7 days

When the sky is falling, we are closer to the moon.

I encourage all of you to remember how you feel during these days, and never forget.
You earned this.
It wasn't luck, it wasn't given to you.
You sat through this fear, this uncertainty, this doubt.
And you held.

You seriously deserve what's coming.

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What's happening in 7 days?


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Please don't dump on me COSSWhale senpai

You're 100% right. Nobody said becoming a millionaire would be easy and pain free. But I hold strong.

This dip in COSS price is a good thing for now. They are less in value so we get more of them for the weekly fee split dividends.

This is over. The content manager is a worse pothead than the Ark guys and run went on a vacation with our money.

7 days.

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I fucking hope so, cause I've been holding since 2.5$

Im here with you whalebro
Stand by me
stand by me
standdddd byyyy
Thats why Crypto one stop solution will work

What's your target ?

3$ hopefully

im holding untill the end of the year. then we will see if it will be worth keeping or trying something else.

Also green ID, so that means it's all good.

this shit was so cheap how can you not buy some? The payoff is well worth the risk.

if you bought it over a dollar i can understand your anxiety

i bought at 1.6. fucking kill me

Cosslets are some of the dumbest faggots in this space, and that is saying something.

Ask me why.


well, look at the bright side. you literally have no choice but to hodl. So just store it and forget about it


Insiders (me) already dumped. Exit scam beginning in 7 days.

oh no! not my 500 dollars! how will i recover!

dear sir
i read FIAT coming to COSS so this does mean i can sell my old one? it runs ok but just need of oil change and engine make noise.

>90% drop
>when moon

the coin is dead. sorry to say. I bought at $0.90

you fucks who bought at $2.5+ should go to plan S

Your lack of faith is disturbing, grasshopper.
When the finger is pointing at the moon, look at white buffalo eating grass and Raven will bestow great wisdom.