the past months over and over again. At specifiek important price levels suddenly crucial fud comes out, over and over again. Why should it be different now?

I am still in the game (partially) but goddamn, I truly believe that we just need a couple more fud articles and it will collapse completely. Sub 6K at least.

No, he's right. Tats and piercings are shit. Next you'll want a girl who drinks and smokes.