Absolute state of roasties. just shoot me already


absolute state of roasties. just shoot me already

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Bbbbut Veeky Forums told me blonde guys don't get pussy

i have never ever heard that on Veeky Forums

you wouldn't be here if you didn't think money mattered as well.

if you fall for the marriage scam you deserve to lose everything

>What is pump and dump

>drunk sluts are sluts
oh wow user I had no idea

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>even if you're poor you gotta dress nice
very good goyim

Personally I can't wait until the mass suicide of roasties when after 10 years of partying and hooking up with Chad they are 30 years old, fat, and undesirable.

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Jesus man, the kids these days are absolute nihilistic, idiotic degenerates.

They will always find some ok looking beta that they can drain his money and life away.

This is the future we have given ourselves

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>trying to copy based Owen so hard

lmao pathetic

This isnt hard at all, roasties will do anything to get a little bit of status. plus alcohol kills inhibition, which is why making out is like shooting fish in a barrel. fucking autists.

my only motivation for making it is to actually get as far away from these people as possible, like Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood.

>implying that tonguing inebriated teenage whores in public is something to strive for.
Top fucking kek

Trips don't lie senpai

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Yeah as if those drunk idiots didn't exist when you we're young. Every generation shits on the next.

>not being nihilistic and a degenerate
>hoping to get rich on virtual internet made up coins so your life won't be so pathetic

Yeah, but at least his generation was being drunken idiots to something besides nigger music. People don't get it man, this nigger hop-hop culture is really turning women into garbage.

Picking up drunk club sluts to pearl Jam, or soniqe was a different time....

This, the guy probably has so much nigger cum in his mouth from kissing these sluts. And lot's and lot's of herpes.

you just got keked hard

I'm saying the generation before mine was better than mine and this usually holds true for every previous generation in terms of civility and common manners / lack of degeneracy . Even boomers, although they are terrible for other reasons. However I think the degradation of our morals is accelerating at a crazy pace and it's getting absolutely disgraceful.

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>hoping to get youtube famous by being slutty and obnoxious as possible
>investing in an emergent asset class and revolutionary technology
One is not like the other mate

Baby boomers are pretty terrible in their own way though.

The moral decay of the west has been progressively declining though. The societal norms of family and individualism has degraded horribly. Even boomers had goals and plans to have families at these roasties ages. These roasties have fallen to degeneracy and nihilism because of "them" creating a system that is hopeless. Their "freedom" is actually their biggest prison. Freedom of moral code or systematic society is a breeding ground for short term enjoyment and long term suffering and failure.

Funny enough, I have faith in Gen Z, but my generation has and will fuck over the world even worse than the baby boomers did. Only technology will be Gen Zs saving grace, as long as we can prevent the kikes from continuing to abuse it.

They are oblivious to how good they had it. The whole "walked to school 15 miles in the snow and back!" schtick is a meme. They could afford to buy houses and get married at 20.

whats wrong with being nihilistic?


that is very funny user, while you sit on your bags other people are out there actually living their life

This meme needs improvement there are no stripes on a Marlboro red

gen z sn't even white

How did this picture survive on DeviantArt for so long?

It is the foundation and justification for all morally corrupt behaviour/degenerate beliefs or hedonistic acts thus leading to the break down of the society at large. I find it hard to believe that was a genuine question.

>Taking a cancer video seriously
Honestly the real shock here is how naive people are
>wink wink nudge nudge
what were you expecting to find at the designated roast congregation
might as well go to a brothel and act shocked at the men sad enough to pay for sex

The state of women. Lmao. It is laughable.

>absolute state of roasties. just shoot me already

these are the degen roasties who gives a fuck mate

Are these people paid to start making out with him or is this really how drunk Normans act?

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have you never been drunk or gone to a party before? srs

No I haven’t

step 1. b good looking

Yikes, he probably paid for the ones he necks though

Step 2: Don't be unattractive

why haven't you? are you under 18? even if you have no friends drinking is something you can try alone

Do you even hear yourself? Go outside, incel.

step 3


Step 4: be prepared

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Step 5: walk in there and ask to speak to the manager, shake his hand firmly and ask for a job

Where is this? Maybe next time someone should tell me where this is so i can make a special appearance with my ak47drumroll please. Duruduruduruduruduru aaaand we're on the news.


6th street

This is why I’ll never get married