Bullrun next week and all those weak hands are gonna cry even more now that they sold :D

Bullrun next week and all those weak hands are gonna cry even more now that they sold :D

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>thinking he can outsmart the market

I bet you wish that.
But the reality is that it'll be more like you who's going to be crying.

what are your respective rationales?

actually vice-versa. He's holding and thus not trying to be smarter than market.

God it feels good have pulled my initial investment in profits as soon as I 2xed. I have iron hands now, either going to moon or the bottom of the ocean. RIP anyone jumping shit now.

Before the end of April/beginning of May, we will only swim in blood.

This is getting sad

>next week

he is holding because he thinks he is smarter than people who sell, just like he did the same before

this. i dont care if it goes to 0 which wont happen anyway :D im gonna just hold for a year before making some changes to my folio.

most people on earth are just fucking stupid. im not one of them.

The market will recover eventually but people like you keep jinxing it

May not be tomorrow or next week but my gut is telling me the bottom is near. Maybe sidewaysish for a while but we will come back better than ever.

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yes total market cap 10 trillion EO2019

You have to go back :D

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Dump it..

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Bitcoins floor is 6k and Eths floor is in the 300-400 dollar range. Alt season is coming up.

im glad i have only alts :D i have time to wait for my low market cap alts to do 10-200x.

Your 12 years old aren’t you?

He has invested exactly 100$, dont beef him

you sold didnt you? hahahaha you dumb cunt