How can I take the final step

I am so close to killing myself, honestly. But too high inhib to go through with it. Does anyone have advice about tricking myself into taking that final step? 100% serious thread. Will sent set up a smart contract to send 50 eth to anyone who genuinely helps.

Trouble is, no one who knows how to do it is still here to help

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user. It’s just money. Short term paper losses. Do something other than crypto to occupy your time. Hold your coins and in a year you’ll find yourself up

Have you ever tried dmt or ketamine?
If not you should. It may completely cure your depression and even if it doesn't it's something worth experiencing before you die.

alternatively don't you mong.

Take drugs like heroine then hang yourself. You wont feel pain at all, infact it would be euphoric.

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bros plz dont do it .. it gets better.. i know people say that alot and it might seem like nonsense to you and it did to me too.. but it does get better

~~sending positive vibes~~~~~

Don’t - No matter How fucked it gets there is always a chance that life will get Better for you. Dont lose hope user.

or if you want to live your life, do meditation for 1 month 1 hour a day, your brain will rewire so that YOU control your emotions and not the other way around? Dont believe me? Research it, and if you want to thank me after one month, send eth here: 0x419f5df9d736a3080b7490a3cd103fc04ebf0665

user many of us have taken a hit these last 3 months and are down. Despite the fud on this board fundamentally we are all striving for the same thing.
Dig deep and think would you feel the same if you had 500 eth? Life is for living life is for enjoying life is for experiences it is not about tricking yourself or bad experience. Switch off the computer and get some fresh air. Dont put too much pressure on yourself we are all human and make mistakes

Hey man, please, don’t do it. Your life is valuable. Even if it sounds corny and gay it is one of the absolute truths of life. God loves you. Your family loves you and even without any money dude. It’s paper WE ASSIGN VALUE TO. Totally fucking arbitrary. Ending your life over something as arbitrary as money is not worth it. Stay with us dude.

in a gory way
Don't forget to livestream
Also not biz related

I made it and didn't cash out. I was rich and now it's all gone. I got myself beaten up last night while drunk just to feel it. I'm so done with this life game. Just can't find the energy to kms

whats the problem?
its not as if you never made it. you have done it once you can do it again

First of all OP, you're lonely
In the worst moments of your life you've come to Veeky Forums for advice
Not belittling you but it means what you satisfie d with yourself with money or other external things you are unable to cope with your internal emotions and dont have someone to talk to or trust

Killing yourself won'ttake away your pain, you'll be giving it to someone who cares about you. Your mother or family or friends. If you have none of those it's okay I use too not either since I was basically an orphan at a young age.

Things get better OP, but the choice to have courage is up to you. Killing yourself is cowardly and running away IMO.

Plus you're more free to do whatever you please than you think, chasing money or external goods won't ever make you "fully" happy. That Lambo is nice for a month at best

Don’t do it. You will be reincarnated into a similar life.


please don't kill yourself

you are beautiful

the world is full of possibilities

if you are at your wits end, do something crazy like up and move to an entirely new country with no plan at all

you will find a way

Don't do it Marine. Regardless of what happens, you never EVER want to cash out of life that way.

We want you here, we need you here. These memes and digits aren't going post and roll themselves.

P.S. one day you'll meet someone worth trusting
I mentioned I use to be an orphan cuz I found someone worth living for

Go listen to some Drake


Check em

It's time to close your eyes and have a serious conservation with god. Not a literal conversation, just address god in your mind and express all of your pains to him and then listen to your heart. You'll know what to do.
>Inb4 atheist autismo
There is a reason people have believed in God(s) since forever. If you open your heart you'll find truth.

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Gains will be back in a few years. Just waste your time on the internet during that time or something other inane like that.

Bro imagine if we have another bullrun like teeka tiwari says bubble 2.0
dont you want to witness that?

Don't do it OP. Look at this thing. This thing is the ugliest Axie to ever been created, but it wants to live

Look into his eyes, be healed by his gaze of indifference. Feel his soullessness renew your own soul, you will die eventually, but this stupid motherfucker will outlive you.

But dammit you should go down fighting, don't let this smug fucking ugly fucker stare at your grave like this.

If you buy your own Axie, perhaps you can defeat him, and then rest easy

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Don't kill yourself. Just make a concerted effort to change your life. Start small. Work up. For example set simple goals. Like 30 mins of a enjoyable exercise 3 times a week. Start reading up on a subject for 30 mins everyday, something that you are interested in but also will improve your knowledge. Then start ramping it up. Write a list a and stick it on the fridge. Don't blame yourself if you miss a day. Set small goals and increase them over time. Reward yourself for making them. Rewards must be reasonable. If all else fails. Last resort go onto test e injections. Test will make you aggressive towards life, makes you happier more alpha and on top if it all makes you look a lot better. Last resort though.

he's trying to kill himself

I'm thinking about organizing suicide contests, Veeky Forums, what do you think? There must be a way to monetize this incoming tsunami of poor aimless souls and their obsession with dying, right? Like live streams, who can do the coolest death. Bets placed, I don't know... something.

Lastly if you want to talk let me know and I will give you a throw away email account. I have been through a lot in 35 years so I am sure I can help. if not I will at least be there to listen.

When did you faggots become such little bitches, yes suicide solves most of life's problems, it's just how it is, but while you stop feeling the pain you also stop feeling the pleasure.

OP, if you think you now have nothing to lose, then start doing drugs and cheap whores (if you're really broke), get out of crypto totally, it's better to fuck and get high and kill yourself in a week than it is to do it now.

But if you want to kys, I recommend setting the nose, drinking/swallowing big quantity of DPH (Benadryl or smthing that has it), you'll start hallucinating super scary stuff and now if everything is set up, then you won't hesitate.

But human to human, please don't kys, I'd recommend you start reading philosophy: Camus, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Sartre, Schaupenhauer, etc... Don't let /biz fags tell you to kys or not to kys, but be smart and wise enough (by reading philosophy) to think of this stuff yourself.

Here's my Eth address, laptop is dying on me, and I don't want to cash out my small linkies (10,000) stack :)

The only thing more fucked up than killing yourself is trying to profit off a depressed guy. People posting their ETH wallets are the scum of the earth

we could bounce hugely on Tuesday. Monday will be the crypto low. Needs a washout but the spike back up should be massive.

what lookism poster are you OP?

Depends on your method. are you going to do it via gun, high building, drugs? I would recommend very high building. Dont think just do. If you have high inhib then you honestly need to just go out there and do it. dont think very long just start your day going about doing the things to do it i.e. go scout out your location on your jump, buy your gun or ammunition or your drugs but go about these things as if youre mindlessly running errands abs just accomplish the task. i think this is the best type of mental preparation you can do, mindlessly complete your errands. send the 50 eth here please:

You have money in crypto, use some monero and order some dmt, don't do it once actually try to breakthrough it will take 3-4 hits its the closest sensation of death you'll ever experience you'll litteraly see the tunnel. The first few hits make you feel like you can't take anymore the 3rd makes you feel like you can't move and you're actually about to Die if you hit it again and boom. Once you're out of it if your perspective on life doesn't change go ahead, if you're new self feels like your life is worth living take your only fucking chance you have and make something with it, if your intelligent enough to type with proper litteracy you can make something of yourself 0xe4a6d7357fdc1348a3ad8ecd064d297bcdd693ff send me 1 eth for saving your fucking life and send me another one after your dmt trip. If you end up going through with it send me the 50 and I'll donate the money to charity I don't want money that way I couldn't live with myself.

OP, srsly, every bullrun is followed by a correction. BTC was below 1000$ a year ago. We've had correction like this for many years and surpassed the ATH within a year. Why do you think it's different this time? Remember when BTC surpassed the $200 mark? It was all over the news, people who became millionaires because they forgot wallets, every financial news station was releasing articles, but it was followed by a correction all the way down to $50. Everyone believed it was over, but a couple of years later the ATH is near $20,000 and all these posts are emerging. Why do you think it's different this time? Try to use this correction to accumulate more BTC/ETH and you will be in the green within a year or two. i Know how you feel, i'm there myself (the loss of money, a lot), but for me it's a lesson. I know this sounds cheesy, but try to think positive. You've made money off of a highly volatile market and increased your token /coin stack by a ton. only the dollar value has been decreased. You believe in crypto, right? Otherwise you would be working or making money by trading regular stocks. You want those coins/tokens because we haven't evend reached our peak yet. Think about it, dont sell the bottom. Same as with life, you are now contemplating suicide because life isn't going your way. If larp, real faggot btw.

OP... Just do what I do and tell yourself... "Meh... its only money. Can always make more." Trust me I was in your shoes last year when Eth crashed from $430 down to $130. I LITERALLY SOLD at the bottom and after a few more utterly stupid trades I lost 6/7 of my initial investment. But.... life is too short. Can always make more money. You win some... you lose some. Jack off and take a nap.. That always helps me. lol.

Find a goal, that you feel deeply and passionate about. A goal that you would fight and die for. This is how I lift my depression, and suicidal thoughts. It can take years to find, but don't give up. You can do it, bit by bit, inch by inch, breath by breath.

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Start lifting, reading the classics and math. Go to bed regularly and early.

Money is valuable because your trading pair is the most valuable thing hours of your life if it took you (x)hrs=(x)cash then killing yourself is an even higher multiple you'll be dead eventually why speed up the process. Take diet death DMT like I told you and send 1 eth... I got hacked 2 years ago and lost 875 eth how do you think I feel I'm still a poor fag wagecuck.. This isn't even larp take my fucking advice and thank me

>I made it and didn't cash out. I was rich and now it's all gone.
As fast it came down, it can go back up. Don't worry, OP. I've been around for a while and crypto recovered each time. Every crash is the same and Veeky Forums is flooded with suicidal people. Just forget about this, wait a few more months and you will see. Sell at the top next time. The top is when you say 'I'm getting rich' and start bragging about your gains.

just jump off a high building or bridge you worthless faggot.

if you want to end it “in-style” jump in front off a high speed train. sprays your body parts all over the place and makes a giant mess, traumatizing the train driver and the poor assholes that have to clean you up.

these are the two easiest ways out!
i recommend #2 because of great LuLz.

Same here user, can't wait for this to end. Good luck

Listen user. As gay as it sounds it aint worth killing yourself over money. Money you can always make back if you have your mental and physical health. Work on these things always, money is just the reflection of your inner state. Yes there's a luck factor but so what, every day someone wins the lottery and not you, doesn't mean you kill yourself over this. Theres a guy in my city who made it with mining and is driving around in a black on black Hurracan, flashy af, gives out interviews left and right. Guess what, he's still always grumpy, and he's fat. I'd rather be happy and fit than some fat fuck in a lambo with money.

AHAHAHAHAAHAH you fucking pajeet leeches, if anybody should kill themselves it's you

You made it once, You will made it again.

Take all of Your knowledge and experience from this battle, to crush it.

Stop drinking, put your shoulders up, and move on. This bitchass internet money won't be Your reason to lose Your life.

You can do it user. We are in this together.

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OP, don't do it.

Don't kys bro.

Watch Eckhart Tolle videos. That cunt helped me in my dark times.

Go to r9k, get this pussy shit off biz fsggot.

it's only money, get over it

Dont do it. Wait a year at least and then do it.

I know your feel
I share your pain

You dont nees money to be happy
Some day you

I want to kill myself but I prefer to live so I can make others suffer

Lol, crypto isn't coming back like that ever again.

>coins go down
>kill self
>1-3 months later coins reach even new all time highs
>your ghost self sees it could have been rich, kills itself

>increased your token /coin stack by a ton. only the dollar value has been decreased.

Wrong - I'm down to 20% of the sats I had in December. Literally lost the coins as well as the money.