Why the fuck is this board so dead during dips and crashes...

Why the fuck is this board so dead during dips and crashes? There should be more people asking how to buy on coinbase and all that normie shit now, not when we hit ATH.

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humans dont want to buy red, they want to buy green

lmaoing at your life rn
>how to buy on coinbase

Pajeets and shills don't work during the weekend, that's why

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That's a man, isn't it.

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Do you feel in charge, user?
Normies use that, I don't
People are so weird man

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It's a ze you insensitive faggot

Because the majority of Veeky Forums is dumb money.

They're not investors, they're just idiots with 0 experience trading, and who act on emotion, hype, fomo, and fud.


Unironically how do I buy BTC or ETH using fiat without verification in the US?

most normans chase the price.
Only an autist will buy up the shit when it's still crashing with no end in sight.

I get too depressed to post

it is what you want it to be


seriously /b/, how the fuck do i get a qt crossdresser bf

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Go to /b/, ctrl+f 'trap', go to a trap thread and ask for KIKs

People buy shitcoins for the sole purpose of wanting to sell later on at a higher price, when it’s been going down for 3 months what do you expect them to do?

Exactly, and this is the right time to buy low to sell later @ a higher price
What I dont understand is why people bought at 18k...

i bought at 19200, im up 7x since then

How? Did you learn to trade overnight and shorted the shit out of it?

bought icx bluzelle and jibrel
all were all ins tho with very good timings

What is the floor with btc? I want to buy in as low as possible because I only have $50 to invest. Is 5k a good idea?

You know how Norman operates they like to buy when they think it can only go up and up. Also some of us are unironicly offing ourselves. I can't wait to buy ETH for dirt cheap. This is the end of the beginning bull run round 2 will be gigantic.

Fuck I would suck her cock and pound her bunghole

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>Why the fuck is this board so dead

>crypto in all time high
>high activity in Veeky Forums
>crypto in an historic low
>low activity in Veeky Forums
>extremely noticeable unlike other dips and crashes
>not even memes like wojaks

Just made me realize there's a lot of normies in Veeky Forums that are only here because they heard BTC is going to the moon last year. Also less shitcoin peddling.

99% i lurk this way or that way as in most cases i'm too autistic to even respond anonymously

Exactly. This is the time smart money is considering buying in. Buy the red and sell the green. It sounds so simple but it goes against all your instincts. That's why so little people actually make it.

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Yeah the quality of content on Veeky Forums seems to have actually improved a bit over last week or two. Less pathetic shilling as you say, also a couple of decent non crypto threads - like the frugal one etc.

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Your the one who's getting his bunghole pounded fella

n-no you

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I cat buy now. Only in about 5wo months after I finish my shit.

Going aktcoin anyway. Bitcoin is to rich for my area.

Unless I win at a lottery that I get in twice a year for shits and giggles, so I can say the phrase without bing a complete hypocrite.


Still one of the most popular board on Veeky Forums

>implying biztards are intelligent

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Key word, everyone has killed themselves


Return to mean.

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Easy pickins