Buy when everybody is selling

>buy when everybody is selling
>sell when everybody is buying

ITT: Simple rules brainlets can follow to avoid holding such heavy bags.

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Most people here have like 85 IQ, they fall for FOMO and FUD every single time. That's why it's so easy to make money in this unregulated market.

pls sell me your ETH, I want in before the flippening

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>That's why it's so easy to make money in this unregulated market.
But you're losing money right now.

Until he isn't

>i can predict the future

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and I also want those fuckin LTC - before the flappening.

I am dreaming of #1 ETH and #2 LTC - I know sometimes I wake up sweating hard.

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>>buy when everybody is selling
>>sell when everybody is buying


>>The trend is your friend

What did they mean by this?

I bet you:
>Haven't systematically made money doing this besides occasional times he got lucky
>Didn't buy anything during these 'dips'
>Have lost money these days

>people actually think btc is dead
This means we're near the bottom, or have already hit it.

Only invest what you're willing to lose. Comfy AF

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I assume every penny i put into crypto is already a 100% loss before i even spend it.

Can only ever be pleasantly surprised.

>What is shorting

Exactly his point. Look at you, you are obviously a brainlet but you still muster the courage of showing crazy arrogance here. People like you have been laughing at me for months while I made insane money and you never, ever learn to listen to your superiors, and that's fucking nice. You'd be too arrogant to even take help if someone offered it to you.

>you are obviously a brainlet
>crazy arrogance
>you never, ever learn to listen to your superiors
i have $1m in the bank of real dollarinos and you don't :)

>real dollarinos
literally losing money permanently by design

duck's december call still holds we are definitely going to sub 2k

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>i have $1m
You don't

Those rules only work if brainlets don't follow them.

kek he got lucky on a chart, cool. look at his previous charts. Most all completely wrong.

Depends on whether you're "investing" or speculating. If you're looking for a quick in and out then definitely go with the trend. If you're looking to hold for a while then there's no reason not to buy cheap.

Its hard to see bitcoin not being 100k by next year. So I really don't care how low it goes, just holding. I have about $30k still in bitcoin now. Don't need that money anyway. Upside is way to great to sell now. Just hold.

you're right, it's more like $1.15m

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If we can get 7.2k again I'm buying for once. looks like a descending wedge (and yes it can break downward) but the volume over the past week+ has gotten larger and begun to slow

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That's nothing, check out mine

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>this site's "loans" category's icon is a graduation cap

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Confirmed it will dump to go on a stop hunt.

>just hodl
>It goes to .001 USD and stays there forever

I'm thinking ~9-10k once it does. I don't see it bouncing like it did from 6k earlier in the year.


>two identical sweat shopped white label purses are made in malasia
>one is sold to Gucci who slaps on a logo and sells it for $2,000
>normies think its high fasion
>the other is sold to marshals who sells it for $20
>that one is shit

same with bitcoin
>BTC is $19k
>holy shit new paradigm
>BTC is $7k
>BTC is dead its worthless

nothing has changed fundamentally

You must be an expert on things that have never happened

buy the dip

That’s pretty flimsy brah

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>follow this advice
>end up selling in January 2017 for ~1k

doesn't work for crypto

How old are you and how did you get to 1M?

But everybody is buying the dip , so should i sell the dip ?


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gucci is handmade in italy you fucking cultureless swine.
now everybody knows that you don't now shit.

Post your bank account pussy

no u


Doing ok.

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>market agrees that a product is overvalued and beging to sell
>OP buys when the price is at the highest

>market agrees that a product is undervalued and beging to buy
>op sells when the price is starting to go up

Doing ok.

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Veeky Forums in a nutshell

>those wage slave idiots that put their entire life savings into shitcoins
>thinking they'll retire in a year
its a gamble, good to treat it as such

id rather drop the big bucks on rental businesses since these drones rent-a-life style that they cannot afford.

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how is it even possible you have -800k in loans

>Almost all cryptos will be at their lowest in april

Wow, it's not like it's the fucking same every year.

what trackers are you guys using?

>i lost money, that means everyone did

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By paying off 18% of a 980k loan.

* laughs in boomer*

>tfw don't have much fiat to buy more
>have to wait till next month to be able to put more in
everyone's pink wojaking because they're losing their gains, I'm pink wojaking because I can't accumulate fast enough