What does user do to make the bad feelings go away during these dark times

What does user do to make the bad feelings go away during these dark times

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watch cute anime

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Count my money.

Drink and have premarital sex.

Shill me some anime user it's been a while maybe it will help
What does that feel like?

gochiusa, candy boy, sakura trick, non non biyori, yuru yuri, yuyushiki, yurikuma, flip flappers, ika musume, kiniro mosaic

It feels great at first, but you need to have something else beyond that to keep those endorphins going.

very moe list you got there i'll check it out

Gym, drink, and have sex. Then drink some more

Koe no Katachi
Two hour movie. Watch if you need a good cry.

Remember that now I don't have to pay taxes on gains I never made. At the top I was sitting at a comfy 100k in profit. It would have killed me knowing that I have to send a 30k check to the government to feed Shaniqua and her 9 kids

Koe no Katachi is shit.
Kimi no na wa is objectively superior.

>yuru yuri
Upvoting this.
Ayano best girl

Remember I'm still up 20X on my initial investment even after pulling out my initial and a bit more.

hello chad what brings you to this thread

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punch myself in the head

Yuru Yuri is a must. You're not a Veeky Forumsraeli if you haven't seen it.

Noted. I will begin my binge immediately while I wait for this shit storm to blow over

This is now a Veeky Forumsanimu thread

Continue your shills anons so I can grow my anime portfolio

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Cummy in mummy

a couple more animes that i could think of on the top of my head

yosuga no sora
yuru camp
sora yori mo tooi basho
slow start
ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai
no game no life
tenshi no 3p
usagi drop
haiyore nyaruko-san
el cazador de la bruja
aoi hana
strawberry panic
kiss x sis
strike witches
kemono friends
girls und panzer
yama no susume
kodomo no jikan
gabriel dropout
steins gate
sora no woto

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Toradora was a comfy hold back in the day I must rebuy

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i watch it annually during the /a/ christmas toradora stream

Anyone here knows any show like this? I want a no-drama anime.

You can't have dark times if you're a nocoiner, feels good man

do something productive you neets. Anime will only make you feel worse in the long run, work on a skill or on yourself.

Dopamine from longterm goals is way more satisfying.

i'd have to look at my hoard to find some more non-drama animes, but there are a couple here and there like
non non biyori
yuru yuri
shoujo shuumatsu ryokou (i guess)
girls und panzer (if i remember it correctly)
ika musume
yuru camp

draw memes

if anyone here wants to read manga

Golden Kamui (still ongoing. ala old Western films I guess? not sure if that's the perfect comparison but it sure feels that way)
Sakuranbo Syndrome (skip the last arc IMO)
Kanata no Astra (space shit)
Taisho Wotome Otogibanashi (fluffy)
Akagi (just ended, crazy mahjong. worth the read IMO)
Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso o Kasaneru (best girl. honestly just read it)
RELife (just finished, some more fluff. many chapters to binge)
Ajin (ongoing, monthly updates, some great action)
Goblin Slayer (ongoing, monthly updates, old school DnD sort of shit in a way, but the great MC is what ultimately hooks you in)

the genres all over the place but from my current reading/read list these are the ones i can easily recommend

>What does that feel like?
Salty bags of coins.

i've been reading a bit more manga recently though i generally only read yuri manga, gonna check out a few of those titles
on the topic of yuri manga i could recommend

hoshikawa ginza yonchoume
candy boy
girl friends
asago to kase-san
and also citrus if you can look past all the drama

ive read most of the ones you listed. hanjuku joshi is something i read recently after checking out /u/'s basic recommendations. may not interest you because it seems like babbys first yuri the manga. got interested mostly because of citrus' anime lol. haven't read it yet however. sick of yuri for now

>hanjuku joshi
yeah downloaded it a few days ago to read actually, i'll get around to it eventually
i wish there would be less drama overall in yuri manga though, but alas large portions of the titles are written by women

Watch people die on liveleak