Instead of being pussies and crying about the price...

Instead of being pussies and crying about the price, lets discuss which alt will be the best to jump back into once the bears stop. Right now I am 75/20% fiat/BTC. I was guessing that moving into a selection of coins which people are panic selling the most within the top 100 will be a safe bet once we go up again. Opinions? For now I will dollar cost average my investments over the next 1-2 months.

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agree with this guy: NANO should be one of the better options
stuff like ETH and BCH should be also considered

XRP. Interledger (internet of value) and Codius (smart contracts) are launching this year.

ETH is being dumped into oblivion by ICOs. XRP will probably take its place.

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OmiseGo and VeChain.

Go for things used in the real world. OmiseGo is backed by a real-world Thai payment processor that will handle all their transactions once Plasma launches. VeChain's used by multibillion-dollar businesses and has been offering blockchain solutions since 2015, and only just recently launched a token for use in a public chain by June.

1) specialized version of proof-of-stake (POS is garbage)
2) at least one security issue

stop shilling it, faggot.

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ripple is not a platform


EOS for sure,
ETH, Maybe NEO.
do your own research .

all from top 20, iota, omg, maybe ven, NEO also it lost 65% in 1 month

Vechain then maybe OMG


OST is a an all time low, probaly about time to go up again

Low cap - Banyan

Medium cap - HPB

Top 20 - OMG


Everybod has completely forgotten about 2008 and how the fucking GOVERNMENT bailed out the banks.

What makes you think the government isn't gonna do anything in its power to ensure their prosperity and longevity?

Stellar is the only coin dealing with central banks at the moment

Stratis, OmiseGO, Nano (biggest gains x10/100) and Monero, Litecoin, Zcash (less gains x2/5)


What are you talking about ? Ripple has the Saudi Arabian Central bank and UK's Central bank.

Why not both?

btc, eth, nano, omg, ven, bnb, and req.