Everying going down, meanwhile im making dividends

the dividends keep coming and keep coming and keep coming,

anyone else not in this yet?

been telling you at
>your here

daily bread

get in and make some money while everything else is taking a nose dive.

literally the only thing thats been going up for the past few weeks now!

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Wtf is this user

its your retirement fund, daily volume is sky rocketing, powh.net

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It's a ponzi scheme.

Stfu that shit is a scam ponzi

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No, it's a tide ad.

I mean really.
>Guaranteed 1% every day
>Dont ask stupid questions you can retire on this
Ponzi schemes work for a little while and then suddenly don't.

isn't there other ways to make money from this? because when ppl sell u make dividends, when ppl buy u make dividends.

the charts your showing is if ppl buy the price of token goes up, so you can later sell for a higher amount.

but the long game is better, just buy and hodl with strong hands.


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Please feel free to tell me how you make dividends if people don't buy into it. They work until you run out of rubes to wrangle and then it comes crashing down because people like you don't actually understand how they function.


if ppl stop buying what if they start to sell? then i continue making dividends.
and what are the chances of it completely going dead? like no1 buying or selling right after me?

theres 30% masternode thus affiliates will shill this. its literally a bitconnec but smart contract so it cant be stopped. there is no floor because pl will always shill this for the 3% they get from followers.
so even if contract had 100k eth they will still shill it 3% is alot!

so ppl will always be buying/ oh and also selling !

Your logic is that people will keep falling for this particular ponzi when there are going to inevitably be more and the people you are relying on shilling it will dump their bags leaving what you hold worthless aside from dividends which will be far less than what you actually put into it.

You are an absolute nigger you know that? You are a fucking mongoloid.

yes trevon is starting to shill. that is good news, that might be why it went up 100 eth in a day.

you can see all the buys coming in live! im already in profit by the way and re investing like 3% daily compound interest.

you dont understand how this works. if i hypothetically put in 1 eth today, and right after me everyone dumped their bags, and im the last one standing. i get way more from dividends then that 1 eth i put in. so it encourages ppl to dump because hodlers will make more that way. have you seen the snek dividend meme?

>it's good to buy into and shill a transparent ponzi scheme that a notorious ponzi shill who is going to be in prison by the end of the year

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It's a pyramid fishing for more users with a shill thread.

i been makign this thread since 280, if you guys only listened you would be all profits now. all your initial already would of been cashed out in dividends, and what ever left u can either cash out or leave for life dividends.

but i guess the "biz hates money" meme is real

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You are retarded. As per the website itself when someone sells the tokens are worth less. So when you are the last person standing your tokens are worthless and your DIVIDENDS are relative to the amount of tokens you have so if everyone ahead of you sells you still won't make enough to cover your initial investment.

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ahahahaha im retarted, this question has been asked in the discord many times, if you math you will understand, that if everyone sells after you buy in, then your portion of the pie is larger, thus you end up with bigger and bigger dividends as ppl keep selling. thus your 1 eth becomes way more in dividends.

are you even able to math?

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kill yourself faggot

Your slice of the pie starts much smaller than everyone else. By the time it's large there will be less than 5 ETH in the contract.

If everyone were to sell right now you wouldn't get 50 ETH. You would get less than 1 ETH because of the cascading effect as the people ahead of you also get bigger slices.

someone sold 10 eth and i made like 3% my investment right there on that sell. now there is 500 more eth for ppl to sell. so imagine that 3% will start to grow because i will have more shares of the pie. thus il lget way more then the 1 eth i put in easily from sellers.

either way im way ahead already anyways so this can compeltely die and im already in profit so who cares? but even ur hypothetical math doesnt work...
theres literally no way to lose on this

can someone loan me 10k eth for emma? its for emma!

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>invest in my ponzi guys we can all be rich