Is it worth to invest 2,50 euros every week in this?

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Sure, if you own the lottery company

Invest 2.50 every week in link and get avg 5 k in 2 years

I want to win big
Why should I trust you?

>"investing" in state-run lotteries
>where I live the after tax EV of a single scratch ticket averages below .35/1

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What do you mean by that

I'll be playing tuesday anyway. Wish me luck and big gains!

gl man youre gonna make it

Your chance to win is hillariously low but if you can not afford to just throw away 10 euro each month on useless shit like a lottery ticket then you have bigger problems.

Ive seen people play lottery all year and look happy as hell to have won $20 from their $120 investment

If your happy who cares if your also mentally handicapped, keep smiling =)

In Germany and Austria lottery wins are tax free because you already paid taxes buying it, we always get good laughs reading about Americans paying 100 million Dollar tax on their win.

good vibes only =)

They are retarded but I'm not. I have a steategy

>"investing" in a lottery ticket

might as well "invest" on black at the roulette table, on the outcome of a football game or chainlink

well you are already invested in your shitcoin scam varieties, so this is definitely a step up


Euro Millions is actually tax free so it's a great deal, if you win.

Do you understand what "expected value" is?

Explain that concept in the simplest way possible.

i play it from time to time.


Well no. Probability of winning is non zero but really low, almost zero.
Let's have a simple math.
10 euros per month, 120 euros per year.
Buy XRP or a Apple share.

By the time you win anything your losses will exceed your gains. Unless you win the jackpot.