Post your meals during the crash Veeky Forums

Post your meals during the crash Veeky Forums.

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Activated almonds and lemon water

How much did you lose, user? There's no need to kill yourself.

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12 pack after 12 pack of cheap beer.

Frozen lasagna and got some ramen for dinner.

Ramen never tasted so important.

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Wine and spaghetti always

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Gnocchi alla Bolognese and some salami

t. Sergey

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3 eggs, 2 egg whites, turkey bacon, 24oz water, 4oz or orange juice.

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>Orange Juice
Nigga just eat and orange. And throw a banana in there while you're at it.

Beer & Pringles

gotta get the right nutrition

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Never thought I'd see Fantozzi in here. Fucking legend.

Water fasting for diet reasons.

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Hello racist Veeky Forumsizen

2 cups oatmeal, honey, peanut batter, banana, pear, protein shake, coffee

water and celery

what's wrong with you faggots, you actually love yourselves and feed yourselves this fancy healthy shit. fuck you

I'm intermediate fasting

Hi OP, I most recently enjoyed a nice french dip sandwich w/ a side of fries. Been in fiat since 2 Sundays ago and it feels good!

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>upload from mobile
>pic comes out sideways

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...thats it.
I want my weight to go down like chainlink.

>Too brainlet to be in crypto
>Too brainlet to figure out how to properly post mobile pics
Dumb mobileposter

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Haha he's such an idiot for selling on a bullrun! And he doesn't even know how to take a picture using his desktop monitor. What a brainlet!

Xanax with water, cause I ain't got food until next week
Has god forsaken us?

at least I'm not you lmao

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that looks like houstons, where is this? looks good.

t. coping poorfag who can't buy back in so he's fudding in hopes that the market will still be down by the time his next wagecuck check rolls in

Los Altos Grill
233 3rd Street
Los Altos, California 94022

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thanks but live in FL

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Stop projecting yourself onto him retard

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Did user buy the top again and is now angry at smart traders? Never change Veeky Forums.

Stop using words you don't understand

Fantozzi é lei?

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You reek of panic selling

I sold at 9.7k and watched it go to 11.7k and back. No regrets.
Better than reeking of fomo.

>Panic sold once it went under 10k
wew lad

I've made quite a few purchases and can buy back in to more bitcoin than I had before.

wew lad

When are you buying then?

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Maybe now? Might wait for a bit more volume for a safety.

Could go lower, probably will go to 6k as people have been saying for a while but maybe not in the short term.

Still eating steak, pork chops, chicken, venison, lamb and great vegetables as usual. Glad I'm (((diversified))) and not all in on crypto.

>not getting it in a bowl

I’m eating pic related.....I dumped everything I had into crypto so I hope it all ends well eventually.

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>projecting yourself
Literal nig confirmed

oh darn user you're right I should have spent my $25 (plus additional tip) on .003BTC instead of a fucking sandwich in hopes of not being a poorfag wagecuck who can't afford to frequently eat at upscale restaurants. oh no, now i have to wait for my next $10.50 hourly minimum wage paycheck so i can spend more than i can afford to lose on crypto! darn if only i sold at the top of a bullrun and was just accumulating fiat at this point how nice that would be!

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only comfort food now

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Why do you have this picture?

How new are you?

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I am the oldest of oldfags and I have never seen this disturbing image.

>I am the oldest of oldfags
>disturbing image
choose one you lying fuck

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>taking pictures of the customers food
nigga get back to work

Do you really want to have an argument about an illustration of a deer forcing a man to eat its ass?

We can, if you want.

Lol @ everyone who's loosing money cashed out 2 months ago.

Just had a tomahawk steak last night with some great garlic mash potatoes. From the best steak place in my area.

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