Honestly, which token do you see in this pic?

Honestly, which token do you see in this pic?

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I'll give money to any business that can produce a phone shaped like pic related

IOTA / Cardano

Leftist pro refugee coins.



it even looks like IOTA


Get your eyes checked. I'd like to see what you think a gourmet meal looks like. Or maybe you're a shit-eating fetishist.

That is a TRX right there

All of crypto, if you disagree you're a buttblasted crypto """investor"""

huge if true






This one of the biggest reason for the crash right here. The market has been clearly overvalued for a long time already. People investing in cryptos, who have almost 0 knowledge of the tech. Most people here don't even understand the difference between coins and tokens.

XLM, XRP, IOTA, NANO, ADA are not tokens
You anons, however, are retards. Thank you for inflating the market and bringing me extra gainz that I didn't even hope for in 2017.

it's ChainLINK

Can you imagine the average no-coiner? Especially the ones on r/buttcoin. I just think that it doesn't make sense that they consider a ~70% drop from ATH to be the losses of everyone in crypto because it's retarded to assume that everyone bought that high. Opportunity cost, yes, but then you can only imagine that these guys started fudding bitcoin and crypto in general some years ago, looking back at the post history of the average no-coiner. Much sadder is when you see that some of them post on r/investing or r/entrepreneur, probably spending a lot of time there, trying so hard to come up with ways to make money when he could've just bought in. Even the ones who only started being salty at the start of last year, their opportunity costs are still what, some crazy amount still. I think I read somewhere that they applauded some dude who made a manifesto of sorts and sent it to SEC, lambasting the Winklevoss twins' attempt at making an ETF. Bitcoin at that time was below $1k. I think it's more sensible to make fun of the idiots who bought into crypto when it goes below the point where you started being a salty no-coiner. Because making fun of bitcoin back when it was $1k, and after going down from $19k ATH to its current price, well, it just seems retarded because the ones who you started with in this game of crypto are still way ahead. It may very well go down to that point, but don't count your chickens and all. Like being down some 1000 points in a basketball game and cheering like a maniac when there's only a 300 points deficit. You're still losing, hard at that.

Chainlink when the hype wears off/ people realize they've been duped into buying something which would've been great 2 years ago, but will become as implementable as adding POS to your crypto, in about a year, and won't require something running it separate.

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BAT straight out of Brendan Eichs ass.

Is this how a healthy individuals shit should look like?

10000% aXpire(d)