>your first moon mission coins
summer was good, real good.

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Good memories
>ETH of course
Veeky Forums was a happier place then

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ahh i remember the DGB days, the memes, the euphoria

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I had 700k DGB, it was great. Shame the DGB in minecraft memes never paid off and it couldn't be $1.

i went in january there are no good memories for me

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Rode the prl 100% in December. Ahhh... good times.


I made 3 grand off xby, sold 3 million of the fuckers. Good times. Also made like 6 BTC off Numeraire. Wish I had bought Reddcoin at 5 satoshis.

Don't forget


Shit was cash. POSW was pajeet shit though

Ethereum and Antshares, holy fuck they were good at the time

NMR was the first time I got screwed. Rode the pump but my computer crashed before I sold. By the time I could get back online it tanked and I lost like 5-10k.

Got Antshares at $3 sold at $10, bought back at $4 and sold at $40. That was fun.

raiblocks, wish I sold them before they dumped 75% from ATH though



The good old days. Spring was a great time to be on Veeky Forums

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Bitbean memes were my favorite.

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> buying 800€_worth of LTC at 75€ a few days before it went up to 350€
> buying FUN at 10c hours before it jumped to 19c

it already feel like an other world now

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I still remember when I wanted to buy this at 3 sats. 2 weeks later it hit fucking 400 sats.

Also a meme for the oldfags, they will remember.

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i didnt buy antshares or bitbean because they looked stupid

what a thrill

Delete this thread, I only have contempt for not selling at the top

Same here
Went in november and wasted my time investing in blue chips and learning TA instead of staying on Veeky Forums investing in shilled shitcoins
Finally invested in shitcoins near ATH in late december and fell for the hodl meme
Now that I'm getting my shit together, market is crashing.
So far crypto has brought me the worst 4 months of my life.

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will it ever be my turn?

Bought XVG under 100 sats in summer, held until the December pump. Also POWR and WTC. Good times.

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Never even sold or took profits

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