Privacy coins won't be delisted, regulated or banned

> Privacy coins won't be delisted, regulated or banned.


The writings are on the wall, abandon ship.

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That was obvious, good thing I never touched it

do you really base your tradin decisions on such fud ?

Nah, XMR is gonna be one of the few post bubble coins to survive, because people actually use it.


The sooner >we get off centralized exchanges the better.

haha people here are retarded

If Monero (XMR) plays its cards well, it will become the greatest revolution in offshore/anonymous/private/secretive/tax haven/secure banking.

Monero (XMR) will most likely seek protection and make a permanent agreement with a country (most likely one possessing veto power at the UN security council) so that both Monero's interests and that country's interests matches.

Monero (XMR) will then implant itself in that nation and become a mega corporation of that country (defending and representing its interests). That nation will most likely designate a special zone that is commonly known as a "tax haven" where Monero will set up its headquarters and operate.

To any one who doubts me, shadow markets account at least for 22.67% of world GDP.

>getting delisted/banned is good for monero because now we know it works

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> Brainlets saying g20 ain't gonna fuck Montero over


Dis right here

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>implying banning monero isn't the next step towards its growth


>that right there

warmed my heart user

the delusions of biz, absolute kek

>Some industry experts say North Korea has been using Monero to obtain foreign funds.

And there it is.
THINK OF THE CHILDREN didn't work, DRUG KINGPINS didn't work, so it's back to good old COMMUNIST DICTATORS

Luckily crooked politicians from first world countries use it to so we'll be fine.

wait until Kyber Network adds XMR...

Monero is literally a FBI honeypot

based on what?

May I remind you that "Tax Havens" do exist in our world. So allying with a permanent member of the UN security council is the most logical, rational and practical solution for Monero (XMR). Of course Monero (XMR) will lose its independence but that's the price to pay for safe survival and prosperity.



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This is why verge will become the number one mcafee knew this would happen



Some of you fucktards still don't get crypto yet. These monero ban threads are so low IQ. I can think of at least five decentralized exchanges launching this year, and they will be impossible to regulate. Banning monero is about as practical as banning stupidity.

There are ALREADY decentralized exchanges where you can trade XMR for fiat and other coins. You can't simply regulate or ban this shit

>decentralized exchanges where you can trade XMR for fiat

If crypto can't survive regulation then it completely fails at what it was supposed to be, in which case it means that this magic internet money really was worthless all along

It's called Bisq retard, next time to a google search before looking like an idiot

which DEX allows to trade crypto 4 fiat?

>several hundreds of shitcoins exist
>most don't have any real use and never will
>many were pre-mined to benefit scummy devs
>some aren't even real cryptocurrencies
>unironically decide to shit on one of the few legit coins that has no pre-mine and real utility


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>it's called bisq retard
what makes this more secure than localmonero brainlet?

Who said anything about how it compares to localmonero? pic related it's you

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If you want monero, and privacy coins end up "banned", buy ETH with fiat on coinbase. Send ETH to any DEX that trades monero, buy monero. Even discussing a ban on monero indicates low IQ and lack of understanding.

Youre thinking of zcash or verge my friend

>Who said anything about how it compares to localmonero? pic related it's you
Explain how localmonero isn't better.

Why would I attempt to argue something that I never claimed in the first place? All I said was that decentralized exchanges exist, not that they're better than buying locally. You need to work on your reading comprehension

where's the fiat/xmr pairing brainlet

It's just like any other exchange where you have to trade between bigger pairs instead of directly

So you can't even cash out to fiat with this "exchange"? Worthless

you said

>There are ALREADY decentralized exchanges where you can trade XMR for fiat and other coins.
>trade XMR for fiat

Just bought 100k thanks

Where the fuck are you getting this from? Of course you can cash out to fiat. Fiat is deposited directly into the account you used to set up the trade. Plus you don't ever have to meet up with anyone and run the risk of getting robbed or doxxed.

Okay autist, the point is that exchanging USD/XMR is possible on a decentralized exchange, even if there's one more conversion step in between.

>Okay autist, the point is that exchanging USD/XMR is possible on a decentralized exchange, even if there's one more conversion step in between.
lol then what's even the point of mentioning fiat? I can just buy BTC from coinbase and then get XMR from any decentralised exchange that doesn't have fiat. what a retard you are

To emphasize the fact that not even the fiat conversion process needs to involve a centralized exchange like coinbase? Meaning that virtually all cryptocurrencies are unregulable just by regulating centralized exchanges? I know these simple concepts are hard for a brainlet to grasp but do try and keep up with the topic in the thread

Stop trying argue with idiots

no one ever expected that all cryptocurrencies will be regulated the thread is about PRIVACY COINS how fucking stupid are you can you follow a discussion?

Privacy coins are a subset of cryptocurrencies, so if someone points out that all cryptocurrencies are unregulable, then it also means privacy coins are unregulable. Seriously you must be trolling because it's hard to believe anyone could be this fucking retarded and not be able to follow simple logic like this.

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Anyone willing to bet with their wallet on this, deserves to lose it.

This is far fetched, sure it’s plausible but this is so far down the road ... the crypto market will go through multiple cycles before there’s any serious discussion about it, and so much could happen in he meantime. Hodlers will get rich and get taken for millions who knows how many times before it’s even a prospect.

But there’s a conference on Monday where they will talk proactively about shutting down the venues from privacy coins to fiat. Monero is going to get WHACKED.

>that image
fucking KEK

Jesus Christ, you are relentless with your stupidity aren't you

>there's a decentralized exchange for bitcoin/fiat
>therefore, all cryptocurrencies are unregulable
what the fuck is your point retard? that you can skirt the law and do illegal shit even if it's outlawed? WOW CRIME IS POSSIBLE. nothing is regulable because crime still exists

you are equally dumb

Making it a pain to get in and out of fiat would hurt the xmr market, brainlet.

What are Decentralized exchanges? They can't stop you sending eth anywhere so you can't stop trade in privacy coins.


That has nothing to do with the exchange rate of monero you retarded faggot. That only means you can obtain and use monero, not that it will be valued anywhere over $1

>once again can't follow a simple discussion
that guy mentioned unregulable kys

If it can be acquired it can be used. If it can be used it will be used. If it will be used it will sure as fuck be over 1 dollar. Retard.


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based on what? they use it to buy something then the seller sells it to buy fiat. no one needs to ever hold XMR. you just buy it to facilitate a transaction and the other party sells it. stop being retarded

If you can't figure it out I can't help you.

You're dumb. Where do you get your price prediction? Price is arbitrary. If you don't admit that right now it's inflated because of speculators, then you're being intellectually dishonest. If you just end up buying XMR for using, then the price will be a lot lower cause of the lack of speculators. Anyway, no point in arguing with you unless you flesh out your position with some logic and not just "lel ur a brainlet XD"

>The hackers set up a site on the darknet for trading virtual currencies and began converting the NEM coins on Feb. 7.
>Transactions are still being made on the website, suggesting that more of them could be laundered and become impossible to trace, the expert said.

so the hackers are dumping the NEM on darknet? are they giving some sort of deep discount of the fenced stolen coins or just regular prices? (if regular price who the fuck would buy)

How if they make DEX illegal?

top kek

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im pretty sure user was joking

who's "they"?

>price is arbitrary

Price is driven by supply and demand, it isn't just pulled out of someone's ass

At least XMR actually has a real-world use case driving part of its demand - that's more than you can say about 99% of cryptos out there, which have no real value outside of speculation. I think many of these users are unlikely to be deterred by more regulations, for obvious reasons.

Some speculators might be deterred but ultimately many will still speculate on it, just like they'll still buy it and use it as you've said. Anyway I don't think I have to worry about XMR being banned in my country anytime soon, because I don't live in an authoritarian shithole.