Cardano used to be $1.28

>Cardano used to be $1.28
>Cardano is now 14 cents in the current date in the year of our lord 2018

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vaporware losing value? wow!

Cardano is shit

Cardano? Moar liek Garbano amirite?!?! Guys?!

Cardano and Iota are literally fairy dust.

one of the few altcoins that will survive

It's already dead man

No crypto with such an Italian sounding name could ever have a future.

>Joey Cardano's pizzeria

Mamma Mia!


I just bought 1k.

Top kek

its a fucking Leftist socialist pro-refugee piece of shit coin just like the horrible tech failure IOTA. All what the left touches goes down the drain money wise. Sell and get out while you can, these garbage projects have no financial future.


Un cardo en el ano

holy shit. the tranny made me sell half my stack, you just convinced me to get out completely

buy buy buy

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This. Refused to buy cardano because if their politics. Sjw garbage.
Hasn't stopped me losing 60% of my portfolio so far this year but at least I didn't lose it because of them.


Cardano’s scammer idiot CEO has blown his cover and lived up to his shit reputation. Slug speed development and not even a functioning wallet. Cardano is dead.



This is why you won't survive in this market, you're just a low iq ideologue investing with feelings

You'd get outraged by the stock market too since everything might hurt your feelings for being inclusive, you're as sensitive as the people you mock

Anyone who thought cardano was worth anything over 100mcap (over 25m even) at its current stage of development and adoption by projects building on top of blockchains was an idiot who didn't think it through.

wow, this is one helluva FUD campaign. You fucks are scared shitless of king cardano. won't change anything of course. fudmore please, i find it invigorating

Wow, it's like giving BILLIONS of dollars to some NOBODY academics to run a crypto science fair project was a bad idea

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read SJWs Always Lie, tl;dr SJWs bring down every organisation in which they gain prominence

Cardano more like fartano pee pee bum

step up your game

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>global development team
>strategic partnerships

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