G20 tomorrow. Hodl onto your butts

Are people selling in fear because of what ((they)) might say tomorrow?

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>hurrr bitcorn can be used by terrorists
>fiat is ok tho
>now unto the next topic
>lets increase the refugee qouta for every country, yes

when will these scheming kikes stop their trickery and just kill themselves, fuck

Yep. We're gonna get a "sell the rumor, buy the news" kind of deal. Once they announce regulations it likely will not be so bad (nothing ever gets done at the g20 anyway) a d people will buy back

it was a mistake to have crypto be put on exchanges like coinbase, let alone on a futures market. crypto is for peer to peer purchases. they won the second the first exchange went live.

yeah nothing substantial came out of Davos, so my expectations for g20 are similarly low

The whole community has simply underestimated the effect of futures and margin trading on btc.
Since alts weren’t able to decouple from btc and get Fiat pairs that would slowly but steadily make the crypto space more mature and an asset class that is volatile but trustworthy.
Btc maximorons killed crypto, that’s how it is.

>killed crypto
not forever though.. r-right?

Not forever, but I really do think that a decoupling from the alt/btc pairs would result in an long term advantage for btc as well as alts.
2018 will be tough for crypto. Biggest challenge and chance at the same time will be regulation and how certain assets fit into this.

a BCH denominated exchange is launching next month

i'm wondering whether the price tanking like it has, and the loss of normie interest, helps delay regulation for the time being. or whether it wont make things even worse.

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alts killed everything you fucking idiot, they're all scams, some of them were literally fucking ponzis. I'm not even a BTC maximalist but there's only like 5 good coins on the fucking market and the rest are fucking scams or vaporware. Even ETH is a giant fucking shitcoin that baits developers into losing their money to bugs and creates a mutli headed ponzi hydra of 10k erc20 shitcoins and that's its only purpose. Watch ETH die fucking HARD during this crash, it will most likely go below $100

All those pseudo ethical bullshit simply has to stop.
Yes blockchain WILL change the world.
But NO governments, banks and so on won’t disappear.
Regulation to some extent is good and needed because it will bring back in fresh money from those who were already interested in the asset class, but were afraid to do so because of the criminal touch combined with all the unbiased media fud and so on.

Nice one dude. But you need to get your head out off your ass.

Chance you have IOTA or XRP in your portfolio: 100%

This... almost no working products... just ponzi structures.

Actually you’re right.
My portfolio mostly consists of btc, xrp, ark, ltc and monero.

on the 19th?
I had 20th of march in mind for crypto.
It will drop in anticipation. 7k here we come.

>regulation is needed
Kill yourself, mafia shill

Na, the government saw that I was getting in to this so they are going to pull the plug, they want me poor, they'll turn the earth upside down if it means I stay poor cuss they don't want the prophecy to be fulfilled.

It is not needed but it is inevitable. Just accept that and you’ll have a way more focused view on things that will matter for crypto the next twelve months.

Regulation from who? SEC? I bet you think patriot act is no big deal if you’re not doing anything wrong, either.

Regulations made the dotcom bubble possible.
They could even help us.

Again: NOT needed, but if you still believe that regulation won’t come, then you should leave this space for good.

Everybody should have left "this space" a couple months ago.

Is it just me or does user seem to put up some really valuable arguments?
Not used to come across such things on Veeky Forums

I know regulation will come. I’m saying it’s a terrible idea. Let the market or players within the market regulate itself. Big brother wants this dead and big brother doesn’t like when we do things on our own.. it’s all about control. Wake up

wasnt it supposed to be in july? bls answer

Smart money are insiders who already know whats going to happen. Its already priced in

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ETH can be traded for fiat yet its tanking harder than BTC.
I do agree that margin trading has had a very bad effect on BTC though.

In my opinion the Eth slump is guided buy uncertainty regarding Eth based icos and the assets that already had their icos.
Too much fear, way too little biased information.

Yeah couldnt agree more about futures. The ability to short BTC started dec 18th. Notice anything about the price chart that day?

lmao this

Agreed. ETH was designed to build off of. SEC clamps down ICOs.. what’s left?

It’s been on a steady decline ever since
>inb4 just a coincidence

It IS heavily manipulated atm, and so is the whole market

Its likely that the 2017 bullrun was designed in anticipation of the futures market, with alts and tether being used to help pump BTC, then when the shorts open the rug got pulled out

Possible but it still seems strange for them to "destroy" the market in one swoop. I guess we'll just have to wait and see if it bounces back or not.
There's still a lot of money invested in this (mining etc...)

Unfortunately with futures (and soon options) you can just bounce the market back and forth for ever and make money from that. No need for long term growth. Dont see how BTC will get past that.