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Im so happy someone stole my nujak. Love you so much.

we hit rock bottom around 7k and hit 9k by Thursday.

check em and screencap this.

>post ends in 9041
this is what we will wake up to on Friday.

aha i was the one commented
nice nujack

awesome piece of art fren

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No worries user keep up the good work. I enjoyed making this one.

I don’t think Ima live to see tomorrow

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HODL'ing ETH looking for alts to short next week

are those ETH holdings heavy?

It hurts

gj creator

8.7k next few days
>6.9k-7.1k next few days
>drop to 6.2k, small bounce upwards and 5ever downwards

user... you misplaced a >... it hurts me to see this....

IRS a nice nujak t b h

There will be a few early morning purchases to fill futures orders and retards will FOMO in pushing the price back up to 8k and green nujack and memeline posts will fag up the board until the weekend when it dumps down under the 7k mark.

Things really did start fucking up when nujak was introduced. Thank fuck i sold back in early Feb.

keep it up bro, we also need retarded nujaks
and one like pic

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no one is goonna comment on the fact that the market didnt start obliterating it self until these newfag nujacks started appearing?

Mankind ill needs a savior such as (you)

bottom is lower than the last local bottom (6k)

I'll eat my dick tomorrow on television if it doesn't go up tomorrow.
Screencap this

The Americans always have to take their weekly Monday morning dump. Expect at least a 200 point crash at around 9am EST Monday morning.

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Don't really mind loosing fiat value, it'll go up again. Put a portion into tether and hedged some in bnb and ven. Been working out really great.

numbers decide if DOW goes to 23k

I pray we bounce off 6800-7200 else we can drop to 4500

LTC down to 120. Has been unscathed in the last 24 hrs.

>Reading this thread while listening to ABBA

You're all fucked

wait I actually have this one
My nujack collection remains the biggest in the world
I am also responsible for some classic nujacks like pajeetjack and treyvonjack as well as some brainletnujacks

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I am intrigued to see your collection

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going below 7k tonight

dubs confirm

wanna add that to my collection?

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the thread has to alive to check predictions tommorow

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>i'm with her


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More sideways bullshit followed by fake pumps and fake dumps. Trying to guess over 48 hours is like vsing a Mortal Kombat pro on the arcade machine with 25 cents in your wallet. No matter what you pick, you will lose. Do your self a favor and either hodl or sell everything right now.

waiting for sub 7K


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We've had suicide hotline threads the past few days, so I think a reversal will happen as long as the news is good or neutral.

Omg do you remember me? I was the one who talked about Naruto!?

were you the user who posted a pepe with a sharingan eye?


BTC will stay in the 7400-7500 range until the heat death of the universe