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With what money? Im ruined.

don't worry my child
everything will be alright
satoshi loves you

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I've been buying ether as it plummeted.

I bought day before yesterday I should have waited

sold my litecoin at 0.26 eth and it mooned immediately after. Kicking myself ever since.

now you will learn the virtue of patience
satoshi will have mercy on your soul

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Yea I'm in.

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fuck you faggot
better chek urself before u rekt urself

Bought a ton of eth at 470.

I'm not buying for the long term yet

would love to buy but im down 90% I got nothing to buy with.

I bought my Bitcoins back the day before yesterday.

I've lost about 10k USD so far. I wish I had just kept my money and not kept gambling on crypto. It's like a casino... if you manage to win the jackpot, the only winning move is to walk away with it. The people who put it back in to double down always lose it. Always. That's how this game works.

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getting my check next week putting $2000 straight into crypto. 100% buying REQ this month. If crypto stays low or keeps bleeding I'll just keep buying until it rises again.

This is how people in 2014-2016 became rich in 2017. They accumulated when they had the chance instead of succumbing to fear.


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nice artwork CIA

bought 2ETH worth of XMR couple of hours ago

My buy walls are getting chewed up. Feels good.

throwing money away in a bearmarket
buy the dip brahh

This. I don't give a fuck anymore, riding this bitch to 0

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I'm going to buy some ETH. I think it'll dip a bit further then I'm buying.

Bought ARK and XRP. Deluded linkie, so fits my portfolio well

I have a shit ton of ARK bro, it's a shame their marketing is so abysmal. This project could've been EOS

just bought 4k USD of BITCOIN

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Got one at 530 and one at 480

bought bitcoin @7500

now 7771

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they hired a new marketing director and are focusing most of their attention on marketing this year. that along with v2 and pbb coming out this will be a great time to hold ark imo

BITCOIN @ 8025

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BITCOIN @ 7877

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Ya me too

If eth hits $400 I'm going all in.