Free airdrop

Free airdrop, 3-5 thousand winners daily! Thank me later when the tokens are for sale :)

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Next drop coming in 6 mins.

i'm not clicking that shit

Just trying to help my anons out - you're welcome to ignore if you're skeptical :)

drop in 1 min!

Right next one in 11 mins.

5 mins to go!


Next drop is 12 mins or so, 2k tokens were just handed out!

It says KYC needed.. I'm not giving my id to these scammers!!

This has been going on for over a month now. You can participate in the airdrop without KYC, only needed for pre-sale.

Next one in 2 min!

4 mins to a bigger drop than usual :)

Small drop but higher chances in 13 mins.


wtf thanks for the virus OP???? what hte hell

Next drop in 14 mins or so

Quit your bullshit.

If you missed the drop, another one coming in 6 mins!

Next drop 4 min!

3 mins to go!

Next drop 12 min ^_^