I have $2000. How should i go about spending it if i want 10 million dollars in 5 years?

I have $2000. How should i go about spending it if i want 10 million dollars in 5 years?

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buy a pair of deluxe kneepads+google ads for a month

Unironically, buy chainlink.

i love that picture OP


Yeah if you want to make sure you go x9 in 5 years with your 2000, netting you 18k.

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Cardano unironically
Once the blood bath is over (nothing goes on forever), only coins with a future will survive


bitconnect is the future bro

dont be a dick

Invest in yourself user. You will hardly ever get good advice on here from these pajeet faggots. Learn about money, learn about different investment vehicles. You already have an internet connection, now go get a library card.

Chainlink gives you the best shot at becoming a millionaire...

Reason being is we all need chainlink to intergrate real world data into cryptographic algorithms so...If cryptos don't die. Chainlink will be in the top 10 and probably worth billions in market cap. Let's say we get to 2 trillion market cap once instituional investors start pumping money into the cryptos once we become a regulated market..

Once that happens chainlink will be the middleman for any data that needs to interact with cryptos...So yes dude...don't let the fud get you...

Go all in chainlink...

Stop shilling this. Everyone know that biz is balls deep in this bag.

Op buy ETH right now.

that picture is vaporwave af

Cardano. They're one of the few that will still actually be developing and exist in 5 years

Go all in on RLX.

50% jnt 50% link

Get yourself syscoin.

Probably the only coin that will shoot up in price the coming weeks.
It has an actual product released where you can use the coins to actually buy stuff. It's like amazon but decentralized.

Coins without real life disruptive usecase I already sold few weeks ago. You should too.

buy gun and rob banks.

IOT. Really.

try BAT. The dev team is crazy good and it actually has a working product so it has pretty good fundamentals imo.