Swiss Fund Manager here

Swiss Fund Manager here.
Ask me anything you want to know.

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Oh jesus, it‘s the ambrosus shilling again

Why the need to larp?

You said we were going up and your fund was investing last time faggot. When do we go up

What is your prediction for S&P 500 price action this week?

how low btc going, and when?

how do you make a swiss roll?

Soon, nignog.


$2137, tomorrow.

Try to eat your dick.

How can I turn $2000 into $1mil?
And don't say buy bitcoin in 2010.

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larp of a larp nice
but i take it
do you think its a good idea to short the american economy at the end of 2018?

Buy an easy and quick 8x such as AMB. Repeat. Then repeat again and you are rich.

Not a good idea. Amurica wins no contest with the rest of the world. They don't have any real competition, and the market sees it.

Have you found any direct correlation to Tron’s price and twitter activity within the black community thus far?

Yes, we are actively measuring Twitter posts sentiment among nignogs. This is how we detected the incoming bear market, and we sold Tron at ATH. If nignogs aren't buying, it means its game over.

Is RVN 2018’s Nano?

Yes. Goes to zero exactly like Nano.

Why is Goldman Sachs buying every last AST right now? Don’t they know how to share?

Why is Goldman Sachs buying every last AST on the market? Kind of rude don’t you think?

Out of top 200 soon?

Where did you study?

PhD in shitcoin trading from Veeky Forums.
I don't need no other education.

I just tethered a few btc at 7.75 is it too late to make 10% from the dip?
that is all I want

Tether is going +50% tomorrow. The peg to dollar breaks, because Bitfinex is unable to deposit enough real dollars in banks to cope with the demand for Tether.
Everyone tether up your positions and become rich.

Good advice, I will finally be able to buy a watch too.
Maybe a yellow g shock.