I just spent last weekend in tijuana, was 1200 usd total spent

Fucked 11 girls
Hotel included
Food included

Why do you fucks not do this? Best pussy for cheap


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He died of Mexican super AIDS and chlamydia.

This is why you continue to jack off to hentai porn, silly neet.

They shower before, everytime. In my room there was a see through shower. Amazing

Holy shit that sounds awesome. Is it pretty safe? Did you drive down there?

want a toothpick?

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How do I short 100x leverage your life?

>implying a shower cures aids and chlamydia

Yes very safe. I literally only stayed on two streets and blacked out one night. I flew into San Diego, take an uber to the border, crosss, uber to hong kong gentlemans club. 5$ each way

You dont. This js the most fun ive had in years bro. Never going to stupid usa clubs again, spend $100, trying to convince a 7 to comeback to ur place.

Literally 9-10 qts in gentlemans club for $70 max for 30-1 hr of fun, and streetgirls for 20-40$ usd. Had a threeway with two girls that looked like melania rios for $85 total. Dreams man

Have friend who lost virginity to tj hooker. Such low self esteem he paid to eat her out..

They get tested frequently, it is a high end club full of tourists. These are college girls from south of mexico who make monthly salaries in one night. They are pristine desu. You sound like a virgin too. Just wear a condom and shower after

A see through shower baka. You probably still caught the monster, you stupid fuck.

Hong Kong Gentlemen's Club, Tijuana, Baja Mexico.. Fuck with it..

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Fuck that sounds good, if we ever have another bullrun I will treat myself for holding by flying over there. When is the best time of going there?

Spring Break, brother.. Papas & Beer and Titties Galore.

This was the room. Imagine two girls like melania rios showering, and im there fucked up naked. Room was $40 usd a night with vip pass from gentleman club, which cost$50 and lasts a few months. Free drinks

Yes bro, these anons are missing the biggest life hack of all time

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Literally go whenever. Best girl to dude ratio is at 10 am, or go really late at night for the best deals. It is like a videogame, pornstars grabbing ur ass and begging to fuck you. I got a lap dance for $10 where i came lol. Looked like jynx maze


good looks OP

Hong Kong? I fuckin love TJ.

How much for the donkey show?

there is this fat mexican at a pharmacy on the corner of Revolucion that will sell you anything you need to recover. Seriously Veeky Forumsros. That fat fuck has cured me of all kinds of shit.

I never thought I'd be talking about HK on a biz board haha

My buddy fucked a chick there with a condom and got the clap still, cant make them too juicy. Apparently it's hit or miss. But you can always get rid of that. Either way, they are the sexiest fucking chicks I've ever seen. To all anons, if you have a chance, definitely go to Hong Kong.

have you tried Adelitas?

Yea i stuck to hong kong, when i got real fucked up i went to the street, where i satisfied my fetish for a latina milf in her mid 30s. Fucked her doggy and came on her tits. $30 lmao. Kicked her out right after, got amazing steeet tacos for $3.

Probably going back once a month, literally how women should treat anons

We are worth more than dumb ass stacys tell us.

Pic looks like the milf

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Im too far away though.

>hurr that's why you jack off while I fuck

you seriously trying to brag about having to go to a 3rd world country and buy tranny aids infected prostitutes to lose your virginity?


jesus... mexican water is probably worse than mexican super aids

We ate street tacos a block away from a murder scene. Federales were everywhere. Best tacos I ever had.

Pic Related, is taco spot

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Lol I'm going today. Bringing $2000.

Don't tell anyone you stupid faggot.

seriously anons, make a note. this is the place to go. stay safe faggots.

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Disease riddled whores aren't worth 3 eth

Who /erectile dysfunction/ since getting JUSTed here?

My sweet 2D girls don't have aids

You are completely clueless. Have fun with your sex doll. How can you even say youre life is better than mine?

Everyone knows you dont get pussy or you wouldnt be posting here

Haha dude tj is a massive tourist spot, its probably as clean , if not cleaner than usa water dude

Make sure you convert to pesos. Everything is much cheaper Just keep like 50 in 1$ usd for tips and shit

Anons that knock this experience are truly jelly. This was life changing

next time go to ketucky fried buches. it's close to the whores. best fried chicken necks I've ever had. White boii don't know what they're missing in TJ. Keep fappin' to your wall fags.

Nah OP, the water is shit. They specifically told us not to drink it.

Thanks brah gonna check it out.

you're posting on an amish basket weaving forum about how you had to travel to another fucking country and pay to get laid.

It's hard to think that people on here could get anymore pathetic but here you are

What cures the hangover?

I prefer to creampie 18 year old asian girls for $40 in cambodia or philippines, but whatever floats your boats gents.

I once balled it up with 2kUSD and stayed at the Grand Tijuana Hotel overlooking the country club. Ordered whores to the room no questions asked. Then went to Las Ahumaderas( taco alley ) and had pic related.

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pedialite and puke

>I flew into San Diego, take an uber to the border, crosss, uber to hong kong gentlemans club. 5$ each way
Spotted the lie.

Gotta spread the experiences somewhere

>could have fucked tons of prostitutes while in Thailand
>dick said yes
>brain said no, because I'm not vaccinated against Hepatitis B

I think I did the smart thing by playing it safe, but I also regret missing out on what might have been.

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Spotted the fag who's never crossed. that is literally what you do. Or take Tj taxis everywhere.

Did you fuck pic related like a savage? Have you ever? Will you ever?

Shut the fuck up and cash out ur neetbucks for tijuana, fucking loser

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All my friends are going down next week for the annual stuntride, I can't make it this year. Gunna miss good tacos, good strippers and good alcohol..

Where did you convert pesos? And how many pesos max for the 30mins.

>he's still bragging about paying for sex

dude just go out to a fucking club and pump drinks into some bitch you anti-social nerd instead of fucking some tranny invested hooker you had to pay for, you can find girls better looking than that in any club around down.

I hope you didn't go there alone at least, because that'd make you look like a real loser.

>guys in office laughing at some weeb in a suit and fedora walking in with crypto-cash wanting to bang the trannies

>he thinks fucking an aztec savage is an accomplishment.
And you will have to live with that for the rest of your life. The good news is that God will forgive you if you accept Jesus.

>bragging about your pathetic sex tourism

some day you will grow up, OP. best of luck :^)

How can you be sure the girls are clean?

spotted the fag who's stuck in prostitution is illegal mindset. Dude, it's so much easier when you do it this way. that is, unless, you're actually looking for companionship. If you just want to fuck, this is the way to do it. google Switz drive thru fucks, Red light district, thai ho's, Japanese makebelive rooms etc, etc.

>he thinks buying bitches drinks doesn't count as paying to fuck them

at least you can have some dignity left knowing you didn't literally have to hand them fucking money to get them to have sex with your ugly ass

Shut the fuck up faggot.

Stay poor bitch.

Lol I agree. He thinks getting cUCKED is more dignified


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That's a Puerto Rican in the Bronx

>inb4 whats the difference

I know

Its the same thing moron.

I'd honestly rather pay the hooker, at least you know then you're going to fuck them. Don't forget rape charges from the drunken roastie.

Max you pay is 1200-1500 pesos. MAX. you can negotiate with them, it helps if you have basic spanish but youll get by if you dont.

convert before you cross theborder, at these exchange shops where they charge tiny premiums. they are all over the place.

No, it doesnt fucking work like that faggot.

Have you been to a club lately? pay 20-50$ cover, 10$ drinks, stuck up bitches everywhere, you get fucked up and go home and eat cuz ur miserable.

O wait, this doesnt apply to you right user? you get so much pussy right user?

wake the fuck up from your normie dream, faggot.

Found the virgins. have fun swiping tinder and edging to voyeur porn, slaves to pornhub lol.

They all shower when they get to your room. ur not gonna die and get aids if youre wondering.

STDs are overblown, you have a bigger chance catching something at any club in LA or miami or any college town, where girls ride the cock carousel and never get tested desu.

>source me, went to asu and got clap from a sorority girl


fuck your gay ass dignity. At least my dick is getting sucked while ur buying 7's drinks
and they leave with their friends after a sloppy makeout sesh, faggot.

also high risk of alimony if they know you're wealthy.

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user suggesting date rape. Top. Fucking. Kek.

Pretty much, dude is gonna end up in prison whether he actually rapes them or not. All it takes is one chick to regret blowing his chode once.

I've thought about getting those HIV prophylactic pills and going down to South America to bareback Columbianas for 2 weeks in the summer. I'm retardedly hypochondriac when it comes to STDs.

>Muh momma dun raised me r-right.

Holy shit, springfaggin' is among us.

What are the best places/clubs to fuck asian girls in HK?

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Probably SoHo. In singapore you dont have just look like westerner and local girls will be jumping on you at nightlife, no whores needed

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>fucking a drunk adult is rape
The absolute state of Veeky Forums betas.

>telling her your name

Bro use a condom

Sounds fun OP. I did something similar in Thailand and it was a blast. I paid this young chick like 30 bucks and she let me fuck her as long as I wanted, she was into it, and even asked me to stick it in her pooper (I obliged of course).

After you experience shit like that, you never want to go back to munting in 1st world countries where bitches watch the clocks like hawks and you're lucky if you get a smile.

>My buddy fucked a chick there with a condom and got the clap still
No he didn't. He barebacked that girl for sure

Apparently you've never served in the United States Armed Services.

Also, there's a difference between getting drunk and meeting a drunk chick and fucking her, and going to a bar to solely get a chick fucked up so you can fuck her.

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Guess I should've known this autistic anti-social board would have to resort to paying tranny hookers instead of going out and getting laid like a real man

Pussy is kill. It was a typical 2017 thing. Normies are sick of it. It's not coming back. The end.

See, when he told that story I was like... come on, you aint got to lie craig...

how is it the same thing? On one hand, the girl usually has to actually choose to fuck you, unless you get her literally blacked her which then yes, it's probably rape

On the other, you have to pay someone to fuck you because you're too ugly and socially awkward to actually talk to a girl

At no point in this thread did I say I fucked one of the hookers. But hey at least you tried user!

HK has a limo bus that will pick you up at the border

you a 3rd worlder? using you as a reference, not talking to YOU specifically

fucking autism

SoHo.. alright thanks user.

Ok, ok I see you user, I see you. My bad, respect.

No. That isnt how it works. Its about cost benefit

Nobody i mean nobody can land a solid 9/10 20 yo qt within 30 minutes and fuck her brains out And do it again. And again. And again.

I make 6 figures so this is chump change. That entirre weekend of pleasure wouldve been spent seducing a soft 8 in sandiego, you dumb piece of shit.

This thread has so much quality autism. So much salt, it's great.

Fucking Craig barebacking TJ whores

>Nobody i mean nobody can land a solid 9/10 20 yo qt within 30 minutes and fuck her brains out And do it again. And again. And again.

i guess things have changed since i was at college. girls would come to my frat house 3 days a week for this. i never even had to leave my house. but this was long ago.

I love going to mexico. go down far south to stay for a week or two at my grandmas vacation house.

One time though i got all fucked up in on xannax, blow and alcohol in ensenada, I ate out a hooker and never felt right since. Seriously have been feeling like shit ever since. I've been tested for STDs, HIV and i've taken a couple parasite cleanses just in case, i still don't feel right and it's been over 1 year.

My other buddy, who passed away last year a couple months after our TJ trip, said he used to bareback bitches down there all the time. I always told him he was quite the risk taker, god rest his mexi soul.

that's terrifying i hope you're okay user

>since i was in college

So you havent gotten pussy since college. Nice.

Literally anyone going to clubs over tijuana is a retard.

Where can you fuck model bitches within 10 minutes and come back and fuck her friend? All night long? Treated like a god

If that is expensive to your, sorry youre poor

You didn't get pics of the hoes?

Can't we all just be friends, user..
Hookers or no hookers?

I ate a Chinese hookers ass hole out in Brooklyn while she blew me in Brooklyn got a hot oil body slide first it felt like a slug was crawling on my back. I felt like I crossed the line after I blew my load.

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No. I refuse the accept the brainwashed cuckotry of putting fembots on a pedestal that most neets impose on others

In tj, you can treat women like pieces of meat and they love it. It unleashes your true potential as a man.

That drink buying pleb can go fuck himself

I would do the whole stay in another country and fuck prostitutes in brothels/hotels if I was happy with my portfolio/net worth.

There is nothing that would wreck my self esteem more than looking at a whore's dead, souless eyes and feel as if I was spending more on her than I could afford to.

When I finally have enough money to spend literal play money on prostitutes and this sort of shit I will take the plunge.

Unitl them Japanese hentai and 2D women will do.

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>>tj water is cleaner than in the US
here’s your (you), you amazing fuckface

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> I felt like I crossed the line after I blew my load.
You gotta live life to the fullest, user.

Oh Senpai, let the savagery continue

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