Discord update

After a temporary 24-hour ban, I'm back.
This board, along with last year's fervor, is dying almost as quickly as it grew.
Bitcoin plummeting below 6K is imminent.
It is only a matter of time.
However, this isn't the end.
With the right sources and information, this is only the beginning.
For my loyal followers who sold at 9.5K, you have only yourselves to thank.
Fortunately for you, there will always be opportunities to capitalize on the ignorance and impatience of others.
Hence, for those who are interested, I have set up a Discord account.
Those who put their faith in me will be rewarded with signals.
Signals that will help you navigate the most erratic financial market in human history.
Face the facts: it is a controlled market.
You are being controlled and your wealth is being stolen.
Without adequate knowledge of what the big players are doing, you will never make it.
It may be a tough pill to swallow, but there are many more truths that will limit your ability to stack serious wealth.
Obviously, Veeky Forums is not the place to discuss those, as evident within my last ban.
For those who are interested, below is my Discord username.
thelonelywhale #1759
I will visit once a day and answer as many questions as possible, but I cannot promise everybody a reply.

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i have 10$ can i make it?

>discor gg/zBGPjr7
best signal group on biz - 95% win rate

can u make a group instead?

get banned again fag

Fock off with ur shitty ass larp

Why wuold you help us?


I want to buy DCR XZC DASH at the bottom of the bear market will I make it?

enjoy your ban again, fucker

Maybe in the future.
I'm not greedy - I've made my millions from Bitcoin, Ethereum and virtually every moon mission up to this point. With the right knowledge, well-developed trading strategies and a decent amount of capital, an average guy could 'make it'.
Depends how much you buy. Decent choices, but try looking deeper.

So sell now and buy back later? What is going to happen right after g20?

just fuck off finally, so sick and tired of this "ive made my millions now I am here to help goys" bullshit. OF COURSE you've never posted any proof whatsoever for your retarded fucking claims.
kill yourself fucking nigger

Think for yourself: it's a forum for central banks. Do you honestly think that they're going to advocate using decentralized currencies which dissipate their trust? It very well might be the trigger that sends Bitcoin hurtling towards a new low for the year. Only time, and of course the upcoming actions of my whale friends, can tell.

Will we have a year to accumulate? If so I actually might become a multimillionaire

How is my wealth being stolen? I'm just buying in nice and cheap. This is amazing....

How low do you think the market cap will go? Do you think we'll see 1k BTC, 100B total market cap?

>Cannot bypass a fucking ban on this shithole.


You losers still believe this shit ?

No, not a 1K bitcoin. But we will inevitably dip below 6K.
Checked. You can always buy a larger quantity at a cheaper price, if you're patient and you know what the big boys are doing.
Also didn't have anything else to say that wasn't already stated in my previous post: enjoy the decline.

Just sent you a friend request
Please add me back, really gonna start listening to your advice now

Lonely Whale! My nigger. I am the user who started yesterday to put some sense into these anons. I'll see you on discord bro

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Will the bear market end this year?


I agree with the other user that says that the bear market will end in late April/May

Expect a drastic dip where we'll hit a 6K floor. And then sideways until all the weak hands are shaken off. Weak hands are the easiest ways for whales to accumulate undervalued cryptocurrencies.

I followed your advice and I sold a while back

Black Circle just friended you!

Late April/May sounds good to me, I need to put more fiat in since I suck at trading and need to dca some more Link.

We need to keep this thread alive.
More people need to see this.

Will it bounce over 7600 before another dip?

If anything, we must expect a dip.

Depends if the big bois are done accumulating by then.

More than likely, yes. Short-term trends are hard to predict without insider information. Don't worry about the potential $300 it may gain, focus on the $1300 it will more than likely lose.

No need for a reason, unless there is.
No way for anyone to tell that tho.

Maybe, but hopecoins are my kind of investment.

The first 3 parts of my conversation with Whalebro. Although maybe most of the people in here are paid shills.

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Theres more but this is relevant enough.

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Are you in goatse coin whale? Http://goatse.cx/

When will the bear market end?

What are your alt-picks?

LINK confirmed x300 after mainnet launch

Aaaaaaand there's the PAJEETing

fucking kek, literally every single common dirtbag mental tactic used possible, just like marius on twitter and all the rest of them.

You must be retarded to listen to this whale about anything. He might be right about it testing 6k again, and "bouncing" again. whic his vague. anyone can tell if yout will probably test 6k to complete the double bottom. lol.

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LOL, I wish I could have gotten him to say which coin it was. I wouldnt have been at all surprised if it was indeed link.

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Agreed. I just figured since I had this, I may as well share it so people can stop listening to this dudes advice.

Fucking pajeets

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I expected the classic build up to end with.

>Okay, tell you what. I like you kid. I charge others $20k for my service, but you... you are special. I will tell you the coin for free. Ready? You will get your 300x guaranteed. It's a simple coin, in fact you may have heard of it before. It's DGB dear user. Buy now and give me a high five later on the rocket to the moon...

Still had a hearty kek.

it is written

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if we could hurry up and get flags on biz we wouldn't have to put up with this shit. biz is like the one board that needs flags

The absolute fucking state of this board

Welp, hopecoin exit scamed.

Oh, discounts were offered. I kept the conversation going just to see what he would say. He was down to $500 asking price.

Screenshots plz

Absolutely REKT

fucking faggot scammers on this board I swear to god

This is the time for pump and dump niggers to get generous or it'll be over for them too. I believe you.

Sorry Bud, its scam

Please keep in mind any interest of mine was false to see where the conversation would go.

With that being said, here is the SS.

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Its Sad user, thank you for your help.


Lonelywhale is a pathetic fagget

It is a bit. To have people continue to prey on others in a market that is already down and hurting. I think Crypto has a future, but there's so much instability and people like this trying to fuck others out of hard earned money, it makes me mad. So hopefully this helps some to point out this dude.

more like The Lonely Pajeet


HA 500. If he was a whale who made millions and just wants to help us..? lmao When I become a whale I will actually help you all for free. Cap this or dont. give it a year and I will guide those who listen

I SEE what you do here HUR HUR HUR its called crowd whaling you the direction of him telling you to put your money in a specific coin is moving the masses to what he also has . So the market with move with his lets say 1mill funds with 100 dollars X 10000 FAGS = 1 mill now the whale has BABY whales moving with him

Capped, i agree with you Future whale-user

I'll tell you the coin you need to buying. This guy is no whale. He's a minnow. He has no idea of the real play, though... He thinks he does as he is just a pawn in our game. You really want to make money anons? By all means, DYOR but I will tell you this one time and one time only. Zilliqa. This coin will x100 minimum. Why do you think it's been sideways in this market? We are shaking out weak hands. While all others have lost, this has been maintained. You have been warned.

Most pajeets are lonely creaturas

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Attention for those who follow Mr Whale. Keep it known.


There was more to the conversation but what I posted is the gist. Hopefully he catches another ban.

I have another dude in the other post I created saying "why shouldnt he charge for info he has".


What are the honest chances he has some secret insider information on a coin that is going to 300 or 3000x's?

I'd say very little.

Whale is known for samefagging with different ID to shill his schemes!

I’m not greedy. Just pay me $5000 for the name of a shitcoin I’m pumping.

this is the worst thread on Veeky Forums currently

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Aaaaahahagahaha what a fucking street shitter

he doesn't even know the difference between "it's" and "its". what a pathetic fucktard
hope his pajeet scamming ass kills himself

Why r these threads allowed to stay up?

because biz literally has no mods or janitors

I've been banned several times dor saying nigger or posting my eth address

Wow, a lot has happened.
Anyone still here?

i am holding VEN, dont see the point to sell in now- its too late

kill yourself faggot, you got exposed.
leave this fucking board you filthy street shitter.