We are back XD

we are back XD

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Holy shit, this is it.

Bottom confirmed, it's next to [Update].

What fuckin planet are you on? Everything's dropping through the floor my dude

bottom confirmed, OP likes big red dicks up his arse.

is 6k bottom for btc and 300 for eth?

Lol bottom confirmed nice joke

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Oh look, another autist drew ms paint lines on a graph


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No dude he is right, check the graph, strong support at 7430

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A-are this true? I'm still rekt and I OH NONON NO OH NO NO NO NO

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lmao those hot minute candles

If you can't tell, it's elliot wave pattern. I made it yesterday and it's following it to a T.


The spike up is because of me... fuck

So you expect mid april for 10k? Basing on falling wedge.

Looking in the history though there will be 3 upspikes and then it will crash to below the previous low. If that doesnt happen it will probably rally to 8k

Well, if it does crash harder, I'll buy around then. I cashed in my loose Bitcoins for some hard assets because I thought it was gonna keep fallin.

this would not surprise me. gotta buy around there.

I'm expecting it will bottom out on the 6.6k(more likely imo) support or double bottom 6.2k, but I don't know about April yet. Too many events that can happen.

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>strong support at $15k
>strong support at $12k
>strong support at $10k
>strong support at $8k

keep saying it boys

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This time it's absolutely definitely for sure not a bull trap.

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Eventually it won't be...maybe this is it?

>eventually it won't be
inverse gambler's fallacy.


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Wow, someone on Veeky Forums who can actually draw a proper support.

Strong support at 6k!

we'll see how "strong" it is very soon

>Wow, someone on Veeky Forums who can actually draw a proper support.
on the other hand, why are we going back again to this support, if not to break it?

people have been posting trendline support since 12k.

>thinking memelines are useful on a computer currency

Next exit: the MOON!

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when we finally break it we can finally enter despair
it has to happen anyway

Don't you realize it? The shorters have made so much money on this, they effectivly have the capital to run the soon broken longers out every time they try some hot shit

Dumb question, but how do you short BTC anyways? Can you do it on any exchange or just select ones?

Is there a guide for a brainlet like me?

Its like the thai real estate market all over again.

yeah, all these little dead cat bounces the past 2 weeks have just been shorts taking profit.

>TA on minute charts

This is why you're going to kill yourself.