BTC at 7.6k

>BTC at 7.6k
>alts approaching all time low
>BTC has room to fall 2-4x

We're going to hell aren't we?

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Time to buy

every alt will probably die. they have no use. none of them at all. going to $0. sell now

some market consolidation will be healthy

how the fuck can something fall more than 1x

alts approaching all time low? you must be new/ december investor.

Good, it's time to average up, thanks user.

alts are nowhere near all time low, most of them still needs to bleed %50-60 of their sat value

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crypto is not dead.
it will slowly bleed back to 3 digits the next weeks/months.

sell while you can.

what about exchanges' shares?

>Longs staying the same, shorts dropping
>RSI and stochastics almost in oversold territory
>Almost at the end of triangle pattern

Should be time to buy soon actually.

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wet dream of a newfag
i hope we go as low as 4k so i can reinvest my stack from the bullrun

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We've seen these prices 6 months ago. You don't know what an ATL is.

Complete bullshit. There are different reasons why alts like ETH and BNB won't die. Also many token like OMG are still in development and if they reach their goal the tokens WILL have value because of dividend-like payouts. Not to mention that future projects will use better standards where investors have more saying (i.e. smart contracts that control payouts to devs, smart contracts that pay out ETH to token holders if a project fails).

And don't forget about plattforms like Santiment which will change the way people inform themselves about projects.

We've seen NOTHING so far.

Also this^

The market always recovers blah blah. But what if..
We happened to reach the height of btc in 2017 and now it's slowly going away. As in the hype bubble is gone permanently and we only go sideways / down for years?
Someone tell me how you are so confident this will keep growing and forming new bubbles

In burgerland anything is possible.

>This crash is different

because I've been there and done that

>3 digits
Thanks bought 100k faggit

Im about to put 15k € 50/50 in REQ and NULS.

This is the time to buy motherfuckers.

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You give me little hope Anons
My mind has been fucking with me this past few weeks. Not going to give up and cash out. But rather...i will go nutts if this really turns into a long long bear market.
I can handle months of red, but if this carries on for years I will off my self

if everybody says its time to buy, then its not time to buy.

>Not shorting on Bitmexico and making absurd gains during bear market

You guys deserve to stay poor

Do you remember all the news articles about exchanges not accepting new customers? December's hype was way too short and many people were left out. Not to mention that many people think that current's market cap isn't as high as estimated. So we're still a good amount away from 1 trillion USD.