One last time: right now we have a market where not even 1% of all people on this planet are using crypto...

One last time: right now we have a market where not even 1% of all people on this planet are using crypto. It's absolutly complicated for 99% to join the world of BTC and co.
This technology can't die. So if you talk about a crash or a bubble then you are right. You have a bubble or crash but just in the space of these 1%.

Now think a second what happens when mass adoption starts (and it will). I'm not telling you that all of these shitcoins will survive BUT crypto will not die and the marketcap we had in January was just 1% of the marketcap we will see in a few years. Just be realistic - blockchain is the future and mass adoption will come after we had a restart of this market. And yes, all the big whales who control the market right now already know that. Do you really think it depends on if YOU buy or sell? Sorry but that's not how this world works.

Pick your coins and keep calm. Yes, some of them will die and some of them reached just 1% of the value they will have in a couple of years.

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Comfy with my REQ, LINK and JNT stacks.

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Bitcoin has been around for 10 years. Mass adoption started a long time ago. Blockchain isn't dying, but your worthless tokens are.

Don't miss the big picture goyim

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Bloomberg says 10% of Americans own bitcoin. That's actuslly a huge percentage of the population if you compare to other technologies. This was the normie bull run that bitcoin nerds have been waiting for since 2011. It came and it went, we all watched it pass us by. The end

Bloomberg says not even 10% of the adults or am I wrong? In addition to that most of them own 1-10% of the money they have in crypto. That's still not a mass adoption. When you start to use crypto and integrate it into social structures then we can talk about it again. And I'm not talking about "buying a coffee in a hipster restaurant with btc".

I think the current btc/alt system will survive. a few alts will do very well. corporation and government sanctioned blockchains will not compete, they can't innovate. walmart trialing trac is one example. even the world bank is putting out notices:

i think banks and corporations want into the current system of how it's set up around btc rather than develop their own walled ecosystem.

>wanting to set up around btc which is already entrenched and they dont control
>setting up around fiat which they do

This market cycle was driven purely on hype. If the tech gets good enough then sure I agree we could see another bull run but it will be much more stable controlled and slower. Sadly I don't think it will be for years. If the tech starts being used then I have no doubt BTC will be back at 20k and beyond. I'm just afraid it could take a decade to get there.

i saw two competing systems as a possibility too. corporate and government sponsored/partnered chains with plenty of fiat onramps vs approximately what we have today.
what we have today has first mover advantage.

maybe they're buying in to hedge their bets before developing their own systems

bitcoin cant scale to that degree without major development
dont see it happening

Blockchain is the future, bitcoin is not. About time this shit finally dies.

Most people don’t invest in stocks or bonds out of fear but you expect them to buy magic meme money that they don’t understand and could crash at any second?

Even 1% is too much

>attempting to shill people into losing their life savings using a clip from a movie about a guy who shilled people into losing their life savings
Not a good look.

it's actually less than 0,5 percent...much less. good try tho bro

Why do you think mass adoption will happen? Normies don't give a shit abou central banks or decentralization, they don't want the responsibility of securing their own money, can lose everything if they send to the wrong address, no chargebacks. Best bet would be a bitcoin/crypto ETF that becomes a standard investment like gold, while it's only actually used by a small number of enthusiasts, criminals, etc.

They do want the current system, Veeky Forums ignores for the most part that when it comes to technology and new paradigms for the big players is just much easier to just acquire or embrace a working solution than spending massive resources reinventing the wheel

We are going through an inbetween phase where shitcoins and retarded ICOs left and right will perish, and the surviving cryptos will become a cornerstone of the new economy

It even aligns itself with the plans of a new world order and a global nation without borders

Just for instance China offloading a bunch of highly bureaucratic tasks of bookkepping their own people to crypto coupled with automation will allow for decreased inefficiency, less chance for tampering records, much lower costs and what they really want a higher degree of scalability which in turn allows for a higher degree of control of their own population at every single level

And yet Veeky Forums cannot see past their noses

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Isnt that the CEO of ripple with the CEO of worldbank?
Damn need to buy some RIPples now after realizing whats really happening

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Well said user, thank you for your input! Great analysis :)
Blessings and Abundance for us,
As One

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Seems like we have reached denial.

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Mass adoption will start after LN is officially released.

>blockchain is the future
Not so sure it is. Bitcoin is definitely the future, but blockchain as a tech doesn't really have many valuable applications.

But mah smardcondrakts

>block chain
>no useful applications
I think we’ve found the dumbest person ever to live guys

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>"doesn't really have many valuable applications"
>no useful applications

Yes, it's you.

Correct, at least for the short term.

Look at google search trends for bitcoin, and transaction volume, both fucking dead.

Normies came, got rekt and left, they won’t be back for a while.

Complete horseshit

you're too stupid to be involved in crypto if you believe fake news you dumb fuck. coinbase barely has 10 million customers - worldwide. reconcile that fact with bloomberg's statistic which some reporter typed into their computer after asking their editor what number to choose.