ITT: post the most retarded, delusional, fancy, gay and imbecile ideas that you've ever come across in crypto

ITT: post the most retarded, delusional, fancy, gay and imbecile ideas that you've ever come across in crypto.

I'll start:
>blockchain internet
>hurr durr, let's record all websites, pictures and videos to an immutable public ledger!

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TRX 10k per coin in 2020

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>buy bitcoin!

that pinkdate shit that was spammed here every 12 hours with porn and a referral link


mobile samefag


>bring crypto to the masses by allowing them to mine coins
>mobile miner is "simulator"
>end goal is to release a mobile freemium app game that "teaches about crypto" (literally what it says in the white paper)
>CEO is literally the fucking guy who helped mass market Herbalife and other multilevel pyramid scams
>paid YouTube shills who make videos about LITERALLY nothing except electroneum

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not crypto but delusional

>make a website for posting recorded videos, cause everyone has a camera lol right?
>also call it youtube like it fucking means something

Skycoin and all these other projects that make no sense if you remove the blockchain hype. Pic related.

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Buy land in a shitty VR game.

How many people play VR games? How many people spend money on imaginary currencies? It’s a niche of a niche. By the time there’s any widespread adoption of this tech, like 2028, this game will be a historical footnote, if it’s even that lucky.

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lol. this sounds like literal scamware. is it an eth botnet?

>he isn't getting paid to keep his phone charged
tuff luck kid

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>Primalbase is transforming traditional office rental and creating a next-generation community-based ecosystem where it is possible to share, sell or rent out high-quality working spaces using Ethereum and Waves-based digital tokens.

Why not just use fiat currency to rent out space? It’s solving a problem that literally doesn’t exist. It’s the epitome of the tokenize-everything madness in crypto.

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Tron dogs


that's called secondlife

Oh once it comes to iOS I'll be using it.

Doesn't make it any less of a shitty concept.

>BTCP will be at least $500
The fact that Veeky Forums fell for another pump and dump is the proof that it should never, ever be taken seriously.

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>"20 years in the making"
>internet built on blockchain
>"OS" built on blockchain
>merged mining with bitmex so chinks get more money

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>Doesn't make it any less of a shitty concept.
No doubt about that. Run bluestacks.




>high marketcap will stabilize the price

brainlets read this