What will happen to alts when BTC crashes under 7K and ETH under $400?

What will happen to alts when BTC crashes under 7K and ETH under $400?

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Check what happened in 2014. LTC went from $50 at its peak to around $1.

Wouldn't at all be shocked by this.

i think you already know what will happen

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Alts is kill. I always wonder what the dev teams think and do during times like these. Do they even work on their coins? I wouldn't.

lmao can't wait to see Icon under $1

so, in like 20 min

I can finally own a whole ETH thanks.

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But.. But.. Muh partnerships, muh adoption, muh solving real life problems, muh government backing.

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went back to $0 (zero)

getting delisted

source: been in crypto since 2013, saw a lot of similar hyped coins like VeChain + ICX, all are gone now.

Almost all ICO's were overvalued as shit, doesn't matter what happens to BTC, they'll get what they deserve. Also Bitcoin/Ethereum based pricing is a meme, until we have fiat pairs there won't be a market to permit efficient allocation of capital to real projects and they'll stay underground until they die.

overvalued is a gross understatement, 99% were complete scams and the other 1% are extremely risky


kek ppl laughed at crypto nigger for selling his ICX for 2,40 $...look where it is now.He knew this ship was going down and wanted to still have some profit.ICX will see 40 cents again.

Vechain is actually quite legit. It's holding up better than most coins/tokens even during this crash

True that. You can say whatever you want about the cryptonigger but the guy knows how to make money off of dumb money.

I meant excluding scams. BAT for example raised 40 mil. USD for a browser that still doesn't work properly. In 2004 Facebook was valued at 5 million and it was already making revenue. Don't even get me started on shit like Filecoin. Greedy bastards killed crypto.

>not an alt

Shitcoins will get rekt and delisted. Solid projects will survive. It's good for crypto in the long run. Shit like pets.com dies and makes way for solid projects like google.

>Price drops to zero
>Government confiscates all BTC
>They fine you for the trouble


Is ICX a solid project?

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Again - you are all so fucking stupid it hurts. Even if alts fall to ONE SAT they will be viable because the MINING DIFFICULTY WILL ADJUST. Absolute fucking retards here talk crypto all day and know nothing about how resilient it is.

Who knows. After the dotcom bubble, yahoo could haven been just as solid an investment as google, nobody can know for sure how things shake out in the future.

At least it has a good sized team and they mentioned that they don't care about the price, only about the project itself. That's a much better sign than most. However the biggest red flag for me is that there is still no token swap and korean won pairing.

Sure projects will survive but that doesn't mean prices won't tank.

True. Some alts will tank in price, my point was that many alts will go to 0 because they are shit, but in the long term that's a good thing. Call it coin darwinism or whatever.

They'll deflate, taking the speculative market with them.

Only things like monero is likely to survive this.

they probably keep working if their project has any value beyond the price of their token, especially if it's a low mcap coin

for projects where the team has already made hundreds of millions without even having a working product they probably don't have a reason to do anything because they've already made a killing

Why should they even care about token prices?!


In 14 years usd lost a lot of value.If any "facebook like" project comes out to market today, It'd be valued at around $15m.

The problem with crypto is you are not valuing the browser or the company behind it, you are trying to value an ecosystem.