What happens when the price of BTC falls below the cost of mining?

What happens when the price of BTC falls below the cost of mining?

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it doesn't

Unprofitable miners will stop mining.
Chinks are still profitable so it's causing more centralization.

Free GPUs for everybody.
And speculative mining

My friend, if mining one BTC was a fixed cost of 6k,
how would bitcoin have ever got started?

Cost per BTC to mine is around $3850.
Once we get below that, even the mega miners are going to get fucked, as they will be mining at a loss. BTC network dies at that point.

Then the miners are buying them

people with very cheap/free elecricity will keep mining, others quit, diff goes down, profitability goes up, new miners/old miners come back- repeat

This is the last place on the internet to ask anything mining related. These people are literally fucking retarded when it comes to mining. They don't understand difficulty adjustments, they don't understand the difference between asic and gpu, they don't understand botnet hashpower, they don't understand, they don't understand, they don't, don't.

The "great flushing" starts.

Most of the bitcoin transactions now aren't to buy or sell services, but to speculate on the price.

If the price goes down too low, everyone who holds becomes bagholdrers and are disincentives to sell. So all of their day trading transactions try up.

Multiply this by 10k, and miners are hurt even more because no matter what the price is, there aren't enough transactions to pay for their equipment.

Then as they shut down, the business goes to the mining farms in Russia and China turning bitcoin into a centralized currency, which collapses the price even further.

Bottom line... the music is about to stop.

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Seems like something you're just telling yourself. Provide source for your claim instead.

Difficulty will just adjust. Miners were doing fine at $200-500 and then the supply halved. So $400-1000 is a legit range for miners.

We could build gaming machines?

There's no fixed cost of mining, you retard.

Gaming on a ASIC?...

That would be hillarious.
Start selling retard PRE BUILT top of the line PCs with ex crypto GPUs

Less miners mine.

More rewards for the rest.

Difficulty adjusts.

Don't worry user, "BTC will never drop below $7.5k again."

>What is difficulty
>What is a larger share of a smaller pie
>Why do people make fun of me

Mining triads start warring

i'll finally be able to play Crysis on max settings

Only bitmain will keep on mining and gain control of the whole market

You play on ASICs?

Doesn't effect me, I live in a 3rd world shithole. Either the prices are high and there's more competition or the prices are low and there's less competition. Same profit. Electrify is cheap here.