Daily reminder that capitalism is inherently self-destructive and that communism is inevitable

daily reminder that capitalism is inherently self-destructive and that communism is inevitable.

step on the gas and a c c e l e r a t e

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Former Nazi here, it's hilarious watching this thing crash and burn, but seriously we can't let all the commies get all the cute Asian girls.

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communism will only work with white people being the super majority

What a surprise a National (((Socialist))) going full (((Communist))) imagine my shock.

no worries, us capitalists have been banging asian pussy for years

Bernie can still win!!

accelerate by moving to a commie country

Nice one brother HH

>doesn't know the difference between classical socialism and Marxist socialism
how new are you?
r/thedonald is that way

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Communism would lead to the near-immediate downfall of society. Do you see how many neets there are when they already have a direct incentive to go out and work? Yeah lets just get rid of money and make everything free, surely these people will start working out of a sense of altruism. LMFAO. I'm a productive memory of society right and I would do fucking nothing if you gave me the opportunity. Society would crumble when millions of people do the same.

Sounds great, the downfall of society is my retirement plan

Ya OK go run along and join Antifa fashie. You know you want to. They have such edgy a e s t h e t i c

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Zizek is a coke brained degen, have you ever noticed how he's always sniffing/touching his nose. Not to mention how he constantly contradicts himself. If you take what he says seriously you have the same brain patterns as a coked up slav fuckhead.

>Poorfags with debt working on McDonalds for their masters with no chance on promotion STILL defends captialism, the system that massivly favours the elite
Why does everyone thing they're millionaires in waiting? When i was a broke student, i voted socialists, now that i'm middle class i vote centrists and will do so until my status and wealth change either way. Why do so many vote against their own personal interests?

Capitalism treats some people as disposable

Communism treats everyone as disposable

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Or maybe simply making sure taking an education won't ruin you for life by debt, giving you the chance to prove yourself, while trust fundees with no skill or real experience buys top grades with dads money and influence? Or the fact that a broken leg from your blue collar job won't destroy your life? Those things alone would be plenty enough.
Not everything has to be in the extremes, but right now we certainly is in an extreme capitalist world.

A theory I've been working on goes along the lines of you need capitalism to grow and prosper in the early stages of developement but once you reach the end of possible growth communism type governments are needed to preserve it. Currently no country is developed anywhere close to being able to function under communism.

slavoj got fucked recently

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Irony: the post.

>communism will succeed THIS time guys!

Feel free to explain what you find so amusing or contradictory about it.

Either works, humans make neither work.

>Either works
except the one that has failed every single time

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