Hello Veeky Forums, it's 5 AM here and I am beyond suicidal in this world we find ourselves living in...

Hello Veeky Forums, it's 5 AM here and I am beyond suicidal in this world we find ourselves living in. How can any rational man not be?

What do we have to look forward to? We can work our way up the corporate ladder my kissing ass without slipping up, we can hope to 'make it', but what are we really making it for? There is nothing but emptiness after the point of 'making it' if you exclude material gains such as cars, clothes, electronic items.

Family? We have no future to look forward to. The women of our nations (the west, in particular) are all utterly and unequivocally worthless. They do nothing but aspire to be 'models', and failing that, 'Instagram models'. We live in a nation of whores, instagram fame whores, twitch whores, cam whores, twitter whores, handbag whores, recognition whores, "I have to look pretty and successful to outdo my friends whores", etc, and we are expected find a long term suitable, stable, rational, partner in all of this. Someone to raise our children to be men and our daughters to be women.

The chances of striking gold even when you're financially stable, good looking, outgoing, well respected, and so on, are already extremely fucking rare, let alone if you are neet, have any 'weird' personality hang ups such as being introverted, being self conscious, being compassionate, being free of the need to show off or boast about material possessions, etc. That's right, even if you are not shallow and buying expensive pointless trinkets, a woman will somehow hold this against you.

We have very little chance of even escaping the trap of social mobility, because we are essentially fucked hardcore, in every orifice, 24 hours a day, for the rest of our lives, just for being born in 2018, the millennium of the feminist whore, and elite world dominance via increasingly obvious politically propagandised ways of living a life.

So tell me Veeky Forums, why shouldn't I just kill myself now and get it over with? How to cope?

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im pickle rick wubba lubba dub dub

this but unironically

Maybe being 5AM is a sign.

Lay down with headphones and listen to this and focus on deep breathing. Maybe it can give you some direction

I just woke up. This was my first thought of the day.

Stop overthinking it is making you more miserable. World is a mess at the moment so do not take it too hard on yourself. Just get the best out of life while you can and enjoy it.

If you kill yourself then THEY WIN! They won't feel sorry for you, they'll even laugh at you for being so weak.

Since you pretty much have nothing to lose anymore, why not NOT GIVE A DAMN, and keep working to stay capitalized AND take a chance at financial freedom with BTC and cryptocurrency.

If BTC goes to 0 then, OK, maybe that was your only chance to "making it". But until then, why not continue to give it a shot and see if you can "make it"

it doesn't matter

all of that shit that you listed that you can't control, doesn't fucking matter

you can only control what you can control, control literally all that you can control and you will make it

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Thanks for this, user.

Live with virtue. Maybe we give ourselves too much license to indulge in our hopelessness. Always have hope. Fight, and most importantly live by your ideals. Become the embodiment of your ideals. Don't just post about them online, live them. That's the only thing which has given me a modicum of satisfaction.

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Don’t do it user. We will need you in the future. The white mans burdern in 2018 is to regain his past health, genius and vitality thru self improvement and study. Dedicate yourself to becoming your fully actualized, wise and brilliant self and we will reclaim our future back from the disgusting pedo scum that run the world now. Mediate daily. Read daily. Eat healthy as fuck daily. Workout a few times a week and dedicate yourself to acquiring WISDOM. This is the true pursuit of life.

Meditate, pray, eat healthy, lift, watch things that give you happy nostalgic warm feelings, and know that you still have hope to live in that happy place.

You can turn this life into your happy place user, you just have to learn to master your will.

I hope you're not being an emo faggot because shitcoins are crashing, the real future of crypto is actually so bright i'm surprised Veeky Forums cannot see past the 1m chart red candles

you have it all backward.

its truly amazing how much better things are than they should be (hand to hand combat for scraps of rotten gruel)

Kys user, you’re not made for competition. Whiny loser piece of shit. Propably untrained, fat, jobless without achievements.

If you’re not working towards being a rich successfhll Chad or Tyronne that bangs those Stacys put a shotgun in your mouth and pull the trigger.

Disgusting waste of life OP.

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I do this too. We're simply trying to numb the pain that we're not going to make it. Plain in simple. If you were ever a decent amount above initial investment, then you well remember that feeling of being on top of the moon from all the missions. Admit it, this is just you and us comforting ourselves by saying none of this shit matters anyway and never did.

Just another beta incel. Women aren’t useless, you are. Pls stop your gene pool now

Test to see if my ISP is blocked

OP listen to this man. Go all in on crypto, your savings, your thoughts. Start working for a chain, whichever one you think you can contribute to. You don't need permission.

Know that I am right there with you. We will make it because it's the only option we have.

There are thousands of us that are all in. There will be millions then billions when we win.

Literally the only White guy in that picture is Hitler. And at least three of the "good" leaders were communists. Fuck Tyrone. And fuck Chad too. They’re both shallow cunts.

Listen here,

life dosen't have an intrinsic meaning to it, you'll have to make your own meaning. Back in the days it was god. People wanted to go to heaven after they die, so they didn't kill themselfs. Im just gonna assume that you aren't religious, so you'll have to find you own meaning. Cure cancer, end poverty in Africa, it dosen't really matter as long as you have a goal. Personaly, I just don't want to leave me parents haning, so i'll propably kill myself after my parents die.

No we need you. The chains need you. Every soldier is needed if we are to win this war.

You cannot leave until your duty is done.

whoever wrote this is an unironic brainlet. dumbest fucking "comic" I've ever read


There are still some good women out there, but do you think you deserve one at THIS point? Work on yourself for a while, and be patient. You need to get experience talking to girls but you don’t need sexual experience until you’ve found the right one. It might help if you believe in destiny. If you feel suicidal, try imagining your future children. You are responsible for them, even though they’re not born yet.

u need to travel more OP

your view of the world is a generic white teen in the states

this was the way out for me. lasted a good two years i didn't have the means to live indefinitely overseas even though i have a work from home gig. too many distractions and infrastructure not good enough for that.
i did wife someone from overseas (she's not asian), pretty comfy.

this. instead of just whining about everything OP should just focus on improving himself.

try out shrooms/lsd, OP, at least once, before killing yourself, please.

Wtf you talking about?
I'm successful, relatively handsome, and run my own business, as I said. You projected your own insecurities on to me, get it straight faggots.

I'm not some NEET fucking "loser" complaining, I have money, I have friends, but at the end of the day, everything is still vapid and empty because the world we live in is vapid and empty. That is the blunt truth.

Women are fucking useless as well. Don't sugar coat it, you know it. The only people who disagree are fucking women.. There are exceptions career wise, but those women are also useless in terms of family life because they're usually 30+, no longer able to produce quality offspring, and so on.

I'm about as successful as can be for someone posting on Veeky Forums, however I STILL feel this way. That is my fucking point.

you sound depressed. search for what makes you happy instead of what makes you look succesful

>Just do what maks u happy broooo
No, this is how you end up fucking broke and depressed. You aren't supposed to live in a constant state of happiness, it's unattainable you fucking brainlet, but that doesn't change the general tone of western civilisation

>You aren't supposed to live in a constant state of happiness

that's not what i said. but if you experience the world as vapid and empty it probably means you aren't happy often enough

Yeah, we all have moments of "WOW LIfe is gr8!!! Nature is beauitful" blah blah. But the reality is while we may live longer, and are able to contact eachother easier, and so on... we are all worse off than ever before.

West is becoming a womans empire, power is radically shifting towards them, it is unclear how the futures society will look, its unclear even if we will make it to the futures society as birthrates are dropping and hordes of immigrants are flooding every western nation.

You will not be finding meaning to life trough a woman. There is no hope for relationships or family making at this society.

My advice is to slow down and try to root yourself to some off city place in your country, save up and buy some land and start living a simple life.

Traveling is a fucking shit meme, its a woman thing and only faggots do it

>Traveling is a fucking shit meme
naw you do it to fuck women hotter than what you'd get at home, and cheaper than at home.

i don't believe the world is worse off than before. we tend to romanticize older times and forget about the problems and hardships that were around then. we live in a time of great opportunity because we can explore and experience more of the world than any of our ancestors. it also means that if you dislike your current life/surroundings it has never been easier to pack your bags and try out something new

You should target to have a passive income enough to be able to live comfortably and play MMORPG all day.

Just find some kind of passion and stick to it. The internet is amazing. You don't have to force yourself to live in this world.

Maybe just go out and travel sometimes as a break.

>fucking random women in some far away nation

Gives no deeper meaning to life. Taking into notice the flight costs, often the local escort would have been cheaper anyways.

I don't live my life through women, at all. However FAMILY is important. You know, if I don't have someone to offload my lifelong fucking gains to, what is the fucking point?
Travelling is okay, but I've done all of that. I've been to everywhere I want to go and prefer my own nation.

What is the point of all of that if the family unit has fucking disintegrated? Who are you going to share you experiences with? Are you gonna write a book and just die?

See, brainlet. Video games are trash too. Grow up. This is a mens discussion. Not 30 year old man children who are contempt to fucking WASTE while playing video games and eating handfuls of junk food while browsing porn.

At this point user just wait for a catalyst and then try to impose your will upon the world, You are a man and are expected as such to be stoic until you have resolved the issues of the world. If you have no hope then there is no reason to wade through this world suffering. Fight or perish like a dog.

I hear you.

if you think your happiness will come from having a stable family then you should aim to create that. despite what you see and hear on the internet there are still a lot of women out there with the same goal





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Yeah, after they've been fucking gangbanged and done amateur porn. Who the fuck wants that? Unless you don't mind being lied to and handling used goods.

it is.
what do you think has kept humanity alive for thousands of years. reproduction and sex is not the only thing, otherwise we'd all commit infanticide.
there's a deeply human need to give care for the next generation. millenials are filling that need with dogs and pets.

c'mon you know thats a false generalization. if you only seek to reaffirm your negative worldviews then you will change nothing for yourself

Yeah I tried the hedonism route after coming to similar conclusions about modern life and it’s basically as you say, never more depressed. The only way to have some sense of fulfillment in my experience is to make progress toward a goal. But if you can’t value one state of the world more than another it’s hard to form these goals. I don’t know what to do.

heh maybe i'm biased i met my virgin wife overseas /blogposting

here someone smarter put it this way
>All the maneuvers indicative of a mid-life crisis-- younger women, sportscars, new hobbies, new careers, new looks-- are easily interpreted as new beginnings to help you trick yourself that the clock has been rolled back. (That these things do, in fact, make you slightly younger is not here the point.)
>So other than alcohol, what answers the question, "Will I do anything useful with the rest of my life?" The key to navigating this stage is to understand that the word "useful" has a very specific definition and can only be fulfilled through limited ways: it has to serve the next generation.
>I can see you rolling your eyes. (2) This isn't touchy-feely nonsense; this is how humans were built, no different than they were built to see Roy through Biv or to find the absence of eyeballs uncanny. It explains why happy people still go through this; why making millions of dollars doesn't solve this; why having kids, being celebrated or even famous all fail, not because these are intrinsically "bad" but because they do not specifically fulfill the human necessity to believe it is useful to the next generation.

Ai is coming.

>Most people get through this by raising kids (not just having them), teaching them things, "getting them into college," passing on the culture. The more you feel responsible to this process the easier mid-life will be. Nor does it require active or even good parenting; it is an internal conceptualization of your life, rather than any external activity. Not changing what you do, but how you thinks about it. Though it sounds like a cognitive trick, it is as simple as not saying, "I want to get rich" and instead saying, "I want to get rich so my family has a good life." To emphasize, this is not about the comparative morality of wealth vs. poverty, but the inclusion of the clause "so that" by which the narcissism is dissolved. (Yes, this means one could fool themselves into thinking they are "useful," thus passing through the crisis with not having accomplished anything.)

tldr, easy way out is to have kids, hard way is to build something of value for future generations

You sound like my boomer parents. I have never met a single girl who didn't in some way fall short of some very average expectations and I'm pushing 30. I can't imagine it's any better for younger people.

I don't think it is. I'm not kidding. See my OP. We live in a nation of whores willing to do ANY fucking thing for fame, a little bit of money, and "likes" on social media.

There are mabe 0.001% of women who aren't caught up in this.

According to Buddhist view, after death we reincarnate to similar or same situation where we were last time so even suicide is pointless. You can't escape the Grand Illusion except by maturing spiritually and moving on to some greener pastures, which you can do in this lifetime.

Yeah I agree with that. Imo though that is a sort of 'external' way of finding meaning in life.

To dedicate yourself to something which somehow is enabling the next generation to live better than you did, i.e. leaving something great behind like a work, improving your community, etc. Altruism, and all of that.

Regardless of that, you still fundamentally need to do the same but 'personally', within your own bloodline, in your family. Have a family to continue your legacy and leave them with enough to make it easier for them to do so.


Women are a mirage. Even if you manage to find a “good” one, their love despite all early appearance to the contrary, isn’t real. They can feather a nest and help you pass on your genetic material, but that’s all. Expecting anything more is a path to disillusionment and sorrow.

A race war is coming. Will you be one of those who saved the future for white Europe? In your darkest hour you fight for your people.

>who didn't in some way fall short of some very average expectations
Right on.

The average man is a fuck up too, don't get me wrong, but the ones who aren't are still left searching through the pile of fuck ups with the others who are.

I never mentioned love, or any of that. Even if you are 100% robotic in your approach and treat them as a simple means to produce offspring and solely that, they STILL fail at that. They are still underachieving fuck ups at that.

99% of women in 2018 are worthless failures. I'm not talking about 'career' wise or how much they get paid, but in everything other than that.

>buy some eggs from an egg donor
>10k for a surrogate womb from an indian woman
>buy a year's worth of wetnursing services for the first year of your baby's life

the last remaining problem is you have to find someone who will provide the nurturer/give unconditional love to your child role that a mother usually gives. that's about the only thing a woman is good for, and kids will need it less and less as they grow up. but they still need that at key milestones in their life. watch the tree of life, that's what moms are supposed to do.
dads can do it too but i think it's harder.

You obviously see the west is sick. Why not dedicate your life to actually doing something about it. What do you think men are wired for? A safe enviroment and a cozy job with a perfect love? No. We are wired to fight and protect when it's required.

Loool so you are a poor looser and can't get any women.Trying to mask how you fail at life blaming society instead of blaming your worthless pointless being. Do yourself a favour and kill yourself.

I don't believe men are supposed to be around their child in early ages. It's only vital in early teens. I think the mothers love at those early years is the most important. From what I've read, anyway. And that is how it was ""naturally""

Absolutely, however I am certain any "war" is lost and was lost before I was even born. This is the fade out bit.

Nice projection

Is it really? nearly 40% of women in the US are obese, 50% of women have had 5 or more partners. There is a 25-30% chance your marriage will end in divorce if you marry 95% of women. It's fairly likely that the women who have less sexual activity overlaps with the portion of women who are obese. You are forced to lower your standards fairly far compared to even your father in order to find a partner.

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Don't be a defeatist. Go do your research, swallow some redpills and start working. Nothing is lost at this point. It doesn't matter if we lose in the future or if we are not there to see the results of the struggle, it will give you meaning because it has actual meaning.

I "swallowed redpills" before you were even born, kid. You're not fucking red-pilled because you read some fucking infographic on /pol/. You can't teach me anything.

Relatively few men have reproduced throughout history, something like 40% IIRC. As opposed to women who almost always produce offspring. So I don’t view failing to
produce kids as a man as some kind of great moral failing. Men are basically the cannon fodder of the world, but we’re more free because of it. Fuck it

>So tell me Veeky Forums, why shouldn't I just kill myself now and get it over with? How to cope?
I'll be extremely unironic with you OP. I've convinced myself that there's some kind of after life, that may or may not be better than this one, and I use this existence as experience, so I can fuck up less in the next life. Because I'm pretty sure the next one is final.

Maybe not but it's pretty clear I'm in a different mindset. I can think about a lot of things to do that will have impact besides hanging yourself in your garage.

I've got no idea where you live but the idea that the "war" is lost is naive, I would agree that the united states is lost but if you don't think a resistance is forming you are ill educated on the political climates of other countries. The united states even elected a populist leader in it's death throes although it wasn't enough, Trump has been a colossal failure in terms of any revolutionary policy to change things. The demographics have for the most part sealed the united states away. I'll agree that you would be fighting to plant a tree for the youth rather than reap any sort of rewards for yourself, you won't be able to fight any sort of war that moves your culture back 100 years and reduces female body counts over night.
This is cuckoldry, You have rationalized yourself into being an incel and justified it with the freedom to sit around doing what amounts to nothing while spending the majority of your life slaving away.
I'm all ears bud, let us know the great path.

Thats pretty good, I like that

>muh soldiers/police
>supporting the people who enforce the 'laws' and 'morals' created by the government, spooks and propagandists
>probably going to die in Russia soon so we can take their oil as well

Proyecting? I'm quite comfy fucking women left and right without me being rich. They want me because I treat them nice and look good. Unlike you loosers. You won't know the feeling of a 10 truly wanting your dick and not your money. No, instead you have to pay for sex and want to date a virgin so she can't compare you to past sexual relationship with Chads like me. Haha fucking loosers I'm out of here.

Eastern European girls from smaller towns are still okay they haven't gone full retard.

Confirmed for animal man.

Guaranteed fat virgin

I'll look into it

This is what I meant. You don't do it for yourself, individualism is cancer and it will never give you any sense of purpose. Be an idealist. What I mean is if he's going to die he might as well go for it 100% and plan something grand. I'm pretty sure the planning and work alone will give a man new hope.

Yikes, i'm unironically cringing. You aren't a chad, feel free to post physique w/ timestamp faggot. Maybe one of the worst larps i've ever seen.
Are you actually extrapolating all that from the image he posted, he doesn't even say anything like that. Chill out buddy.

>fighting to plant a tree for the youth rather than reap any sort of rewards for yourself
since this is a /pol/ thread now... i'm just speculating that the pendulum has to swing back the other way. there has to be a countercultural movement to what is mainstream now. that's my gut feeling on what will happen.

It's not cuckoldry many of us who have had sex, don't view reproduction as a means to a new life. If anything becoming rich and having a stable mind and practicing enlightenment is more important. What good is a wife if all she knows how to do is bitch and moan? When I can inject steroids, read books, and become a more well rounded person? A cuck is someone who does nothing with their time.

I'll post my photo if OP post his. I'm sure he looks like an autistic chav waste of space. I want to prove my point.

Post up big talker. We want to see your fat ass

Not helping your case bud.

If god fags can believe in heaven/hell without any evidence I can believe in a space faring multi dimensional utopian republic that crafted this shitty simulation among others to study things like sociology and we're basically all 1s to 0s.

What sane man would be content with the world at face value? It's a joke.

Still no photo of you OP. Lol talk all high and mighty as if you were something when clearly you are a bitter Dimitri. Loool I came to this board thinking I could find good info on cryptos and what I find is worthless shitcoin shills, incels, retarded virgins loosing money. The fucking state of /biz. Keep telling yourselves I'm one fat small dick like you so you can cop with life you faggots. My offer still stand OP show your fucking face.

You left out the bit that we're all getting conquered by China soon.

Why the fuck would I risk my career and social status for some fucking clown on the net?
Project harder you fat waste

>beyond suicidal

you must be dead already

>How to cope?

With humor. This life and especially this world is literally too absurd to be taken seriously

What social status? You know damn well the only social status you have is the one as a team leader in League of Legens. Fucking desilusional Dimitri.

Dude about the girls. maybe move to another country, in the states it is probably like this according to my friends living in the US.

I agree with you OP, the world is a wasteland and for a long time it amazed me how people could not see the desert as it is. Nothing has value that lasts. Everything melts into the air in vapour and nothing sustains a man who remains thirsty and hungry for substinence. People like you convinced me I wasn't alone in my nihilism. But you must first realise this wasteland, whilst it is outside, it is also within you. You are the one who is still filled with the same passions of that world you describe as nihilistic. You have a desire for riches and status, indulging in the body including sexual pleasure, arrogance in self-entitlement and pride in your success, a lust for power with hate against your enemies and glory to your friends, and above all, comfort that nulls all your senses. If you truly desire life, then denounce all of that is part of the world, all its passions that lead to nothing, and you will arrive halway to the truth. I can only give you as much, the rest you should find for yourself. This website might help you as it did me.


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So basically you are salty because there are not enough virgin fertile non idiot women on the market who share your world views and are willing to care for your offspring.

Getting angry and rationalizing about why you can't achieve something completely irrational (have a family because you're supposed to have a family...because of passing on genes meme) is pretty absurd.

Either no objective purpose exists, or we as a species are too stupud to see it (I think it's the latter), so stop crying and try your hardest to invent purpose for yourself.

It sure as hell isn't easy for any non brainlet, there's a reason why people invented religion and artifical life goals... because they can not cope with boredom and burden of ultimate emptiness of their lives mate.

So either suck it up and just wait the life out, can't be that long or end it if you're impatient but don't expect someone to suddenly discover purpose of life for you. The only thing that can happen is your hormone levels adjusting so that you are ready to accept whatever story is thrown your way.

You do not live for anyone else, just as no man or women will live for you. You must live only to lower your local entropy. You must store the silo with grain. You must secure your harem of fertiles. You must amass data in your drives. Be ready for the coming winter, and hibernate for the spring to come.
To ask a women to be your but female is outrageous, you are a man and they are not your equal. Their sole purpose in life is to manage the simple things in life. They have been designed through billions of iterations in the living machinery that is this world to bear your children, and comfort your soul. If you let the world corrupt them, you have only yourself to blame. Do you get angry at a dog for eating something which poisons it? Do you get angry when it barks? It is your responsibility to control it as your are the sole arbiter.
Most of the problems you describe are a effect of a system which takes the worst of capitalism and mixes it with the worst of socialism. The rich have bought your politicians but who are you to blame? The rich for using the tools at their disposal that you have given them? The politicians for doing what politicians do? You should not be angry at animals who are but following their instincts.
That is not to say when a horse is lame you do not kill it, because it is your job to put it out of its misery. It will not kill itself. The system is not going to fix itself, you must do that with your fellow compatriots. You must put the rope around the politicians necks. You must redistribute the horded wealth in the dragons lair. You must make women know how to be mothers again. You must end this insanity for the insanity only breeds more of its ilk.

I see what you saying OP, and there’s unironucally only one solution - shariah law.