How much BTC to spend one hour with her?

How much BTC to spend one hour with her?

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today or tommorow?


Her boobs got saggy in 6 months, wtf.

Every day, I see anons pining for the trashiest Instagram thots. What's the attraction?

Prob like 0.2 but since you're a stinky virgin more like 0.5-0.8

Do you know how many niggers blew their load on her face?

user pls, my dick is getting harder. Do tell me more.

0.0271 BTC for one hour with a condom


Low standards and poor taste. Blame the porn industry.

Even though she is a coalburner you have to admit she has very nice breasts.

yes I noticed that too, she was very hot a couple of months ago, guess she lost weight and her tits sagged hard


Or she just got some weeks pregnant with all the BBC cum she's received.

She did BLACKED porn so I wouldn’t pay anything.

not gonna lie that video of her in sislovesme was pretty damn kino, especially the phone call one

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you virgins put to much value in white women

I knew she fucked niggers before anyone ever mentioned Blacked

t. shlomo shekelberg

This cross eyed cunt couldn't pay me to fuck her.

>tfw she could have been someone's traditional housewife if the jews didn't indoctrinate her with american shit tier media

those aren't really cornrows those are french braids

Once you go black we don't want you back.

wow i can't believe i took time out of my day to say that bye biz i won't be back for a while

Who is she?

AJ Applegate

That thing look like a hot Sminem.

There a far better looking escorts for 250 euros an hour

Just sayin'

No more than the equivalent of £150. She's well below average. You have shit taste OP.

no way that's her shes way uglier

Least race-mixing population besides black women.

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What’s going on in Hawaii?

Mixing with hapas.

I just spent last weekend in tijuana, was 1200 usd total spent

Fucked 11 girls
Hotel included
Food included

Why do you fucks not do this? Best pussy for cheap


Sorry, I only date black guys ;)


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AJ Applegate?

>I just spent last weekend in tijuana
No thanks

>Fucked 11 girls
Now has aids

>Hotel included
Was mud hut

>Food included
Can't stop shitting myself

>Why do you fucks not do this?
Yeah I'm good man.

the porn star name is kendra sunderland

See you tomorrow

Have fun with your porn faggot. Lel.

>Do we have a video of her getting blacked?