Daily RSI oversold, hourly MACD about to cross bullish. I just bought

Daily RSI oversold, hourly MACD about to cross bullish. I just bought.

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interesting, i'll check the chart and might long a little on margin

every day some retard shills this
and every day the price dumps lower

just sayin', reality is not on your side

So you fags ever gonna prove your china partnership?

there's a china """partnership""" now? kek

Where is my beach house REEEEEEE

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oversold since 1 week

i'm in since yesterday

enjoy the ride

yup, NEO is partnered with china, the whole country.

what kind of retard makes a statement like this?

Not buying until Earth partnership

It's for sure oversold. Probably a good buy.

You're an idiot. It still has a long way to go.

Probably gonna take a while, I'm just waiting for the Asia partnership announcement

wouldn't this be when you sell?

Isn't GAS a better buy than NEO right now?

longterm yes

longterm all crypto is going to 0

longterm you go to 0 no matter what

back to /v/ with you

Remember when people where saying "guys once it breaks 200$ it's going to 300$ super fast like ethereum" ?


this coin is dead. no one except the most retarded corporations would spend 500 gas on a smart contract.

>hurr durr making it extremely expensive keeps the scams away

it also keeps away anyone who wants to use this shit without dropping 20k on it

Oversold yes, but it's still going lower.

I've had an eth/neo trade for about a week but they are both dumping simultaneously

well I sold my eth for neo and right now in profit. The last green (4h) candle broke though the downwards channel anyway.

As someone who has traded for over 30 years, I’ll give you some free advice.
If you’re going to use a daily RSI make sure the day is done (5pm here) and then look for follow through confirmation.
If you’re gonna use Macd, fine. Just make sure you trade it AFTER you see it twist bullish and not ‘about to’

Learn to properly use indicators and TA and you will profit!

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But if I were to use 4h RSI, would the time of day matter, senpai?

>day is done

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Dude, just stop.
It's going back to 20$.

Unfortunately crypto runs 24/7 and is heavily algo driven. It’s tough to pin any specific time down; I’m just saying be consistent in your approach. Now it seems daily day to day trading may provide the best opportunity

You know what I mean lol

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sell this chink shit now! it has only 7 nodes that always fail