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I would but I already have fuck

Accumulate bitches.
Fuck Jibrel.

It's not going anywhere my dude JNT is dead 250 million was infused for life support and it's only dropped since then. Sell your bags and call it a loss.

Been bleeding for weeks even after the 'good' news that wasn't even one lol. JNT bagholders will become the new Link bagholders, kek

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Already got 11k but if it keeps bleeding until friday then I can add another 4k. Pretty comfy, looking forward to the medium post.

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going to buy some here in a few days after my eth hits my wallet. bought yesterday and now it's dropping. cant time this shit out tho and just want to buy. will be able to get about 6k jnt in the next day or so. really want 10k and just to forget about it for a year or two. easier said than done

Please bleed more, I need to buy lower. At 5.2k please.

Should i dump my 450k bag right now? Below ICO price now

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Want to sell to me 3k and then I pay you back? I want to buy more but to transfer my money to coinbase takes 5 days then they hold it for 2 days then I can finally buy more. I know you're joking though..... but I'll give you some raspberries.

I really doubt thats the guy with 450K. If he believed it in enough to buy that much he isn't going to sell anytime soon.

my eth and everything is bleeding with it. really want it to bleed more though but not my stack haha

Lol, funny enough the ETH pair is not bleeding as much as the BTC.

Anyone who is willing to sell me 4000 jibronis I am giving you 2.10ETH (5200 satoshis)

Should i switch my 4000 Ven for this? Serious

I think we will get lucky and itll bleed 20% this week, I only got 1k jibrel just waiting for a nice entry to add more, not a money thing just want as many as possible. I think its very obvious noone is really selling, every day the volumn just gets lower and lower, hoping 2 get in before the coins become scarce in the comming year.

I'll do it for 2.25 eth

>I'll do it for 2.25 eth
I only have 2.10 ETH.

Keep your VEN. It's a good coin that could moon you big in 1-2 years time . Up to you really.

Yes jnt is headed for the bottom around 0.04. This is the buy price. Bye bye overpriced JNT

>250 million was infused for life support

Wondering if you people are really so braindead as to believe this. Biz in bull market = 80 avg IQ, biz in bear market = 40 average IQ

No it's actually headed to .57 by May at the latest.

>imminent binance listing
>Still no new promised website nor roadmap
>Below ICO

Where are the JNT shillers?

Wow, BCH is doing pretty excellent.

Coin's been out for literally less than 2 months

All the haters are saying is, "Why hasn't this >2 month old coin done this?"

So.. nows the time to buy?

Wait till it drops to 10c

Guess so

>more time to accumulate

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>already under ICO levels

I'll have you know it's currently .003 cents above ICO levels

>tfw got my stack at an average of about 50 cents

feels bad man

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Well I keep on getting justed by Eth right before I buy in so I don't know what the average price has been.

Some1 just FUCKING buy the order book, it's so fucking thin, could easily bump it up 5k sats with a few grand

you buy it




That'd be stupid

no fiat

Kek its mindless FUD like this that makes me feel gud

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>caring about the price of jibrel
none of you will make it. couldn't be comfier right now.