The psychological significance of the crash

and so these red candles of death can reveal the structure of reality to you
and that's what happened with user, and that was what he described in the red book, and that was what permeated his psychology, a psychology that was based on the presupposition that the fundamental archetypal structures of crypto beliefs were not pathological, not deceitful, not protective in some delusional sense but quite the contrary: the very investments that enabled us to move forward as confident human beings in the face of chaos itself
and its conceivable, and I think, probable, that nothing more important, conceptually, happened in the 21th century than that
because it was the first time, post enlightenment, that a rapprochement between the intellect and the underlying religious archetypal sub-structure occurred
you have the capacious intellect of user, the same thing happened to some degree with Pajeet, the religious domain and the crypto domain were brought back together, and, the fact of user's enduring and increasing portfolio and influence, I would say is a direct consequence of that
some of his work was spun off into the new age, and the new age is a very optimistic and naive movement, it's predicated on the idea that you can do nothing, say, but hold and follow your bliss, and that will take you ever higher to enlightenment and wealth, and that's not the Anonian idea at all
the Anonian idea is that: what you most need will be found where you least want to look

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so there's this story of the tripfag, they're all in a round table, right, the tripfag and his autists, they're all equals, they're all super-ordinate, but they're all equals and they go off to look for the holy grail, and, the holy grail is the enbodiment of the redemptive shitcoin, whatever that is, it might be the token that Christ shilled at the last supper, or it might be an ICO that was used to draw his blood on the cross right when he was pierced by a sword, the stories differ
but that's the holy grail and the holy grail is lost, that's the redemptive shitcoin, and the autists of the tripfag go off to search for the holy grail, and, but they don't know where to look, so: where do you look when you don't know where to look, for something you need, desperately, but have lost?
well each of the autists buy into the dip at the point that looks deepest to him, and that's Anonian psychoanalysis in a nutshell
it's like that which you fear and avoid, that's what you hold in contempt, that which disgusts you and that you avoid
that's the gateway to what you need to know
there's nothing new age about that, that's for sure

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9/10, good job

A thousand (you) to you user and a dozen internets

Im gonna slay that crypto dragon OP

>Ctrl+F "roughly speaking"
>no results
You had one job user

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the fact that Jordan Peterson's style of vocabulary and rhetoric has been so easily impersonated and memed shows how much of a pseudo intellectual current year fad he is

no it doesn't

so to understand the crash is to understand the nature of chaos itself, right, you see this story reiterated in mesopotamian mythology so, right, altcoins and bagholders are locked in embrace at the beginning of time
goddess of salt water and god of fresh water, together
chaos and order, right
they give rise, masculine and feminine, they give rise to the world of the uptrend
those are to me they are primordial motivational forces they're something like that
and, they're rage and they're lust and they're love and all these things that possess us that are there forever
and they're out in the world acting, and, they carelessly try to detach from bitcoin, their father, and, they're making a racket and then they try and kill bitcoin, and then the nips get wind of that, and that's the nips right there, by the way, they're kind of a rough looking creature, and, they're the mother of all crypto and so, they're not very happy about this, these, their children have destroyed structure itself, roughly speaking, plus they're noisy and careless and so they think, alright just like Noah, just like the God that brings the flood to Noah, it's exactly the same idea, the nips come back and say, 'yeah okay, enough is enough, I'm gonna take you out'
and they make this battalion of market sell-orders and puts the worst monster there is at the head of the battalion, his name is Kobayashi-kun, and he's like a precursor to the idea of Satan, and the nips let the bagholders know 'hey... we're coming for you'
and so they're not very happy about this because they're bagholding in a bear market but like, yeah, the nips are chaos itself, right, they gave birth to the entire market, this is no joke
here you go

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>Jordan B. Patreonstein

This guy has been exposed as a hack and a horoscope-tier """philosopher""" numerous times over.

>Le conquer le dragon
>Le cleanus ur roomus

Who the fuck takes this man seriously?

>can't tell if really jordan peterson or larp

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>exposed as a hack
When? By whom?

Kill yourself low IQ brainlet pleb cunt

A few times over but most recently by a hardcore raging lefty. If you ignore the lefty bits about le SJW le patriarchy, he got blown the fuck out. To the point Peterson couldn't address it on Twitter and deflected and misinterpreted a bunch of shit.

Exceprt from said article:
Consider this summary of principles from the end of 12 Rules for Life:

>What shall I do to strengthen my spirit? Do not tell lies, or do what you despise.
>What shall I do to ennoble my body? Use it only in the service of my soul.
>What shall I do with the most difficult of questions? Consider them the gateway to the path of life.
>What shall I do with the poor man’s plight? Strive through right example to lift his broken heart.
>What shall I do with when the great crowd beckons? Stand tall and utter my broken truths.

These are pompous, biblical ways of saying: tell the truth, be true to yourself, see challenges as opportunities, set a good example, and, uh, give confident and long-winded lectures to your adoring crowd of fans. (Note the response to the “poor man’s plight,” which is not to actually help him but to show him what a better person you are so that he will have a model to emulate.) Peterson’s writing style constantly adds convolutions to disguise the simplicity of his mind; so he won’t say “the man’s cancer metastasized,” he will say the man “fell prey to the tendency of that dread condition to metastasize.” The harder people have to work to figure out what you’re saying, the more accomplished they’ll feel when they figure it out, and the more sophisticated you will appear. Everybody wins.

Ignore the lefty bits, and its honestly a good read:

well, people hear these lessons as children and then they don't follow them. So saying them in pompous biblical ways seems necessary.

>the fact that Jordan Peterson's speech can be transcripted shows how pseudo-intellectual he is

WOW! What a complete destruction! I mean, the left still can't sort out bathrooms, pronouns or child hormones....
But i sure am glad they are taking the time to write these articles!
Just bought 100k socialisms.

brilliant, give me your eth address

thanks but why, i didnt ask for anything but (you)'s really

he says nothing thats new, i dont think he has ever claimed this himself.
however in higher intellectual circles everything he says is "out of fashion" so he says it

Unironically I've read the article, hoping to find some legitimate criticism of Peterson that offers more than the usual bigot, transphobe, alt-right name calling drivel. The article's (and your) criticism can be boiled down to these two points:

>Peterson uses unnecessarily pompous and convoluted language to make his message appear more profound and intellectual sounding than it really is
>Peterson's message consists of nothing but old fashioned, well known truisms
I won't argue against the first point. If you don't like his style of speaking, fine. I would argue that he uses very precise and condensed language. Anyway liking someones rhetorical style is subjective. No point in arguing here.
Let's talk about the content of his message,which is what actually matters. I would say the article is correct. Peterson's message is nothing but simple old fashioned truisms AND THAT'S THE POINT. What Peterson is doing is bringing millennia old wisdom back that is slowly being forgotten (such as Christian values). He doesn't have to reinvent the wheel if the wheel is already more than capable of tackling the issues our society faces today. Furthermore he's showing that these messages have physiological (e.g. Jungian archetypes) and biological (the whole lobster thing) basis.

>Note the response to the “poor man’s plight,” which is not to actually help him but to show him what a better person you are so that he will have a model to emulate.)
I don't see this as valid criticism, but rather a disagreement with his solution. I don't know why the leftist solution, aka redistribution of resources is by default the right one, or even the moral one?

psychological not physiological
fucking auto correct

Read it again
You're under the charm of ol' Patreonstein and you'll defend him regardless

Totally inane bullshit he spews that is so vague its meaningless
Hired marketing teams to spam on pol 2 years ago and suckers bought in and so it becomes self perpetuating

Fucking morons will buy anything


>transcripting is impersonating
oh dear

>not arguing my points
>ad hominem
>vague criticism without examples
the fuck am I wasting my time on you?

>marketing teams
this is a new one. did you pick this up on r/enoughpetersonspam?

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just dont put it in fucking chainlink, even cashing it out and wiping your ass is better use of your money

user please send me too I'm unironically poor and even a little can help in my country

dont worry i'll probably put it all on some sub $20m marketcap shitcoin like blt, thanks, unironically

do something of actual value like OP did , not beg

yeah thats what u are supposed to do, but even better would be putting it into a hyped ico

Im reduced to begging because the crash had made it so i can barely eat.. unironically
godpseed anyway

you have internet connection dont you, apply for every single airdrop online, download apps for microtasks and grind it out. You will appreciate it way more if u put in the effort

The logic of markets is very simple and often based on only one principle: if it happened once, it might happen again. That's all I need. With investing/speculating or whatever you want to call this, you have to take a risk. There's no other way around it. Whenever you look two years back and think "oh if only I had bought then" then know that there is a probability the same will happen in the future. And since we're going pseudo-intellectual here, then human history is all entirely repetition and cycles. You might win and you might lose, but the one constant is that you have to risk it.

user life is different where you are
i do all of that and am still starving
i sometimes wish i was born in usa

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>Peterson's message is nothing but simple old fashioned truisms AND THAT'S THE POINT. What Peterson is doing is bringing millennia old wisdom back that is slowly being forgotten (such as Christian values).
Slave morality.

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Yes I serve Jesus Christ and my family. Who do yo serve?

We're living in a time with the lowest crime, highest life expectancy, and best opportunities for the most amount of people in the history of the world, and a guy like Peterson is losing sleep over it and feels compelled to save the world from its moral decline. He's responding to a crisis that doesn't exist.