Press S to spit on the grave of this ponzi factory

Press S to spit on the grave of this ponzi factory.

Regulations are going to nerf it to the point of uselessness -- the only real reason Eth rose to $1400 in the first place is because people wanted to buy into ERC20 ponzi chuck-e cheese tokensales.

Now that those are going to be buttblasted by regulation, there is no reason for Ethereum to be above $100 if that. The demand simply isn't there.

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Eth is the worst thing to happen to crypto

In 10 years Ether will be the most valuable commodity the world has ever known.


1 ETH = $10,000 in 2019. Mark my words.

The flippening is gonna happen, u guys : )

Fuck off leave my hodl alone.

Why is it getting slaughtered so hard?
I just jumped out of BNB and NANO to get in on the recovery rocket.

>spit on the grave
>2nd largest crypto
seems legit

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I'm so retarded. held it dollars shorting it, sold at 460, now i'm long on it but not holding... afdsgdfhf


Get a load of these Tone Vays twins. I'll let you in on a little secret: Tone is an inbred from Radishland puffing his chest by throwing around titles and broad assumptions. Ether is will allow Bitcorn to survive if all you maxies learn to behave yourselves.

Who tf is Tone

All crypto has intrinsic value of ZERO.


Another one of you bitcorn niggers. FUCK OFF! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

>mutts have any say in crypto
>eth is not the only real project in whole fucking crypto sphere
fuck off nigger

>Muh gold is used for jewelry and one other minor utility
>There being I think better than a crypto

take your meds retarded spastic

Is your heart racing? I think you need anxiety pills.

At least the retarded hodlers on Veeky Forums will make sure the ponzi leaders can cash out. I mean look at the link retards. They will hodl these bags down to 0 and are proud about it too. Top kek.

Ethereum already has faster and cheaper transactions than BTC. It's primary goal isn't even to be a currency, but it already does the job better than BTC does. Also if regulation is fine with kickstarters, it will be fine with ICOs.

> one wrong account digit and the money disappears forever
> USB dongles up your anus

>buy half a eth to buy xcm
>wait 2 days
>oh well it will go back up
>keeps crashing
>stuck with this piece of 0.5 eth shit and no more xcm

>Also if regulation is fine with kickstarters, it will be fine with ICOs.

i know that feel

0.5 Eth... fuck off.

>he doesn't keep his crypto wallet in his ass

Only cops would look there, and even then only some of them.

>What are seed phrases
>What are brain wallets

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