I give up, I sold

Congralutations to those who sold 2 months ago at the first signs of crashing, you were the smart ones and I laughed at you, I apologize. You will now laugh at me and reminisce this post in 2 months just like I do with the january sellers' posts. The only way it ever goes up is for hype to completely die down, I don't suggest getting back in until bitcoin goes back to 2 digits range. Good luck to y'all.

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See it! Capitulation! Rhino market coming

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buy high sell low

>shaking off weak hands

You'll be fomoing back in in a months time in the new financial year when everything moons

>the past predicts the future!

>he solde? pömp it

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no.. i will laugh at you as early as tomorrow morning!

I'm already below initial investment in fiat and sats. No point in selling

A bottom selling martyr cat has appeared. You may now proceed with bull market

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This doesn't really surprise me. The biggest giveaway of this was when Goldman Sachs invested in Circle, which was then used to buy Poloniex, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges to exist at this time. It's clear they bought to position themselves in to buy once bitcoin and other crypto currencies become low enough.

I'm as well, and still I lose more every fucking day. Each week I wish I had sold a week before, am I fucking stupid? I'm basically just doing my part keeping the price a tad higher for those who keep dumping and dumping and dumping.
Each fucking week I could've bought back in cheaper than before, if only I sold.
Fuck this shit.

Tether was propping up the market. Its crashed since they stopped printing

>Invest 70k
>my ATH is 200k
>Bubble pops, down to 80k
>Whatever, don't sell the bottom
>Pump back to 175k within 3 weeks or so when btc was 12.5k
>Oh, I guess we're coming back
>Just kidding, it was a bubble inside the first bubble
>down to 65k

You larping faggot. You never recovered.

Here same bro. Put $35k in it in Feb. Ath $40k. I felt smart. Now at $18k.
Won't sell though. It won't go all to zero -Req,Omg,Link and Nano.
Will long term in it. Even if it takes 10 years.
If I go below $10k I will put $5k more in it.
I see it as a battle of the will at tm.

It's not peak despair yet. Wait until sub-6k

Nah, I hit 175 because of the LINK pump in February mostly. otherwise I'd be at around 140. We literally had a meme bubble followed by another meme bubble. Probably have a few more meme bubbles left to go too.

despair sub 6k? sub 1k is the despair, mark my words.

Yeah, it does actually. Past performance is the best indicator of future performance.

>Invest 9K
>my ATH is 1.3M
>Bubble pops, down to 290K
>Whatever, don't sell the bottom
>Pump back to 750K within 3 weeks
>Oh, I guess we're coming back (bulltrap)
>Down to 220K