This is literally the bottom

This is literally the bottom.

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i dont agree. maybe 4k is the bottom

what what

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Nah we'll probably keep going down till end of next wk with the G20 shit


Retarded reverse new-paradigmer. It will double bottom at 6.2k and start recovering. It's in no one's interest for it to reach a new low.

Cool, but see you at $500

more like.. It's in no ones interest to own btc at all lol. Simply too much supply for its demand my dude

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Miners are already selling their graphics cards. It's going down man, sorry.

>it will start recovering because it has to because i want it to because i threw all my money in at ATH

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I don't even own any bitcoin but even I'm not this retarded

And yet the hashrate is going up. Hmmmm... really gets those neurons firing.
I'm 15x up since November, but good try, brainlet.

Look at this retarded faggot lmao

your larpy "15x" will be 0x soon

Threw in $5 in aug for the hell of it and cashed out $60k four months later. But thank you with your in-depth explanation of why I am retarded


Want to know how I know this market is manipulated as fuck? Pull up a 15 min BTCUSD chart from Bitfinex on TradingView. Then look at how many textbook bearish chart patterns happened back to back over the course of the Saturday, all times UTC -4. 11:15am-2:30pm we have a bear flag. 5pm-7:15pm double top. 10:15-00.30 is a rising wedge. I'll take a wild guess and say that we are currently forming the right shoulder of a head and shoulders that began at 00:45am. Prove me wrong

>t. $20k buyer who panic sold at $6k
Stay salty brainlet

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>right shoulder
pick one, brainlet

Try 2k

That makes no sense, 2k.

Why exactly 2k?

They read my post and aborted the head and shouders. They dumped it instead. Sneaky fuckers

>game theory makes no sense
>instead here's some random number which conveniently allows me to break-even on sats after I bought high and sold low

Because they want to buy cheap

These things don't work on crypto or else we would be 100k right now or in the 3k range.

fuck, i hope it'll go sideways for a day atleast, i need another sell signal to compound my shorts

I hope it does, I might just buy one bitcoin

God damn, forreal tho. I'd fucking take out my IRA and load up

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I've seen so many, many triangle memes proving themselves wrong. But THIS TIME IT WILL BE DIFFERENT, right?

>sell 14
I see biz is still all in on bitmex

What kind of mouthbreathers still trade on leverage in this market where a single whale can paint a hanging balls with flaccid dick pattern if he wishes to?

>whale puts in short leverage at 25x
>dump price a few 100s
>close short
>buy more of whatever coin he wants
Are you a brainlet? This is what happens when you have no regulation or protection.

That's literally what I'm alluding to, you fucking retard.

Thing Is, money is leaving. You have to be a retard not to go 10x short in times like these. It's how whales become bigger whales. Not by trying to push it up only for 10 other whales to eat you up.

>go 10x short
>Bogs get notified
>push the price up 10% to liquidate you

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>I believe in stupid memes
Besides, I'm not trading. If anyone wanted to liq my position they'd now have to push the price 30% in a day (and my stop loss would still net me 200%, constantly adjusted down with the price).
And that's not happening in this current mood.

>I got meme'd into believing he's entirely unironical
You have to go back.

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Stay jealous broke hodlfag

>says as he opens a 2x short with his $50 lunch money

>*loses $1000 of value in a day*
Pssshhh nothing personnel kid

Even 50$ 2x short will be worth more than you in a month lad.

HODLERS roasted

Oh sweet December child

We'll see lad. :^)

Its only the bottom when bitcoin reaches its intrinsic value.

> Graphic Cards - not Miners
Die, pleb.

Nothing has objective intrinsic value, brainlet. The market price is the closest value one can get.

To all the people that are saying this is not the bottom, I'll explain it this way, last month's bottom was an extreme overcorrection, "despair" in the meme chart.

We will never go under it for these reasons: 1: the absolute minimum in this market has been established, 2: btc caused even non shitcoin alts to fall by more than 70%, it litterally cannot go any lower or else there will only be hodlers that will not sell the coin for years holding the coin.

Enjoy and save this graph for future reference. Think back on me in a few months ;)

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>b-but grug thought this was the new paradigm and we'll go to $10

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Do I still resell now?
It just went up 200$, will it drop to 6.8 or so?
I just want 10%

as far as drawing lines on a graph this is just as likely

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to me that's essentially the same thing. I can't predict something 100%, but I do try and predict the general trend.

Your graph may be just as right or even better than mine but our both end results are an upward trend.

have anyone noticed how hards alts are bleeding lately? last time same thing happened before btc biggest dump in february
i'm inclined to think we will break down, rather than up

Seems as though there is at least 3 of us here agreeing on the emerging trendlines to change bear to bull really soon.

>charting on intra-day

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I think we will recover well, but it will go sideways for some time after. Won't really enter bull for some months.

5 min timeframe. we're nearing the end of one of those fake rises and consolodations. at least 200-300$ drop should happen soon. just a heads up.

so what is the general consensus on Veeky Forums? good time to accumulate or will coins drop further?

tripple bottom, buy now.

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there it is.

OR a bear flag.

>muh dribble boddom
zoom out
it's just one candle on daily

You faggots do realize how empiricism works right?
If you draw 50 meme lines and just 1 that you can't account for turns out wrong, that disproves TA.
The reality is you faggots spew out 20 graphs a day and nearly all of them are wrong. Unironically kill yourselves.

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>5 min chart
TAfags getting DESPERATE


fuck you, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about poorfag virgin

Meme lines don't hold forever. We obviously can't tell exactly what will happen in the future. It's more about probabilities and proper money management.

You just have to be better than going short/long depending on a coin toss tbqhf
A 51% chance of doubling your investment will make you rich in the long term.

Yeah. it's fucking palm reading.
It's tarot
It's ouija
Kill yourself now.

Nah. I'm making too much money using >muh meme lines

Go home little redditor.

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>If you draw 50 meme lines and just 1 that you can't account for turns out wrong, that disproves TA.
It literally doesn't, you brainlet. TA is not a science, but a psychology of markets. If the success of TA is better than a toss of a coin, then that is a solid proof that TA works.

It's not. Because 99.9999% of the TA bullshit that gets posted here is wrong. Beyond that it's just faggy confirmation bias
literally KYS

Ready for a bounce. Might gt lower after but not much.

So much anger on biz today. Angry people saying its going even lower because they were so justed that their arbitrary bottom is likely a break even line. Or desperate to get cheap coins as they are poor.

We’ve capitulated already.

>5m chart


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There's a bounce coming up alright, to get more knife-catchers like you to hold their bags.

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thats how whales play you, thinking we are at the botom then bam another red dildo

Anyone else still buying like a retard

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its called a candlestick learn something before you act all retarded...

I want too but limited funds until end of month and I'm not sure if this is the bottom.

Here, bought the last "dips" at 720$, 600$ and now 500$ - will buy more at 400$, 300$, 200$ and so on just because

Holders go all in at all times. What makes you think there are anyone with a brain has done that? You shoet and long with small percentage of tour portfolio and you add insurance on the way.

Thats how you actually make money with TA. You work for it.

Sure the gsme
Is over for you guys who just hold shit and hope
It moons in bull markets and sell everything as soon as a bear market is here

The hatred, anger and emotion in this thread leads me to believe the TA is correct. Always do the opposite of what biz says.

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its going to 7k?

Fuck, I hope so. That'd be awesome to be able to buy that cheaply.

where is it headed in the next 36 hours?
Pls say below 7.

Doubt it, it never reaches the end of the wedge

It will probably stay inside the wedge for a while before moving upwards. Cant say how far up it will go though. Could see 10.5k within a week

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yep, i can see it now, lowest it will go is 6k on a black day. interest in btc is growing again thanks to many mentions across all social media, even twitch. it will level out around this 7k mark, then in mid-may the climb will begin again. 10k by september, 20k by november, 30k for christmas. see you there bros.

so you think we most likely won't see 7k?
Maybe, the market sentiment just seems so negative right now.

Trends indicate that we wont. I'd bet on them over emotional retards on biz. A whale could decide to dump though so fuck knows really

This board is amazing for scraping market emotion. People are unhinged and dont hild back here due to the way Veeky Forums is so do opposite of what bizz says can be true. Right now the anger is intense, we are basically at the bottom if not very close.

and it has no use case to reach a new high so what's your point?

Alright, I will sell sooner then, Time for amphetamines and a day of Binance.

it really is.

I shorted bitcoin and i'm up 6%

Reminder that we never properly tested the 1300 support.

I bought 2 ETH. Will buy even more if it drops to 300

While you were calling it the bottom, it literally tanked even further.

Here is a Voice of Reason. Understand it this way, those pumping BTC are people just like you. Nobody wants to lose and nobody wants to be anyones fool.

Forget the TA lines, here is why the price will drop back to sub 3k. BTC is viewed quite negatively at the moment. no normal smart person wants to buy this at this price and go to sleep anymore.

We already go to 6k, and it literally pumped by only wales, there was NO VOLUME, those who pumped it, were dumped on...NO one's is going to be playing a full again, we have to return to our regular price at around 3k before the normie invasion, it might go a little up again to liquidate shorts but it's going to sub 3k. Yes, it hurts...But thats where it's going, and there will be no rush to pump this up in quite some time...Wake up man, stop telling yourself lies