Tfw you're completely calm because you 100% believe in the tech

>tfw you're completely calm because you 100% believe in the tech
I'm so glad I haven't seen my fellow marines lamenting anywhere. Absolutely nothing has fundamentally changed about the project. Why would we be worried?
/comfy/ LlNK thread.

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>Absolutely nothing has fundamentally changed about the project
isn't this a bad thing? Shouldn't a project in a highly speculative space be constantly changing and developing?

>im here for the tech

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Not when the fundamentals are sound

>tfw Link is ultra qt and fuckable
>tfw LINK will make you rich by going to $1000 EOY

"Link" is now my favorite word in the English language.

its not fair tho my altcoins are bleeding cause old shit btc is dying, and its not even the original bitcoin.

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>tfw you're completely calm because you 100% believe in the tech

It's not the technology that makes link a good hold, it's the team and the connections sergey already provably has. Anyone can fork the code. It's the foot in the door sergey has with swift, zeppelinOS, docusign, all the developers from dozens of fintechs and legacy technology and financial companies that follow and watch the code on github (Adobe, State Street, IBM Watson etc.).

were you planning on selling anytime soon? no? then why does the price matter to you right now

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What fundamentals? It's literally an ERC20 token right now, there are no fundamentals.

its not an ERC20 token

Bro, Sergey fucked us right in the shitter, bro! He dumped his bags on us and Lamboed out. But he's gone too far now. After we were his billion dollars marketing campaign with all the memes and research he banned us from his Reddit page and dumped his load on us again.
So, my plan is to make Sergey turn back to us in tears asking for forgivness.
That is why I will dump my bags on the market today and hope Link will drop below ico value.
PS. Dont fuck with us Sergey !

Did you actually listen to him talk at SXSW? Blockchain offers a lot of benefits to smart contracts even Boring admitted this, but dammit Sergey stuttered constantly and sounded supremely autistic

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idk, just dont like it, and i dont have time to daytrade cause im a wagecuck


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I’m comfy just trying to accumulate before prices go back up. I first started buying Link when it was around 60 cents but now the majority of my Link was purchased at around 40.

Not really mate, if your reading of social situation is such that you thought that you may be the autistic one.

Tom Gosner asking a series of questions forcing sergey to talk about the chainlink network in a setting that was supposed to be much more generalized to smart contracts shows his deep understanding and belief in the importance of it.

Are you kidding? It was the exact opposite.
Did YOU listen to it?

i like when number go up

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YOU must be autistic, Sergey dominated the talk.

>tfw you're completely calm because you 100% believe in the tech

Then answer this faggot

I hope this bleed out means no more autists posing next to Sergey with a Veeky Forums sign wherever he goes. Shake out the impatient and quit cheapening the project.

>Link is ultra qt and fuckable

Absolute patrician taste my friend

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>Implying Vitalik doesn't also sound supremely autistic

Not a real problem

i want to suck his dick
stinky linkies using Link as thier shilling slave should all just kill themselves

You're giving us conflicting messages here, pal.

Stop using this cutie in your pajeet shilling please.