Had 950k a bit ago

>had 950k a bit ago
>only cashed out 440k

fuck me.

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lel, your only chance to become a millionaire gone

no u didn't

Had 80k
Didnt cash out anything
15 now

You do realize how stupid easy it is to get from ~600k to 1M just by retirement investing, right?

I make 95k/year anyway it's just annoying to me i should have realized that this really was that stupid bubble chart, it wasn't in 2011, it wasn't in 2014, but it was in 2017.

i _literally_ did

why didnt you cash out at 950k?

you got greedy dude.

post address faggot

First trade i made doubled my stack, and it wasn't clear if it was a bull or bear trap.

Also i thought i could only cash out 100k/week, i didn't realize gdax had no limit on sales, welp. if i knew that i guess i'd have about 550k

>possibly dox yourself

you should buy back in with 100k of that when we hit the floor

Same reason everybody else didn't. It went down a bit and you think "it's just dipping, it'll pop up in a few days." Then it drops even lower and you think "well now it's too low to sell, i'll wait for it to recover." Then you've lost half your money. It's more of a mistake instead of getting greedy. Back in July I held through dropping 50% and went 10x after that, so it's easy to have thought the same might happen.

that is my plan actually -- i worry a fuck ton less now since i'm out of crypto, but now i do worry about where the fuck the bottom is

I think it's going to go lower but i hate every little bounce back up along the way.

I hope the G20 nukes this shit, tether is revealed to be insolvent, and everyone panics about taxes

nobody gives a shit you larping homoshmexual

I sold 5x BTC in 2011 at 20$. crashed to 8, said 'welp it's dead'

bought BTC in 2013. cashed out initial investment in 2014. _literally_ thought it was finally fucking dead and ignored it

had a stroke when normies at work were talking about it in november

the first two crashes made me think "never sell" but after realizing that it will never be this big again and that now everyone thinks it's a ponzi-bubble-scam (and insitutions will gtfo because whales and mtgox can crash the market with 10% of their coins) i realized it's time to take what i've got and rediversify

if you're scared

I'm just worried generally about Bitcoin. I love the idea behind Bitcoin: It removes Power from Banks and gives it to the People. However, to be a Currency, It should be stable. Who is going to buy a Bitcoin because he wants to change the System if it maybe loses 70% of it's value? Do you think a struggling Family is going to switch to Bitcoin? Never. Something which drops this hard will never be a currency and this worries me.

IRA or something else?

I'm over 100k as well but dont really invest much

basically anything. Just fucking around with a 401k calculator (aka an index fund calculator) shows being back up to 1M in 10 years, and that's not investment any of my extra income which i basically have nothing to spend on(!)

Interest from 401k or something? I've heard about this shit but dont really invest, can someone retire on like 2-5mil?

I thought you couldnt touch a 401k before you're 60, if you do they charge like 10%

Can you let us know what the details are? Even at 95k, unless you're putting like 3-4k a month and have literally nothing else to spend it on?

The money is post-tax, so i can put it in an index fund whenever and pull it whenever (apart from capital gains on it). obviously would put the IRA limit each year in too

I shouldn't have specified 401k i guess -- i just was using it as an index fund calculator

better than me

had £950k and cashed out only £350

Kill me

that's literally impossible unless you got hacked dude

Remember that if price tanks before g20, we get good news. If price moons before g20, it's bad news incoming

You could options trade to 1m on earnings plays senpai. Five below is bound to beat so right there you'll be able to leverage up and make everything back.

Did you buy bcc?

how much was your initial investment. how much profit are you up from it all?

lol FUCK and bitconnect is illegal. the stock market is just too much of a ponzi to stand competition with this 401k shit. when will crypto get tax breaks for group long-term hodl schemes

About.. 5000$ in 2013.

so my money did a 132x (pre-tax) in 4.5 years

i guess that's ok. it did feel weird technically having a million but i'll get back there.

posted your shit in a /v/ thread for a laugh.
it's already saging, but it will nail the coffin.

Buy high sell low. You're gonna make it.

dead cat bounce. be glad you got anything out of wasted electricity loser

I bought at 100$.

I had more and cashed out nothing.

Point at me and laugh if it makes you feel better.

Congratulations then. I seriously envy you.

Oh. Don't, i am depressed as fuck right now

Nothing? How much did you buy in with?

holy shit stop capitalizing nouns like that it’s making me anxious

Don't forget to pay your taxes on 2017 gains.

Same here. Had low 7 figures and now down 60% or more.

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Had 23k. Cashed nothing. 2500 now. I panic sold like 10 times and hit myself in the dick in february

had 630k now 200k, never cashed out

what Altcoin to buy now rich fags?

Same here. It's not like I became greedy but I kinda forgot to cash out and then suddenly everything crashed.